How to buy Star Atlas ATLAS

The next step is to buy Star Atlas ATLAS. ATLAS is a cryptocurrency coin used in Star Atlas. The way to buy ATLAS is to swap with another cryptocurrency like SOL. One way to swap cryptocurrency is using a decentralized exchange like Raydium.

The first step is to go to the Raydium website and connect your wallet. Next, enter the amount of SOL to swap and select ATLAS. Then, click the swap button and wait for the transaction to confirm. Finally, check that the swap occurred in your wallet.


  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:11 Go to Raydium
  • 0:27 Connect wallet
  • 0:40 Enter SOL to swap
  • 1:02 Click swap button
  • 1:28 Transaction confirming
  • 1:43 Check swap occurred in wallet

Video Transcript – How to buy Star Atlas ATLAS

The next step that we want to do is actually purchase some ATLAS. So ATLAS is the coin, one of the coins used within Star Atlas. So in order to do that, we actually have to go to another website in order to purchase that. And that’s actually Radium.

So when we land on the Radium website, we click launch app. So you just hit connect wallet, hit Phantom, and now your phantom wallet’s connecting. You may also receive a message there. It says to connect, okay, now you go ahead and type in the amount of SOL you want to do. In this case, we wanna do a 0.05 SOL. Then we drop down here and we actually want to search for ATLAS.

There It is. Okay. And we’ll see as it’s looking for a pool in order to handle that transaction. Okay, and our wallet’s connected. Now it’s found a place to do the swap. So we’ll go ahead and just click swap. It’ll ask us do we wanna approve this transaction? Again, just double check that it says the ones you’re looking for. if it is sometimes showing this unable to simulate one oh, there it goes. fixes itself. So yep, we like that.

So go ahead and click on approve and then go ahead and it’s confirming the transaction. So we just wait for that to occur and then you’ll get a confirmation that your swap was confirmed. So basically that’s how to purchase ATLAS. You just go to a website like Radium and make a swap.

Once that’s done, you want to check your phantom wall to make sure that the new token in this case ATLAS has shown up. So we’ll go ahead and open up our thing and we’ll see that we have 193 ATLAS coins in there. So that’s steps to basically purchase Atlas for use in the Star Atlas Metaverse.

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