How to sell a Star Atlas ship

The next step is to sell a Star Atlas ship.

The first step is to access the Star Atlas Marketplace and find the ship you want to sell. Next, you create an order, enter the price and place the sell order. Then, you check if the sell order exists. Finally, you can cancel the order if you change your mind and check your inventory that the ship was returned to your wallet.


  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:24 Go to Star Atlas Marketplace
  • 0:43 Create order
  • 1:16 Place a sell order
  • 1:37 Confirm sell order exists
  • 1:53 Cancel sell order
  • 2:24 Check inventory

Video Transcript – How to sell a Star Atlas ship

So for this step, let’s say you want to sell a ship on Star Atlas ship. So again, you go to play now go ahead and connect your wallet and we’re using a phantom wallet. So it connect there, there’s our information, okay, close. And then we go to the marketplace. So we go ahead and find the ship that we want to sell that we already own. And again, in this case, it’s a extra small Pearce X4. Now so we want to be a buyer. So we actually want to create an order

Shows that we want to sell this item. So a Pearce X4. So we sell the item. Does note that we have one in our inventory. We can put the price that we wanna sell it for. So this is the re the last one that was there. Now I’m gonna put a very large price on there because don’t actually want to sell my ship. but just show you the process I this. So we’re gonna say we’re gonna, we’d, we’d be okay if somebody wants to purchase it from us for $20 USDC notes that it is a fee and how much we’ll actually receive when we’re done.

So I’ll go ahead and place a sell order and it’s gonna ask us to confirm that we want to do this. sometimes it comes up where it can’t simulate, that’s okay, we know we did it. So we go in and hit approve and it says one order has been placed for that. here in sellers. And we kind of scroll through here.

And again, probably one of these, we don’t really have an icon yet, but again, if we look at our phantom wallet and we look at the prices B one Q, so there’s our $20 one right there.

So in this case I actually don’t wanna sell that. So we want to actually go to the My Orders page. We want to go ahead and connect the wallet. We’ll see that. And we actually want to cancel that order. So we go ahead, cancel there. It costs a little bit of fee to do that. So I’ll go ahead and approve that. And the order’s been complete. We’ve canceled your order. We have no open orders.

So now if we go into our inventory, we’ll see that our ship hasn’t returned yet. We’ll go and hit refresh. Sometimes if the inventory doesn’t immediately refresh, go ahead and just refresh your web browser, go ahead and reconnect your wallet, and then it’ll recheck the blockchain and show that. So there’s our one item, and just to be on the safe side, we’ll go ahead back into our phantom wallet, go here and we’ll see that the ship has returned.

So that’s basically how you sell a ship and how you cancel an order. If you’ve changed your mind.

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