How to buy SOL on Coinbase

The next step is to purchase SOL on Coinbase as part of purchasing cryptocurrency to use with Star Atlas. Star Atlas uses the Solana blockchain. This video assumes you have already created your Coinbase account. The first step is to start a purchase process in your Coinbase account. Then you preview the buy of SOL and finally the purchase is successful and deposited in your Coinbase account.

Coinbase also has an article on buying, selling and converting crypto.

Note: There may be a delay period before you can send your SOL from your Coinbase account. Please consider that as part of your process to play Star Atlas. Learn more about the available balance on your Coinbase account.


  • 0:00 Login to Coinbase
  • 0:28 Click Buy button
  • 1:00 Enter amount to purchase
  • 1:14 Preview buy
  • 1:45 Successful purchase

Video Transcript – How to buy Solana on Coinbase

Next step we want to go through is how to buy some SOL or Solana coin on Coinbase. So first thing you wanna do is log into your Coinbase account that you should have set up in the next step, and then we’re gonna go ahead and buy some SOL. This does assume a course that your Coinbase account has been created. You have verified it create connected your payment method and did any sort of ID verification. Once you have all that done you should be able to come to a screen like this and you want to click on the buy and sell button.

Okay? This gives you the option of choosing how much to buy. In this case, we do want to do a buy. So we wanna buy not Bitcoin. So we look down through the list here and we’re looking again for Solana. We just have searched for it at the top. So we type in Solana or click on Solana, and then it’ll ask us how much you want to buy.

So the purchase price here is in in this case US dollars. Cause I’m the United States, so I want to purchase $20 worth of that. So it’s selecting from to buy Solana. It pays with my payment method. This may say something different depending on the name of your bank. Definitely wanna do a one-time purchase. So we go ahead and do a preview buy.

That’s gonna tell us again where it’s being bought from. What’s current price of SOL in USDC. How much is purchased? There is a fee that goes to Coinbase. So the $20 is actually reduced to $18.51. We don’t want to invest weekly. So then we go ahead and click buy now.

We’ll, see that the transaction was successfully purchased. We now own 1.52 such and such amount of SOL. We can view the transaction or we’re basically done. So we can just click off of here and we’ll see that our assets now obtain 41 shows. We have some SOL here. The price is or excuse me, the balance is that that’s the price per one coin. and there’s some other information here, but basically this shows that we have this much sole in our Coinbase account.

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