How to connect wallet to Star Atlas

The next step is to connect a Phantom wallet to the Star Atlas website. Star Atlas needs to connect to a cryptocurrency wallet for things like buying ships and seeing assets that you own.

The first step is to go to the Star Atlas website and click on the wallet icon. Then, connect to your Phantom wallet. Finally, confirm that the connection was successful.


  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:06 Go to Star Atlas website
  • 0:27 Click on wallet icon
  • 0:41 Connect Phantom wallet
  • 0:57 Successful wallet connection

Video Transcript – How to connect your wallet to the Star Atlas website

The next step is wanna show you how to connect your Phantom Wallet to Star Atlas. So we wanna go to the Star Atlas website, which is at

We wanna go ahead and click on play. Now that actually takes us to play dot star and down here there’ll be a way to connect your wallet. So I go ahead and click that again.

Is there some terms of service you gotta look through and agree to, and a privacy policy need accept. And then you get your Connect Wallet. Now we wanna go ahead and connect Phantom, which is recommended. So we connect again, we wanna double check that the website and Icon everything matches here that we actually want to connect to and give ’em access to our wallet. And we do. So we hit Connect and now we’re actually connected and it’s showing us the different values that we have in our wallet. And there’s the address again. So we go ahead and click close, and then you see the little check box there. So now we have connected our wallet to Star Atlas.

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