How to create Phantom wallet

The next step is to create a Phantom wallet as part of purchasing cryptocurrency to use with Star Atlas. A wallet is needed to store your cryptocurrency and other crypto assets. One wallet is Phantom.

The first step is to download the Phantom app as an extension for the Chrome web browser. Once downloaded, then create a wallet that has a password and a secret recovery phrase. The secret recovery phase is basically your wallet on the blockchain. Finally, you can pin the Phantom app in Chrome to be easier to access.

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  • 0:00 Introduction to crypto wallets
  • 0:48 Open Phantom website
  • 1:18 Download Phantom app for Chrome
  • 1:56 Create new wallet
  • 2:29 Secret Recovery Phrase
  • 3:38 Pin Phantom extension in Chrome

Video Transcript – How to create Phantom wallet

The next step we want to do is actually purchase or set up what’s called a Phantom wallet. So when you have cryptocurrency, the cryptocurrency is actually stored in a wallet of some type. Sometimes these are handled by the exchanges. in exchange, in the case of these tutorials is Coinbase. But in order to play Star Atlas, we need to have our own wallet that we can have our assets, our crypto assets in there, that we can then connect that to star Atlas in order to engage with the game.

So one recommended wallet is called Phantom. So we’re gonna go ahead and install that. I’m gonna show you how to do this within the Chrome browser. There are other ways to do this, but I’m just gonna show you Chrome. and you need to install Phantom as an extension in Chrome.

So we’ll just do a search. So we’ll do a search here within Google for Phantom. And here’s the one we want. So Phantom a friendly Solana wallet. the key is you do want a wallet that works with Solana Network, not the other networks that might be out there. Bitcoin, Ethereum. we do want a Solana wallet, so we’re gonna use Phantom.

So we’ll go ahead and get to the Phantom website. We’ll go ahead and click the download button. you can do this on the app store, but again, we want the desktop version because Star Atlas presently is interacted with in a desktop environment. So we’re using Chrome. Here are the other browsers that are our options. So we’re gonna go ahead and click on Chrome for desktop. Takes us to the Chrome web store. There’s the Phantom Map. We’re gonna go ahead and add it to Chrome. we have to give it permissions to do that, and then it automatically start us in the process of creating a wallet. So we do want to create a new wallet. There is an option if you’ve already set up a wallet, say you’re moving between computers, that’s, you can do that to already have a wallet, but we wanna go ahead and create a new wallet. So we’re gonna click that button. We want to go ahead and set a password to unlock your wallet. So go ahead and select whatever password you want. And unless you’ve imported your or once you’ve entered a secure password, go ahead and click, I agree, to terms of service continue.

And now we come to the secret recovery phrase. So this phrase is the only way that you can ever recover this wallet. Basically, this phrase is your wallet. So you wanna make sure to keep this very, very secure, very safe, and definitely written down. If you were to lose this secret recovery phrase. There is no way you can get to any of your crypto assets or any of your Star Atlas assets or anything. There is no backup, there is no password, there’s no reset command or recovery command. This is the most important thing that you want to do here. So it’s all grayed out now. but basically write down the information. There are a bunch of a series of small words that represent your recovery phrase. So go ahead, I’m gonna pause the video, go ahead and record yours, and keep that in a safe place.

Okay. Once you’ve recorded that secret recovery phase, go ahead and check the box and say, I saved my secret recovery phase. And continue. there’s a note here. You can do a, a keyboard shortcut and basically you’re finished. Okay. Now up here in Chrome, we’ll not see the icon. This is just a visibility issue. We’ll go ahead and manage that and we’ll go ahead and pin that phantom icon. So we’ll go ahead and click it.

We’ll see that our wallet one has been created and there is nothing in it at this point. So we have now completed the step to create a phantom wallet.

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