Intergalactic Herald is your source for everything Star Atlas. I publish a weekly recap of everything new about Star Atlas so you don’t need to find it. I also publish a weekly podcast were I talk about the past week in Star Atlas.

The Intergalactic Herald was created and is run by Matt Woicik. I have been interested in Star Atlas since December 2021 when I purchased my first Star Atlas ships.

Back then, I was following Star Atlas content creators and would put together a list of articles and videos to watch on the weekend. My favorite Star Atlas content creator was MetaVerse Explorer. I was even interviewed by MetaVerse Explorer. Due to my business and family commitments during the week, I could only catch-up on the weekends. I realized that other people might be in the same situation so I created my weekly Star Atlas news recap. I started with my first recap on March 25, 2022.

I also documented my learning about cryptocurrency to be able to get involved in Star Atlas. These articles and videos became my Star Atlas Guide.

Personally, I own a digital marketing agency, ML2 Solutions. I help clients with their marketing efforts of websites, paid ads, SEO and analytics. I also have a website where I help people learning how to do their own digital marketing at Digital Marketing Extreme.

In addition to Star Atlas, I have a few other hobbies. I enjoy astronomy and have a number of telescopes. I created a website called Clear Sky Tonight to host my astronomical images along with astronomy calculations I created. I enjoy following the weather and have a personal weather station with a live weather camera and time-lapse weather videos.

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