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MMA Gaming

Guild Overview

Q: What is MMA Gaming?

We are a Superguild.

This means we manage a large pool of assets and players and use these to generate yield in play-to-earn virtual worlds. The Gaming Team has been running a large scale Axie team for almost 1 year, bringing that vital operational experience to the table – not all guilds have that from Day1.

The continued compounding of in-game revenue via capital reinvestment and expansion into other games is the engine of MMA Gaming. It allows us to make seed investments in new games, build optimization tools, make great partnerships and much more.

Q: Why haven’t I heard of you?

MMA Gaming had its genesis as a large Axies team, as we move to a broader game-set and look to diversify our activities the group rebranded as MMA Gaming – we are currently emerging from stealth to make public our vision and roadmap.

Q: What is the best way to stay up-to-date with all things MMA?

This Discord will be the best place. Here we will announce significant milestones and news before anywhere else. We’ll also be providing a detailed weekly update on the discord only.

Twitter and Medium handles will also be good sources for updates

Q: Can I make an early investment?

Our Series A is now closed. We closed a $6mm funding round from private investors, on top of our existing ~$2.5mm of Axies assets.

There will be a token raise soon, with the capital needed to continue accrual of in-game assets and to grow the team.

More details of the intended capital allocation and tokenomics will follow.

Q: Who are you partnering with?

We have several partnerships almost finalized which we are excited to announce. These partnerships will fortify our scholar growth program, development capabilities, and on-chain research power.

These collectively, combined with our ingenuity and innovations, will give us the edge over larger guilds – we are not phased by huge raises due to the maturity of the sector at this time.

Q: Who is on the team?

The founding team comes from a mix of DeFi, gaming, risk management and developers. Around half the founding team are fully doxed.

Post token raise one priority will be adding an experienced lead dev to the team and also a junior game researcher with coding skills. Both will be salaried and involve tokens/equity.

Q: Can I play for the guild?

Yes. Right now our priority is raising capital and continuing to compound the existing asset and scholar base. Next year, with more viable titles on the horizon, we will be looking for skilled gamers to join as both players and strategic player mentors.

Q: So what assets do you have right now?

Exact in-game assets will be revealed pre-token, but we can share the valuation of our asset base is around $4 – 5mm at the time of writing. This will be verifiable on-chain.

Q: I keep hearing about the ‘Big Idea’. What is this?

Many guilds are building friction-free onboarding platforms for scholars, to become a platform, not just a guild. Other guilds are doing novel things like offering education for scholars in low-income countries.

MMA Gaming will also be productionizing an onboarding platform and player dashboards, but our main Big Idea will leverage the Commodities and Options experience we have on the team. Details will be released closer to launch – but we have not seen any other guild with this ambitious vision.



Security Zone

Safe, Medium Risk, High Risk


1000 - 5000



Industry / Specialization

Bounty Hunting, Exploring, Manufacturing / Engineering, Mercenary Work, Mining, Piracy, PVP / Combat, Retail, Science, Search & Rescue, Trading, Transport / Haulage


The mission of MMA is to use our experience to accrue yield through participation in multiple metaverse games with our first expansion, post Axie, into the Solana gaming ecosystem. We are bringing together talented teams, resources, and players.
The sum of our roadmap, our vision, is to ultimately strengthen the metaverse, adding real transactional value to the ecosystem. All early participants should share this ethos – being a dominant guild is important but should not be the only goal as it will kill games and act as a bottleneck to growth.

Unique Features

Best in class financial knowledge, vastly experienced gaming team from a diverse background. Successful 1000+ Axie scholarship operation, multiple full time members of staff, over $1m of Star Atlas assets acquired.


MMA Casper MMA Takeshi


3 September 2021

Assets Worth

$5 Million - $10 Million

Languages Spoken

English, French, Portuguese, Dutch

Alliances & Partners

Basis Markets
Variant research
Khal Special Forces

Member Benefits

Exclusive coaching and content regime upon playable modules being released
Opportunities to progress through a comprehensive loyalty and progression system
Flourishing community built on Axie Infinity devoted to improve quality of life for all players

Access to a unrivalled treasury team who will deliver word class results
Opportunities to become involved with the wider project and help shape MMA's prosperous future.

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