How to enlist your Star Atlas ship in Faction Fleet/SCORE

Let’s go through the steps to enlist your Star Atlas ship in the Faction Fleet, which is also called SCORE. The Faction Fleet is one part of the Star Atlas game where you can earn rewards for “staking” your Star Atlas ship. Staking is a cryptocurrency action. You load your ship (a NFT) into the game in exchange for ATLAS, the Star Atlas cryptocurrency coin.

The first step is to open the Star Atlas website and go to the Faction Fleet area. Next you connect your wallet that contains your Star Atlas ship. Then, you start the ship enlistment process. Next, you finish enlisting your fleet. Finally, you check that you fleet has been enlisted and removed from your wallet.


  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:18 Open Star Atlas website
  • 0:51 What is Faction Fleet
  • 1:40 Connect wallet
  • 2:53 Ship enlistment
  • 3:48 Daily rewards
  • 4:07 Enlist fleet
  • 4:58 Check fleet

Video Transcript – How to enlist your Star Atlas ship

This video will go through how to place Star Atlas using the Faction Fleet, or what’s called SCORE use. The words are used interchangeably for it. So basically what you wanna do is you wanna go to star and once the website is loaded, so you wanna go up to the point Now button, and once the website is loaded, you’ll notice that there are a few icons over here on the right side. And if you hover your mouse over, it’ll show home leaderboards marketplace inventory, faction fleet. And that’s what we want to click on.

So what is the faction fleet? What is the faction fleet? Basically, this is a way that you can take your Star Atlas ships and stake them. That’s basically a crypto term. That ba basically means you’re giving a crypto asset to someone else in exchange for a small reward. star Atlas just kind of creates this around some of the lore that there’s a each one of the three factions is doing something and they’re asking you to do your patriotic duty and commission your ship within the faction fleet.

So you can learn a little bit on this page. You can also go over here to this fleet briefing and kind of learn a little bit about the lore that’s going on about this game that we’d want to play. So you can go ahead and read through this information here, but again, we’ll go back to the main title here.

So the first thing you wanna do is connect your wallet. And again, just a quick refresher. We’re gonna be using the Phantom wallet, so that’s been installed and set up here in our Chrome browser. We can go ahead and click on the icon. For the Phantom Wallet, and that’ll bring up our current assets in our wallet. So we’re just in Wallet one. We have some Solana Coin here. We have some U S D U S DC coin. We have some star Atlas Atlas tokens and some we have have some star Atlas Polis tokens. If you go here you can actually see what assets.

So right now we own a Pearce X four ship, and this is the ship that we’re gonna go ahead and enroll in the Faction fleet. Hey, so go ahead and connect our wallet. we may get a terms of service warning and a privacy policy warning. And then we can go ahead and continue there. Again, we want to connect a phantom ops, we’re gonna click connect there, that’ll send a signal off and connect what up with our wallet.

And it shows our resources that are assets that are available there. So we can go ahead and just close on that. Okay, so we could purchase a ship if we needed to, but again, we’ve already done that. So we actually want to go up to the ship enlistment area here. So because we’ve already connected our Phantom wallet, we’ll see that our ship is already here and it’s given us a different specifications. So again, we own one, what class it is fighter resources that’ll be used the four common, our fuel food, ammo and repair. And then we’re giving the option to enlist the ship. So let’s go ahead and click on enlist ship.

And again, we’ll see that it’s preparing again to note that the ships cannot be destroyed, so you’ll not lose your ship or your NFT asset here. we only have one, so it’s there. and right now we don’t have any inventory for the resources, but we’ll work on that next. So everything’s good here. We’ll go ahead and click the button.

Oh, and again, the key here is the rewards we’ll get. So each ship is different. In this case, the Pearce X four has a reward of 0.966 atlas per day. So every day that we keep our ship in the score or the faction fleet will be given back that much Atlas. So we’ll go ahead and click the button to enlist the fleet. this is again, we’re gonna have the NFT asset in this case, the ship. It will move out of our wallet and it’ll be staked within the Star Atlas game. So we’ll send just a little bit of SOL coin to do that, and we’ll send our one. So we have to approve this. We always want, again, to make sure that the icon and the URL match up. So, but it does, so we go ahead and click approve here.

And for some strange reason there was a processing, so we’ll go ahead and try again, and we’ll see here that strangely, even though we got the error message, our fleet was actually formed. So again sometimes things don’t go the way we plan, but in this case, everything’s fine. So now we’ll see that our Pearce X four is inside the faction fleet. Now if we go back up to our Phantom wallet, just to check and we go to the icon here for the NFTs, we’ll see the, oh, see, it’s disappeared again. It’s moved out of our wallet and then it’s now hosted there. Now again, we still own it. We can bring it back at any time.

So basically to summarize, we have taking a ship that we already owned within star hours, we have been enlisted it in the score or the faction fleet, part of the Star Atlas game. And we’ve enlisted it and now it’s in there.

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