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The Club

The Club Guild is a pioneer of the Metaverse and Play-To-Earn gaming space. We are innovators and we give back to our community! We bring together communities from all over the world to earn through NFT gaming. Our Guild Ambassadors lead by example, sharing their expertise and representing their own member...

Interstellar Alliance

Interstellar Alliance
In anticipation of the launch of Star Atlas, we have begun preparations to organize our DAC to hit the metaverse with everything we've got. As the very first Star Atlas DAC, we plan to play a leading role in the metaverse and forever be one of the main foundational pillars...

The Atlessio Family

Atlessio Family
The Atlessio Family is a multicultural-mafia themed DAC (Decentralized Autonomous Corporation). Our primary focus is on earning. We don’t care how, we don’t care who, we don’t care what. All we care about is ATLAS flows. Traditionally, mafias have been structured in a uniform way with the boss at the...

Seraphs of the Stars

seraphs of the stars
Seraphs of the Stars [SOS] is a search-and-rescue guild dedicated to keeping the metaverse’s varied inhabitants and their possessions safe and well. From simply running out of fuel or leaving a spaceship to finding yourself stranded on an alien world, the Seraphs are here to help! With an efficient communications...


SYN (Syntax) is an ONI Decentralized Autonomous Corporation (DAC) in the Star Atlas metaverse focusing on Data Running / Stealth / Private Contracts / Hacking / Exploration.   What can I expect from SYN? In-Guild, Scheduled and non Scheduled Events Tournaments - Stealth Squad Data Runs Community first and voting...

Deep Profits

Deep Profits [DEEP] is a is a Decentralized Autonomous Corporation (DAC), which was created to aid its shareholders in the exploration, extraction, and exploitation of the Metaverse. In more practical terms, we educate our shareholders about the risks involved in crypto and DeFi, research and develop profitable strategies together, and...

Aephia Industries

At Aephia Industries, it is our mission to empower every sentient being by making interstellar travel accessible to everyone. We don’t regard ourselves as creators of spaceships, but as providers of true personal freedom: the ability to go anywhere in the universe, whenever you choose to. We are offering everyone...


ROME brought many new ideas and concepts to western civilization,it will also become one of the great pioneers of space within Star Atlas as ONIOur plan is to evolve our strategies as needed in responseto the ambiguity of development changes that are required to keep an ecosystem healthy.We will negotiate...


We believe the coming metaverse will fundamentally change the nature of work in our global society. NFTs are enabling people to create real-world value for themselves inside new digital economies. Seeing personal skill as a key factor in success in Star Atlas, BULK is dedicated to ever-improving the human-level expertise...


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