How to get game code for Star Atlas Showroom

The next step is to get a game code for the Star Atlas Showroom. The game code is needed to install and play the Showroom from the Epic Games Launcher.

The first step is to go to the Star Atlas website and then your Profile. Click on the button to claim your game code. Copy your game code and start the Epic Games Launcher. In the Epic Games Launcher, go to your profile and redeem your code. Finally, you will be able to install the Star Atlas software.


  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:10 Go to Star Atlas website
  • 0:21 Go to Profile
  • 0:46 Click on Claim Game Codes
  • 1:00 Wait 7 days
  • 1:30 Try again
  • 2:07 See game code
  • 2:31 Star Epic Games Launcher
  • 2:50 Go to profile and redeem code
  • 3:06 Enter code and redeem
  • 3:24 Install Star Atlas software

Video Transcript – How to get a game key for the Showroom

The next step in getting into the star out showroom is to actually find your game key, which is actually located in the Star Out West website. So we want to go to star Go ahead and click on the Play Now button. And once the website finally fully loads, go ahead and click over here on the left side to find the icon for your profile. You need to connect your phantom wallet. So go ahead and click on Connect. Once your wallet’s connected, go ahead and click on close and you may need to go back to your profile after your wallet has been connected for it to load. And you’ll see that your profile’s loaded and up in the upper right hand corner will be the claim, claim game codes, buttons. Go ahead, click on that. In this case transaction does need to occur, but there is no estimated or there’s no cost for that. So go ahead and just click on approve and you may get an error message that you’re have no eligible fleets enlist enlisted. to, in order to do this, you must have at least seven days of your ship in a fleet. So we haven’t released that or we haven’t reached that yet. So I’ll restart this video after we’ve gotten to that step. So we needed to wait to make sure that our ship had been in the faction fleet for seven days. So let’s confirm that. So again, we’ll go into the faction fleet,

Go ahead and connect our wallet and we’ll see that it now has been enlisted for eight days. So now we can go ahead and get our game key keys to used in the Epic Game Store. So what we wanna do is go down here to our profile. We wanna go ahead and claim our game codes and we won’t be charged anything this, but we do need to approve it so we can access our wallet. And we’ll now see the game key is listed here. Now this is gonna go ahead and blur that out cuz that’s my game code. But again, yours should show here and that you’ve successfully achieved one key. So what you wanna do is make a copy of that game key and we’ll use that in the next step, which is to go into the Epic game store and actually activate our showroom module. Okay. Once you have your game key from the Star Atlas profile, you can go back into the Epic Games launcher and we’ll go ahead and enter that key into it to have access. So what we’ll wanna do is go up to your profile kind up here in the upper right hand corner, and we want to do redeem code.

So this allows us to enter a product key here. again, I’m just gonna pause, enter mine, but you’d entered here and then click on the redeem button. Okay. After you’ve entered your code in there, the redeem button should become available. You’ll see the little star atlas information here. So go ahead and click on redeem and we’ll see that star Atlas you’ll redeem successfully. And depending on if you’ve installed it or not the next step is to go ahead and install Star Atlas. So go ahead and just click on install now. You can go ahead and pick whatever folder is appropriate for your computer. Then go ahead and click on install. Let’s move to change to say please wait on the installation. And then we’ll get a progress bar that shows the installing percentage there. Once the installation’s done, you can go ahead and click on the icon to launch it.

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