How to setup a Ledger using Phantom wallet

A Ledger is a hardware cryptocurrency wallet. It is different that a Phantom wallet which is software. A Phantom wallet is also called a “hot wallet” while a Ledger is a “cold wallet”. Both can store cryptocurrency and be used in Star Atlas. The primary benefits of using a Ledger is your recovery code (seed phrase) is stored inside the Ledger device and thus always stored offline. This provide maximum security of your cryptocurrency assets and a good idea if you have a lot of value in your cryptocurrency. A Ledger isn’t required to play Star Atlas but makes a lot of sense to secure your Star Atlas assets.

To setup a Ledger, you first need to purchase one and follow the instructions to configure it. Only purchase directly from Ledger on their website.

Once you have your Ledger wallet configured, you can use a Phantom wallet to connect between it and Star Atlas. This makes it much easier to interact with Star Atlas.

Ledger provides an article titled SET UP AND USE PHANTOM TO ACCESS YOUR LEDGER SOLANA (SOL) ACCOUNT. A video showing the process is below.

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