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Announcing Intergalactic Coalition

Intergalactic Herald is proud to announce the launch of the Intergalactic Coalition.

The Intergalactic Coalition is a guild for people who just want to play Star Atlas. You might be a solo gamer who wants to mine in Star Atlas. Or, maybe you are an explorer in the Star Atlas universe. Or, maybe you are just looking to hang out in Star Atlas. The Intergalactic Coalition is for you.

The Intergalactic Coalition is a “non-guild” guild. There is nothing wrong with the other Star Atlas guilds. But the Intergalactic Coalition isn’t looking to create a hierarchy of roles and responsibilities. We aren’t looking to pool our ships to engage in epic battles. There isn’t any structure in the Coalition. We are just a bunch of Star Atlas gamers who want to hang out and talk about Star Atlas.

Why even have a coalition? The Star Atlas Discord server is excellent but too big to follow conversations. Don’t check the Discord server for a day; you are entirely lost in the chat. Or, you are busy during the week with a job or family responsibilities but still want to be part of the Star Atlas conversation. The Intergalactic Coalition is for you.

The first step is to build our community now. Are you interested? If so, please go to and fill out our interest survey.

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