How to remove ship from Faction Fleet/SCORE

The optional step is to remove your ships from the Faction Fleet/SCORE in Star Atlas. You may want to do something else with your ships so you need to remove them.

The first step is to go the the Star Atlas website and then to the Faction Fleet. Then, you the click the button to manage your fleet. Then, you click to withdraw your fleet and confirm the transaction in your cryptocurrency wallet. Finally, it is a good idea to check your inventory that everything was successfully withdrawn.


  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:14 Go to Faction Fleet
  • 0:34 Manage fleet
  • 0:55 Withdraw fleet
  • 1:45 Check inventory

Video Transcript – How to remove ship

The next step I’m gonna show you is how if you want to remove your ship from the faction fleet for some reason or another, you’ve decided you want to put it back into your Phantom Wallet. So we’ll go ahead and go to the faction fleet if we haven’t already, connector Wallet, go ahead and connect your wallet. Again, we’re using Phantom and Close.

(00:28):Okay, so here’s our ship here. And in order to remove it, we want to click the managed fleet button. And then we wanna go down here to manage ships, and we want to withdraw our entire fleet. Now we only have one ship, but if you had more than one ship of this type, unfortunately you do have to remove them all. So we’re gonna go ahead and quickly withdraw entire fleet. It says if you withdraw your fleet, your ships will be returned and you will no longer earn rewards. We want to confirm that. So we’re good. Okay. It’s withdrawing the fleet that’s gonna go ahead and prompt a transaction. We need to approve in our phantom wallet. This transaction’s a little more because we receive some of the soul that we put in to do it. We receive back our ship. we have to send a little tools because the fleet has to be at a hundred percent, or excuse me, the health has to be at a hundred percent, which involves toolkits. But we received back all our other things plus the atlas that had been accruing. So I’ll go ahead, approve there.

And our withdrawal was successful, and we’re now back to where we don’t see anything within the flexion fleet. Now we can check our inventory here in the star atla thing. We’ll see that our ships back, and we’ll see that some of our resources have come back also. And finally, if we look at our phantom wallet, we will see some more results. We’ll see our ship plus the four resources. So basically that is the step to remove your ship from score or otherwise known as the faction fleet.

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