How to play Star Atlas guide

Intergalactic Herald has created a guide on how to play Star Atlas. This “how to play Star Atlas guide” is a step-by-step outline of everything you need to get started with Star Atlas. The guide explains cryptocurrency, Marketplace, Faction Fleet and getting into the Showroom.

Each individual article is below but if you are ready to get started, click the button and start with the first step.

Here is some general Star Atlas information:


Star Atlas is a game based on web3 technology like cryptocurrency. Assets in the game are NFTs (non-fungible token) like ships. Star Atlas has an economy and governance that uses crypto coins of ATLAS and POLIS. So, to get involved in the game, you need to purchase cryptocurrency on the Solana blockchain. Below are the steps to get started in cryptocurrency.

ATLAS and POLIS Buying Guide by Beyond the Horizon

Beyond the Horizon 2620 has created a couple of videos on how to purchase the Star Atlas coins: ATLAS and POLIS

Star Atlas Marketplace

The Star Atlas Marketplace is a place to purchase Star Atlas items. But, you can also sell them to other buyers. The main item to buy and sell are Star Atlas ships. But you can find other Star Atlas items like posters, badges and land.

Faction Fleet/SCORE

The Faction Fleet or SCORE (Ship Commissions on Remote Expeditions) is an aspect of Star Atlas where you can enroll your Star Atlas ships. By keeping your ships supplied with the necessary resources, you will earn rewards in the form of the ATLAS token.

Star Atlas 101 — I have $20, what can I do?

Galia Crafters has created a great guide about how to get started in Star Atlas with $20.

Fleet Viewer

The Fleet Viewer is where you can explore your fleet of Star Atlas ships in a space hanger. The hanger is built with the same technology that is powering SAGE.


The Showroom is the first chance to interact in the Star Atlas metaverse using the Unreal Engine 5 environment. The Showroom is software to install on your Windows computer to then enter a 3D world where you can create a character and interact with your Star Atlas ships and explore an expanding environment.

Additional guides

SAGE – Star Atlas: Golden Era

SAGE is an upcoming in-browser game module of Star Atlas.


SAGE Labs Guide by Beyond the Horizon

Beyond the Horizon 2620 has created a video guide about how to play SAGE Labs.

SAGE Tools

Lab Assistant by Shadow Local [SLY] – This is a SAGE Labs tool to help track status and automate actions. A video explaining the tool was created by Beyond the Horizon and SatoshiMama.


Beyond the Horizon has create a video series comparing SAGE and SCORE.

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