How to send cryptocurrency from Coinbase to Phantom wallet

The next step is to send cryptocurrency from your Coinbase account to your Phantom wallet. Star Atlas connects to cryptocurrency wallets like Phantom to buy assets like ships. This assumes you have already added funds to your Coinbase account and have already created a Phantom wallet.

The first step is to check if you have funds ready to transfer and not still in a waiting period. Next, click the Send button to start the transfer process. Copy the wallet address from your Phantom wallet. Enter the amount of SOL you want to transfer. Then, double check the transaction information entered. Finally, send the transaction request and check that the assets are now in your Phantom wallet.

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  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:15 Check if funds ready to transfer
  • 0:35 Click Send button
  • 0:52 Copy wallet address
  • 1:38 Enter amount of SOL to transfer
  • 2:10 Double check transaction
  • 2:30 Send transaction request
  • 2:49 Check transfer in Phantom wallet

Video Transcript – How to send cryptocurrency

The next step you you want to do is transfer your SOL from your Coinbase account to your phantom wallet. This way, once it’s in the Phantom Wallet, you can interact with the Star Atlas Metaverse. So depending on when you put that SOL within your Coinbase account, there may be a time limit before you can transfer it. And the way to check this is just go to the send and receive here. If you see some SOL available or then you’re ready to transfer. If not, if it says zero, you’re not ready to.

So the steps to transfer from your Coinbase account to your Phantom wallet again, is to click on the send button there. What you want to do is make sure you’re gonna pay with SOL as opposed to some other cryptocurrency that may show up here. So make sure this says so Solana. Then you go to your Phantom Wallet.

if you click on the word wallet here, that’ll actually show you what your wallet address is, and it’s gonna be a series of numbers and letters. Go ahead and just click copy here and then go ahead and paste that into the information here. So this is what’s typically called your public address. So it’s okay to share this, this is the way that you receive things within your Phantom wallet.

You would never, however want to ever share your private key excuse me, your private recovery code or your seed phrase. It’s different names. But anyways, that private secret phrase that you always want to keep there. So when you’re in this box, so now we’ve said we wanna pay with Solana, we wanna send it to here. we could do a note and we can go ahead and choose how much solana that we wanna transfer. In this case, I wanna go ahead and transfer it all. So we’ll do send all, so it automatically converted that into the dollar amount. if we switch this button here, we can actually see that’s the same number there. It’ll be a little bit different on the lower digits cuz it was a little bit of a fee to send that. So again send, we wanna send it all we wanna pay with Solana, we wanna send it to that address. And we want to go ahead and now and quick continue.

Okay, so it’s just double checking. good idea is to take this information, just go back into your phantom wallet. Click the button again and just double check that those numbers match. They do. So it’ll be receiving a thing. There is a small network fee, which is a fraction of a, a US dollar cent. And we’ll go ahead and hit send now and we’ll go ahead and so it takes a few seconds, it’s done and that we’ll do is go back to our Phantom wallet and we’ll see that that money has actually already appeared. So we have now transferred assets out of our Coinbase account and into our Solana wallet.

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