How to swap between SOL and USDC

The next step is to swap from one cryptocurrency to another. In this case, it is from SOL (Solana coin) to USDC (United States Dollar Coin). Star Atlas allows for many assets to be purchased in USDC. This assumes you have already created a Phantom wallet and added some SOL coins.

The first step is to log into your Phantom wallet and click the swap button. Next, you select the two coins you want to swap of SOL and USDC. Then, you select the amount of SOL you want converted to USDC. Finally, you review the swap order, submit it and refresh to make sure the transaction was completed successfully.


  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:28 Log into Phantom wallet
  • 0:43 Click on swap button
  • 1:32 Review swap order
  • 1:52 Refresh to see changes in wallet

Video Transcript – How to swap from SOL to USDC

For the next step, I’m gonna show you how to swap between different cryptocurrencies in this case, between SOL or Solana and USDC, which is a equivalent to the United States dollar. It’s still a cryptocurrency but it’s similar. And some sites use it for payment. In this case, one option is to pay with USDC on Star Atlas. So what we wanna do is log into our phantom wallet. Again, we’ll see that I, we have our, our wallet here with our amount of SOL, which is approximately 1.0869 there. So what we wanna do is go and transfer, let’s say $10 of that.

So what we wanna actually do is click on this double arrow here, which stands for swap. And we want to actually swap from SOL to USDC. The downside here is we have to write it down in the number of SOL we wanna do, so we’ll try 0.8 and then it’ll calculate. So nine 50, let’s do 0.85 and now we’re at the $10. Okay, so we will pay 0.85 SOL.

We will swap that and receive $10 and 14 cents and some smaller ones in USDC. the Phantom OPP uses a provider, in this case, a decentralized exchange to complete the trade. So it’s actually gonna take care of those for us. You’ll notice that a can changes trying to get the best rates. So everything looks good there. We’ll go and hit review order again saying we’re gonna transfer this many SOL to this much USDC.

So go ahead and do a swap and everything’s done. Tokens have been deposited in your wallet. So we’ll go ahead and close that and we’ll wait a couple seconds. We see that the SOL has diminished, but the USDC has sometimes you just have to refresh these things. We just go out, we’ll just do a refresh of chrome real quick, come back in to our phantom wallet and we’ll see that that’s here. So now we have about $10 of USDC coin and we have some remaining solana in this case. $2 and 83 cents or 0.21 SOL. so that’s how you basically transfer from SOL to USDC.

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