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Welcome to your home for all the news about Star Atlas. We find and organize all the updates on Star Atlas and the community so you don’t have to.

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How to play Star Atlas Guide

Not sure how to get started playing Star Atlas. Check out our Star Atlas guide to go step-by-step to start being involved in Star Atlas.

Star Atlas: Week in Review Podcast

The Star Atlas: Week in Review Podcast recaps the latest news of Star Atlas from the past week. The podcast is produced by the Intergalactic Herald. The news items are from YouTube, websites, Medium, Twitter, Reddit and Discord.

Star Atlas Guilds Database

Interested in joining a Star Atlas guild? Please check out our Star Atlas Guilds Database.

Other Star Atlas Projects

Intergalactic Gear logo

Intergalactic Gear, the future one-stop-shop for all die-hard gamers and fans of Star Atlas! We aim on being the premier retailer for exclusive and high-quality merchandise inspired by Star Atlas. Our future extensive collection of unique products may include apparel, collectibles, accessories, and more, all designed to help you showcase your love for Star Atlas.

Intergalactic Coalition logo

The Intergalactic Coalition is a guild for people who just want to play Star Atlas. You might be a solo gamer who wants to mine in Star Atlas. Or, maybe you are an explorer in the Star Atlas universe. Or, maybe you are just looking to hang out in Star Atlas. The Intergalactic Coalition is for you.

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