How to resupply your Star Atlas ship in Faction Fleet/SCORE

The next step goes through how to resupply your ship in the Faction Fleet/SCORE in Start Atlas. In order to earn rewards, you need to keep your ship full of resources of food, fuel, ammo and toolkits.

The first step is to go to the Star Atlas website and then to the Faction Fleet. Then you click on the button to manage your fleet. There are a number of ways to add resources either individually or all at once. If you are short of resources, you will need to purchase more. Finally, once you have resupplied your fleet, the resources will change the progress bars.


  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:20 Manage fleet
  • 0:57 Supply resource
  • 1:32 Resupply all
  • 1:56 Buy more resources
  • 3:17 Resupply all again

Video Transcript – How to resupply Star Atlas ship

Okay, now that we bought our resources in the marketplace, we want to go ahead and resupply our ship in the faction fleet. So again, we go back to the faction fleet. We’ll go ahead and click on the button to manage fleet

And we’ll see again right now the fleet health. again multiple ships if you add more are considered a fleet, but in this case there and we’ll see that these are at zero. So these are the actual totals. So it has a max capacity of fuel at 46 max capacity of food at 24, and ammo at 1 26. And health is just a percentage bar. So if we want to go ahead and transfer and give some fuel from our wallet to our fleet, we’ll go ahead and just do a resupply all we can pick the number. I’m just gonna say 10, even though you probably want to go ahead and pit max, but just to show you can do it, we’ll do 10, we’ll hit apply and that prompts the phantom wallet to appear to approve this transaction. We’re gonna send 10 of those, so we go ahead and say approve and we’ll see that our progress bar has moved slightly. So just for showing you how this whole thing works, go ahead and close this. And now we’ll see that the fuel’s at 22% in health.

now we’ll go ahead and manage again. Of course, you could click on each one of those. that gets a little tedious. So let’s just do a res, a resupply all command. Oh, and in this case we didn’t have enough ammo to fully fill that up because we had only purchased a hundred ammo, but the max capacity, if we go back into the managed fleet, was actually 126. So this is a good example.

Let’s just go and buy some more ammo real quick just to top that up. So again, we’ll go to the marketplace, we’ll go ahead and open up resources and we were short on ammo, so we’ll go ahead and click ammunition. Go ahead and buy some from the star al even though we only needed another 24. We’ll go ahead and by 25 just to, oops, sorry, we’ll just buy 50. Okay. And then we’ll go on and click buy items. We’ll prove that in our phantom wallet. And then we have that information there.

So now we’ll go ahead and go back to our fa FLA faction fleet and we’ll quick manage fleet. And now we’ll go ahead and do the resupply button. And now it’ll bundle up all four items to try to purchase. So some food and couple of the other unknowns. We’ll go ahead and put quick approve

And close that and we’ll see that our now ship is fully fueled up fueled up, ammo it up and HealthEd up . So anyways that’s basically how you can resupply your ship within the faction fleet or sometimes it’s called score.

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