How to login to Star Atlas Showroom

The next step is to login to the Star Atlas Showroom.

The first step is to launch the Star Atlas software that you installed on your computer. There are a couple of account options. The first is to connect to a Ledger hardware wallet. The second is to import your private key from a software wallet. A third option is to create a brand new wallet within the Star Atlas Showroom. Finally, once you have a wallet connected, you can enter the Showroom.


  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:10 Launch Star Atlas
  • 0:18 Account options
  • 0:43 Login with existing wallet
  • 1:52 Create new wallet
  • 3:05 Enter Showroom

Video Transcript – How to login into Showroom

Once you’re done installing star os you ready to launch it. So once you’re in the, again, the Epic game store, go ahead and either find your icon or go to your library. Click the launch button. Once again, loads. There’s actually a couple options we can do. We can either create account, which will create a brand new hardware, or excuse me, a brand new crypto wallet for us. we can also log in and there’s a couple different options there for login. So I’ll go through the login options. This assumes you already have a crypto wallet and then we’ll come back and do the create account if you do not. So, if you click on the login button, you have a couple different options you can use and link to a Ledger Hardware wallet. So if again, you’re storing your Star Atlas Crypto and ships in a Ledger hardware wallet, you actually click on this button

And you have to go ahead and obviously have had your ledger wallet connected and unlocked in order to go through the different options here. So I’m just gonna skip over that. Gonna go back to the two different options here. Either use a pneumonic phrase or use a private key. So these are two options. If you have a software wallet like your Phantom Wallet, you could actually import in your private key and then have access to it that way. However, I must caution giving away your private key, even to Star Atlas does provide per, does potentially have some security risks there. So that’s potentially not the best idea. In this case, a hardware wallet does keep your private key completely secure and safe in your hardware wallet. But again make your own decision on this. So those are the two ways. If you already have. Now, let’s go back to the option if you want to create your own thing. So click the back button here and we’ll go ahead and create an account. In this case, we’re gonna create a brand new wallet, so it has no crypto assets or anything like that. Again, as the warning says, you wanna make sure to save your secret recovery phrase or there’ll be no way to do that. So if you hover over there, that information will actually pop open. once you’re ready to go there, go ahead and say I saved my secret recovery phrase, and click continue.

And they want you to confirm some of those codes there so that you know that you really did write it down. So go ahead and fill that in and then click on continue. Okay, next, you can go ahead and give your wallet a name. I’m just gonna call it demo.

And you can go ahead and create a password for this wallet. go ahead and then quick agree terms and you’ll be able to finally create click the wallet or create the wallet. Okay. If create your password, go ahead and click Create Wallet and see their name. And your cre wallet address is up here. At this point, you’re able to go ahead and do the different things that may be available. So again, you can go log into the showroom and you can do the freight trainer or check your inventory. Now note, this wallet was created without any ships, so you won’t be able to. So there’s a couple different options you can do to get your ships into this, but that’s for another video. Thank you.

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