How to install Star Atlas Showroom

The next step is how to install the Star Atlas Showroom. The Showroom is the first part of the Star Atlas metaverse and a place to look at your ships and interact with them.

The first step is to go to the Star Atlas website to find the link to download the Epic Games Launcher. The Showroom is available in the Epic Games Launcher. You will have to create an account. Finally, you can login.


  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:22 Go to Star Atlas website
  • 0:36 Find Showroom panel
  • 1:07 Go to Epic Game Store
  • 1:32 Click download button
  • 1:47 Install software
  • 2:49 Create or login to Epic Games account
  • 3:40 Summary

Video Transcript – How to install Star Atlas Showroom

In this video we’re gonna talk about the Star Atlas showroom. So showroom’s, a place that is a 3D environment where you can look at your ships play, star Atlas, walk around the different environment. So the way to get into this is first you actually have to install some software on your computer. So the best thing to do is start to go to the Star Atlas website. So star Once the website’s loaded, go ahead and just click the point out and to find out more information about the showroom. it’s not yet one of the icons on the website, but if you look at the different panels that are here one of the panels will be the showroom. So just go ahead and click on those panels until they slide. Okay. We’ll find the showroom panel. again, the thing to make sure to remember is the showroom is pre alpha, so it’s very, very early.

Again, it is built on the Unreal Engine five. So that’s why we have to stall some software. They do have some minimum requirements here for the different cpu video card and ram. You need our computer. but if you’re ready to go, go ahead and click the Download pc. This is actually gonna take you to the Epic Game Store where the actual software for this part of Star Atlas is. So once you get into here, there’s some information you can look at in the epic Game Store. So as you scroll down here, you’ll see different information about it. where the Discord is, again, this is an early access game, does use blockchain and N F T technology. So what we’re looking for here to install it actually is to go up to the top and you’ll see the download button. So go ahead and click on download and that will download the initial installer for the Epic Game Store. So once that has completed downloading, go ahead and click on the icon to install that and go ahead and take all, most of the defaults here that we do. Wanna install this in the folder.

Okay, once it looks like it is fully completed, then you can go ahead and find the Epic Game store different ways to do it. We’ll just go ahead and go to our start menu. And there we have the epic Game Launcher hat added here. But again, this could be different depending on which depending on which kind of computer you have. So we’ll go ahead and start the Epic Game launcher and we’ll see that it’s downloading and verifying some updates. This may or may not happen when you download that. Okay. Next, it’s gonna install some prerequisites. Okay, once those are all installed, then you need to go ahead and either sign in if you already have an Epic Games account, or you need to go ahead and sign up now. So I’ll just start you through the signup process, assuming that you don’t have one. So go ahead here and click sign up. There are d many different methods you can sign up. I’m just gonna choose email. So at this point, I’m going to pause the video and go ahead and create my account. But assume that these are just standard questions you need when you create things.

And once you’ve completed that registration or logged in, you’ll con be able to continue on through. And we are now in the Epic game store. So to summarize again, we have found the link on the Star Atlas website to install the showroom game. that game is provided through the Epic game store. So we went ahead and created an account, logged in downloaded, and now we are in the epic game store.

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