How to buy Star Atlas POLIS

The next step is to buy Star Atlas POLIS. POLIS is a cryptocurrency coin used in Star Atlas for governance. The way to buy POLIS is to swap with another cryptocurrency coin like SOL.

The first step is to open your Phantom wallet and click the swap button. Next, you enter the amount of SOL you want to swap into POLIS and review the order. Then, click the swap button to make the swap. Finally, confirm the swap was successful in your wallet.


  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:10 Open Phantom wallet
  • 0:17 Click swap button
  • 0:33 Review order
  • 0:40 Click swap order
  • 0:50 Confirm swap successful

Video Transcript – How to buy POLIS

Another step is if you want to purchase POLIS, which is another token of Star Atlas. the way to do that is actually you can do that within the phantom wallet. You can also do it on radium, but you can also do within the phantom wallet.

So you can do click on Phantom, go to the swap here, type in the amount that you wanna swap in this case, 0.05. And then under the receive, we’ll do a search for POLIS. There it is. Now tell us we’ll receive that. We’ll review the order here, best price, provider price impact, and review the order. Everything looks good and we’ll go ahead and do a swap.

And the tokens have been depositing with, we’ll go ahead and close that and we’ll see. I’m gonna have to refresh here, so we’ll leave. Go ahead and refresh your browser, come back in. And there we see our POLS token here, part of the Star Atlas DAO. So that’s basically how you purchase or in this case swap. In order to get POLIS the Star Atlas token.

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