Ustur Faction Guilds

Aephia Industries

At Aephia Industries, it is our mission to empower every sentient being by making interstellar travel accessible to everyone. We don’t regard ourselves as creators of spaceships, but as providers of true personal freedom: the ability to go anywhere in the universe, whenever you choose to. We are offering everyone...

Atlas Lions

atlas lions
Welcome to atlas lions, our object is clear, Peace is delicately balanced between Ustur, mud and oni, Naturally conflict flares up, but there are peaceful, even relaxing, paths for anyone who wants to enjoy the many sights and surprises that the galaxy has to offer As a Ustur, our goal...


chrysalis guild
¡Hijos de las estrellas! Después de encontrar el Séptimo Monolito estamos listos para el siguiente paso en la evolución interestelar 🌌🌠🪐   🆔 Nombre del Guild: Chrysalis 🉑 Facción: USTUR 💬 Idiomas: Español / Ingles 🚩 Actividades: Cacería / Exploración / Minería / Piratería / PVP / Trading   🏟️...

Dark Matter

dark matter
Mission Statement Our mission as Dark Matter is to loot, plunder, protect, build, and explore the deepest depths of space while maintaining a profitable system for our guild members. Activities Exploration. Dark Matter will explore the universe and try to understand its secrets. Organize high-risk missions for even higher rewards....

Destination: Space

destination space
Destination: Space is a guild that plans to operate within the Star Atlas metaverse. We are a non-corporate guild that wants to help our community grow and prosper. This will hopefully include everything from guilds raids and social events to ship rentals and a job board! Our plans start with...


The DNN Droids is a community NFT project for the #1 Crypto/NFT channel on Twitch. 6969 DNN Droids will be minting for 1 SOL on 11/19/21 at 7pm UTC. Ownership grants access to the DNN DAO. Established on 4/20/21, The Decentralized News Network (DNN) is a 24/7 Twitch Stream serving...

Heimdall Industries

Heimdall Industries
1000 years ago our ancestors built the greatest ships the world had seen, the low-profile Longship, being able to travel across the harsh north sea but still sail small rivers upstream with a large crew. They discovered new lands and became expert traders and explorers.  Heimdall Industries seeks to be no...

Intergalactic Coalition

Intergalactic Coalition Logo
The Intergalactic Coalition is a guild for people who just want to play Star Atlas. You might be a solo gamer who wants to mine in Star Atlas. Or, maybe you are an explorer in the Star Atlas universe. Or, maybe you are just looking to hang out in Star...

NFT Italia

NFT Italia & HodlerSqvad are the first and biggest community in Italy about Nfts and Play-to-Earn gaming. We are active in several games of the sector. The goal is to get passionate and grow together thanks to the possibilities that star atlas offers.


OPENSPACE Corporation Доброго времени суток, Атлассиане! 👉🏻Если вы читаете это сообщение, значит вы уже на шаг ближе к тем, кто будет строить новый мир - виртуальный мир в космосе! 🌌Мы первая космическая корпорация метавселенной Star Atlas в русскоязычном пространстве - «OPENSPACE CORPORATION» (OPEN), которая объединяет игроков эпичной игры по всему...


Quimera Guild
Presentamos a Quimera como empresa en el metaverso de Star Atlas, con unos valores y filosofía centrada en la unión. Nuestro eslogan y saludo es: "Somos uno, pero no estamos solos" SUPNES. Sin dejar de lado codigos de vital importancia para nosotros, como el respeto, lealtad, cooperación y autosuperación individual...


Founded hundreds of years ago by three brothers. Scythe is a guild of mercenaries, bounty hunters, and explorers. All are welcome, no matter what faction you are. Our goal is to grow our guild into an army, traveling the universe lending our guns to the highest bidder. In honor of...

Seraphs of the Stars

seraphs of the stars
Seraphs of the Stars [SOS] is a search-and-rescue guild dedicated to keeping the metaverse’s varied inhabitants and their possessions safe and well. From simply running out of fuel or leaving a spaceship to finding yourself stranded on an alien world, the Seraphs are here to help! With an efficient communications...

Star Atlas Germany

Star Atlas Germany
Willkommen bei Star Atlas Germany Wir sind eine Multifraktionale, deutsche Community und teilen eine große Leidenschaft. Das Star Atlas Metaversum. Egal ob MUD, ONI oder USTUR. In unserer Gemeinschaft gibt es keine Grenzen und es sind alle willkommen. Wir suchen ständig nach aktiver Verstärkung, um alle Karrierepfade und die gesamte Supply Chain des Spiels...

Star Atlas Italia

Star Atlas Italia
Star Atlas Italia è una community autonoma decentralizzata (DAO) all'interno del Metaverso Star Atlas. Il nostro obiettivo è colonizzare la Galassia di Star Atlas aggregando la community italiana appassionata  di Play2Earn. forniamo ai giocatori, agli appassionati di criptovalute e alla comunità italiana e non solo, l'opportunità di formazione e specializzazione,...

The Atlessio Family

Atlessio Family
The Atlessio Family is a multicultural-mafia themed DAC (Decentralized Autonomous Corporation). Our primary focus is on earning. We don’t care how, we don’t care who, we don’t care what. All we care about is ATLAS flows. Traditionally, mafias have been structured in a uniform way with the boss at the...

The Club

The Club Guild is a pioneer of the Metaverse and Play-To-Earn gaming space. We are innovators and we give back to our community! We bring together communities from all over the world to earn through NFT gaming. Our Guild Ambassadors lead by example, sharing their expertise and representing their own member...

The Dystopian

The Dystopian
We are the The Dystopian from both Taiwan and China. We are a very organized, active group of international players. who enjoy the game and the camaraderie the game entails. we have all levels of assets , ranging from Calico Guardian to any kind of posters . We are aiming...

VIP Corp

VIP Corp. Is a Guild that will focus on maximizing profit by generating an internal economy with our own mining drills, freighters, and fighters. Combined with external contracts, chiefly in Industrial Defense, Mercenary, and Guard operations. We are looking for active players, not a huge group, as we prefer to...

Vnonymus Star

vnonymous star
¿Quiénes Somos? Somos VYS Vnonymus Star, una organización hispanohablante de vikingos androides pertenecientes a la facción USTUR. ¿Qué es un vikingo Ustur? Los Ustur son una raza de androides que nacieron de una inteligencia artificial multigeneracional. Denominados "Vikingos" por su afán de exploración, creación de rutas y conquistas.
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