Star Artisan MUD button

As a member of the Star Atlas community, I am so thankful for all the Star Atlas content creators. They produce the great content that I so much enjoy reading and listening to on the weekend to stay up-to-date on Star Atlas. But there is another part of the Star Atlas community that I also feel a part of. That is the Star Atlas Builders. Star Atlas has released the use of its intellectual property (IP) to the community. You can learn more about the program at

I am starting a Star Atlas merch store, which you can learn more about at Intergalactic Gear. So of course, I am excited to see what other people are building using the Star Atlas IP. I follow a number of other Builders on Twitter. I am happy to click the “like” button or retweet their posts. Apparently, doing these processes got me entered into a contest from Star Artisan.

Star Artisan produces a number of products, from LED lights, buttons, displays, jewelry, keychains, and backpack clips. They use a high-powered laser cutter and engraver to create their products. The contest winner got a Star Atlas faction button of their choice. Apparently, I won!!

My MUD button shipped out a few days after we exchanged shipping information. I was very impressed with the quality of the packing material and, of course, the button itself.

Thank you to Star Artisan for a great tangible Star Atlas item.

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