Equinox Starfleet

equinox starfleet

Guild Overview

Welcome to Equinox Starfleet, we are a decentralized autonomous corporation (DAC) within the Equinox Launchpad ecosystem. Our focus is on building a community within the Star Atlas metaverse and future metaverse/Play2Earn games that launch on Equinox and beyond. The aim is to provide gamers, crypto enthusiasts and the Equinox community an opportunity to share in-game assets, make connections, and play co-operatively within the metaverse.

Aims of our DAC (not limited to Star Atlas)

*To build and grow a community of crypto and metaverse Enthusiasts
*Sharing of in-game assets via borrowing, lending and special access.
*To form partnerships/alliances with other DACs and crypto projects for mutual benefits within the metaverse.



Security Zone

Safe, Medium Risk, High Risk


1000 - 5000



Industry / Specialization

Exploring, Manufacturing / Engineering, Mining, PVP / Combat, Retail, Science, Search & Rescue, Trading, Transport / Haulage


To create the largest DAC in the gaming metaverse that is fair, inclusive, and governed by the people.

Unique Features

Equinox Starfleet is unique in many ways. Firstly, we are a multiverse DAC, we are not only focused on Star Atlas. We believe that the metaverse is a diverse landscape with infinite possibilities that we would love to explore. Secondly, we are not only building a guild but also a universe filled with deep and meaningful lore. This keeps our members engaged and make them feel like they’re part of the universe of Equinox Starfleet. Finally, we are the first guild that is backed by a Launchpad, which is key as we can onboard new games and have direct access to their team members. This way we can obtain key information sooner than most other guilds.


Arkq, Willy Kerr, Equinox Launchpad Team, Grow Studio Team


3 September 2021

Assets Worth

$100k - $500k

Languages Spoken

English, Portuguese, Russian, German, Chinese, Indonesian, Polish

Alliances & Partners

We are part of the United Metaverse Alliance. Our allies include Interstellar Alliance, The Final Frontier, SolienDAO, The Atlessio Family, DeepProfits, The Amarna Group and many more

Member Benefits

- Access to borrowing/lending (scholarship program) depending on the games
- Governance power/voting rights for NFT holders (TBA)
- Be part of our lore and influence the direction of the story
- High ranking officers have special access to the Equinox Launchpad (TBA)

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