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samurai guild

Guild Overview

This guild is no longer active.

The Guild from the East

The Samurai Guild (SG) was established in June of 2021. It was created with the vision of building a community of blockchain gamers from all around the world with shared visions and goals.

We play many blockchain games.

One of the large focuses of the guild is Star Atlas. We have been buying and collecting assets from the game ever since release of the assets and the marketplace. We will continue to bolster our asset numbers as the guild and its funding grows.

The guild owns POLIS tokens that allow the guild to have a direct say in the governance of Star Atlas. The usage of our POLIS tokens is voted on by the guild members.

A DAO structure complete with a governance token. Samurai Guild Shards SGS are the gov. tokens used to vote on proposals to the guild. A member must be an active member of the guild for at least 2 months and have sent at least 420 messages or more in our guild discord server.



Security Zone

Safe, Medium Risk


100 - 500



Industry / Specialization

Bounty Hunting, Mercenary Work, Piracy, PVP / Combat, Search & Rescue, Trading, Transport / Haulage


Samurai fight with honor and respect for our opponents. Never stooping to the tactics of cheap tacticians. Even when pressed into a corner and outnumbered a samurai never loses faith in their own skill.

With the power we hold we must help those that cannot help themselves.

One only draws their weapon if intending to kill.

The Samurai aim to bring a sense of Zen and order to our stretch of the galaxy.

We may dip our tendrils into the seedy underbellies of the galaxy. We work and trade with nefarious criminals. They truly respect the samurai and fear their talents.

We also take on mercenary work if it doesn't conflict with the family houses of the guild.

Unique Features

- DAO Structure
- Governance token, free to all active guild members
- A heavy presence in many metaverses
- A growing collection of ships and other assets in SA
- An honorable code that guides our decisions and actions


muffins.eth / Crypto Muffin,


12 June 2021

Assets Worth

$0 - $10k

Languages Spoken

English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, German, Chinese, Japanese, Tagalog (Filipino)

Alliances & Partners

Member Benefits

- Usage of guild assets
- A community to call fam
- People to help you with your blockchain gaming endeavors
- Entrance to contests and giveaways
- Crypto airdrops to active Discord members
- NFT creations that power the guild and our metaverse experiences
- A role structure that rewards those who are the most active in the server

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