How to buy Star Atlas ship

The next step is to buy a ship in Star Atlas. Ships in Star Atlas are NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and stored in a cryptocurrency wallet. The process to purchase a Star Atlas ship is to have some USDC or ATLAS in your wallet to pay for the ship.

The first step is to go to the Star Atlas website and then into the Marketplace. Next, browse through the ships you might want to purchase and look at the ship’s details. Once you select the ship, click the buy button to complete the purchase. Finally, check the inventory on the Star Atlas website and your Phantom wallet to confirm the purchase was successful.


  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:12 Go to Star Atlas Marketplace
  • 0:18 Pick ship to buy
  • 0:35 View ship details
  • 1:41 Click buy button
  • 2:26 View inventory
  • 2:40 View in Phantom wallet
  • 3:02 Summary

Video Transcript – How to buy a ship in Star Atlas

The next step I wanna show you is how to buy a ship in Star Atlas. So Star Atlas ships are actually assets, they’re actually NFTs within the crypto space. So we actually want to go to the marketplace for that. So click on Marketplace

And you’ll see under the marketplace here, there’s area for ships and then they’re based on the size. you can go ahead and scroll through those, look for different ones, but in this case, I’m just gonna go to the extra small and I want to purchase a Pearce X4. So when you click on any ship within the marketplace, you can do an item detail. You can look at different pictures of it, read about it, you the details of the ships components it has and things like that. You also notice here this available supply and origination price. This is when the ships were first release, how much they cost. Unfortunately or I should say this ship is no longer being sold its original price. It’s actually being sold on the marketplace. In different information, though, sometimes you will see information here that shows that Star Atlas itself is selling that ship for the price.

So in this case, they’re selling 30,000 of those ships you can buy. However, there are other people selling those ships at a reduced price. And so you can basically do an individual transaction that is facilitated by the Star Atlas marketplace to do that. So in this case you have two choices you can buy in USDC or you can buy in ATLAS. And when you switch that, you’ll see that the prices change here. So we’re gonna go ahead and switch back to USDC and we’re gonna go ahead and buy this ship. somebody’s selling 13 of them for $5 and 70 cents. Again, let’s just double check in our wallet, our phantom wallet. And we have $10 there, so we can go ahead and purchase that. So we’ll go ahead and click buy.

we don’t need to worry about the seller. we only wanna buy a quantity of one. It’s gonna say the per purchase price is $5 and 77 cents in USDC, and we just go ahead and click on buy one item. Our phantom wallet comes up to ask if we approve of this transition. So it’s gonna cost a little bit of SOL to do that. We’re gonna receive one PX4, so Pearce four for that, and a small network fee. So go and hit approve

And our order is complete. so we can actually go ahead and view our inventory to check that. So takes a little bit of time for that to show up. So we’ll just do a refresh here and then we’ll see we have one owned Pearce X4 ship in our inventory. Additionally, we can actually go to our phantom wallet, go here, this little icon, and we’ll see that that wallet is actually there. So basically the information that we own one is actually cuz it is part of our wallet. So that is being stored as an NFT on our in our crypto wallet. It has information there.

So again, that’s basically the process by which you purchase ships within Star Atlas. Go to the marketplace, oops, excuse me, the marketplace and scroll through the different areas in the ships area here of the different sizes that you want to look for. And look to see what is being sold on the different marketplaces at the different prices.

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