SAGE Game Manual – December 2022 Draft

The MetaVerse Explorer goes through the draft of the SAGE game manual. You can find the manual at


The YouTube video provides a brief introduction to the Star Atlas Sage gameplay manual, which was released in December 2022. The manual provides a comprehensive guide to the Star Atlas Sage module, which is divided into various phases, including the P2P economy and high-risk endgame gameplay. The video covers a lot of topics such as the Golden Era of space exploration, the map of Galileo, starting out and the council rank system, ship selection and performance bonuses, player inventory, and fleet management system.

The video also provides information about claim stakes, star bases, and the crew, which are essential elements in the game. It explains how players can claim territories and set up their own star bases, which serve as a hub for players to manage and store their resources. The crew, on the other hand, are the NPCs that players can hire to help them manage their star bases and perform various tasks. The video covers various aspects of the crew, including their skills, attributes, and how players can level them up.

Overall, the video provides a lot of information at a fast pace and encourages viewers to read the full manual for more detailed information. It’s a useful resource for anyone interested in playing Star Atlas Sage, a game that promises to be an exciting combination of strategy, exploration, and high-stakes gameplay.

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