How to see Star Atlas ship in Fleet Viewer

The next step is to look at a Star Atlas ship in the Fleet Viewer. The Fleet Viewer is a 3D interface to zoom and pan around at the ship from different views.

The first step is to go to the Star Atlas website and find the Fleet Viewer panel. Then, you connect your cryptocurrency wallet. The Fleet Viewer will load and you will be able to see your ships. Finally, you can zoom and pan around to see your ships from different angles.


  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:11 Go to Star Atlas website
  • 0:35 Open Fleet Viewer panel
  • 0:58 Connect wallet
  • 1:29 View ships

Video Transcript – How to use Star Atlas Fleet Viewer

This video, I’m gonna show you about the Star Atlas Fleet viewer, the fleet viewer’s, a way to look at your star Atlas ships. So the first thing we wanna do is go to the Star Atlas website. So that’s at star Once that’s loaded, you want to hit the play Now button. Once that’s fully loaded on the left hand side, you typically find an icon. However, this is one of the special features. So it’s in one of these panels. So you kind of have to click here on the different ones that you can kind of see in the background there. So just click through the different ones until you find the one that says Fleet Viewer. And once you find that, go ahead and click on the open button to open up the fleet viewer.

That’ll actually open up a new webpage called Go ahead and let that load. And once that’s loaded, you want to go ahead and click on the Connect Wallet button. This will give you a choice of different wallets we’ve been using the Phantom Wallet. So go ahead and click on that because this is gonna access your wallet. You have to give it approval for it. So just make sure again, that the name and the u r URL is what you want. So click on Connect

Now. Go ahead and start fetching your ships from your wallet. And once that connects, you’ll see over on the left side the ships that you have available. again, we only have the Pierce X four, so that’s all that we can see. if you did want to click here, basically you would add it. So now what you can do is use your mouse. if you have scroll rule, you can go ahead and scroll in. That will zoom in on your ship.

And then you can use the mouse by clicking and holding to drag to move it. So basically you can zoom around on the different things here. There is a limit to how close you can scroll in on that. And if you zoom back out and you’ll see you have kind of another launchpad here, you click on that, you’re able to basically duplicate your ships there, but if you had more ships, you can pop ’em down on different ones there. So again you can zoom in with your mouse, get as close as you can, and then use hold down the F mouse button and kind of move your mouse around to look at it from different perspectives. Perspectives and things like that. And that’s pretty much the fleet viewer in Star Atlas.

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