VIP Corp

VIP Corp. Is a Guild that will focus on maximizing profit by generating an internal economy with our own mining drills, freighters, and fighters. Combined with external contracts, chiefly in Industrial Defense, Mercenary, and Guard operations. We are looking for active players, not a huge group, as we prefer to find the right people who …

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MMA Gaming

Q: What is MMA Gaming? We are a Superguild. This means we manage a large pool of assets and players and use these to generate yield in play-to-earn virtual worlds. The Gaming Team has been running a large scale Axie team for almost 1 year, bringing that vital operational experience to the table – not …

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Token Tribe

Token Tribe is a community of crypto and NFT enthusiasts that concentrates on play to earn games and NFT collectibles. We are govern by the NFTitos which is a group of investors that is currently based on the Philippines. The group composes of different NFT project mangers that concentrates on play to earn games. Joining …

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NFT Italia

NFT Italia & HodlerSqvad are the first and biggest community in Italy about Nfts and Play-to-Earn gaming. We are active in several games of the sector. The goal is to get passionate and grow together thanks to the possibilities that star atlas offers.


Somos una organización polifacética, formal, descentralizada y con fines de lucro que tiene como objetivo principal construir un Estado en la galaxia de Star Atlas mediante la conformación de instituciones sólidas para el gobierno, la defensa, la economía y la seguridad de nuestra población en las áreas del espacio donde nos encontremos. La actividad de …

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Brazilian Star Atlas Alliance

SOMOS A MAIOR GUILDA DO METAVERSO STAR ATLAS A BSA Brazilian Star Atlas Alliance teve seu início em Setembro de 2021 reunindo os entusiastas e grandes investidores de STAR ATLAS no Brasil. Já somos mais de 6.000 membros organizados em nosso DISCORD! Somos Exploradores da Facção MUD! E estamos abertos e abraçamos a todos que queiram …

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Samurai Guild

This guild is no longer active. The Guild from the East The Samurai Guild (SG) was established in June of 2021. It was created with the vision of building a community of blockchain gamers from all around the world with shared visions and goals. We play many blockchain games. One of the large focuses of …

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Our primary mission is to add value to the metaverse experience of Coexist Members as much as possible, by serving and managing its them with our competitive and sustainable strategies in Star Atlas universe. Our secondary goal is enhancing our fleet members’ skills and equipment while abiding our agreements with our coalition partners for continuation …

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Star Horizons

Star Horizons is composed of many aspiring individuals, each with a chosen profession that, through the variety of roles offered by Star Atlas, permits each to pursue self-interests from within the sphere of a supporting organization that represents needs equitably and fairly. Star Horizon is also a collection of unique, colorful Clans specializing in Star …

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Equinox Starfleet

Welcome to Equinox Starfleet, we are a decentralized autonomous corporation (DAC) within the Equinox Launchpad ecosystem. Our focus is on building a community within the Star Atlas metaverse and future metaverse/Play2Earn games that launch on Equinox and beyond. The aim is to provide gamers, crypto enthusiasts and the Equinox community an opportunity to share in-game …

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Dragon Corp

Bienvenido a DRAGON CORP. una empresa de seguridad que se encuentra en el universo de Star Atlas. Dragon Corp. promueve una cultura de cumplimiento y excelencia cooperativa, en la que la familia de Dragon Corp. quiere crecer hasta convertirse en los lideres de la Industria Militar. Vamos donde otros no quieren y hacemos lo que …

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Hello there, our guild “Madfam001” is a Thai-based guild looking to expand over the SEA region. We are often known as a charity guild in our homeland because we offer one of the highest yield scholarship programs from another NFT game. We also just like to do charity stuff 🥴. Our discord consist of about …

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