How to pick a faction in Star Atlas

The next step is to pick a faction in Star Atlas. Star Atlas has three factions that you can play as. The selection is permanent as it is associated with your crypto wallet.

The first step is to go to the Star Atlas website and click the Profile area. Next, you select which faction you want to play as. Then, you confirm your selection by approving in your wallet.


Video Transcript – How to pick a faction in Star Atlas

Next thing I want you to show you is how to pick a faction within Star Atlas. There’s actually three factions you can choose from. If you go here to your profile, you’ll see the three act factions that here, Mud, Ustur, and Oni.

You go ahead and click on which one you want. read about ’em, do some research, and then you have the choice here to choose. However, I do want to caution that if you choose one faction, that choice is permanent because it basically connects with your wallet.

So when you’re ready to do that, go ahead and hit confirm. It’ll actually prompt you for your wallet and you go ahead and prove it does cost a little bit of SOL to do that, and you are done.

So you’ve now connected your wallet to a specific faction in Star Atlas, which is again, a permanent connection.

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