How to buy resources Star Atlas Marketplace

The next step is to buy resources from the Star Atlas Marketplace. Resources are needed to supply your Star Atlas ships so they can earn rewards in the form of ATLAS tokens.

The first step is to go to the Star Atlas website and go to the Marketplace. There are 4 resources available of ammunition, fuel, food and toolkits. Pick one resource to purchase and buy from the Star Atlas DAO using ATLAS tokens as payment. Once the transaction is complete, you can check in your Star Atlas Inventory. Once you have one, go ahead and purchase the other 3 resources. Finally, once done with the purchases, you can confirm all four resources are in your inventory.

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  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:18 Open Star Atlas website
  • 1:15 Go to Marketplace
  • 2:00 Purchase ammunition
  • 3:30 View Inventory
  • 4:15 Purchase other resources
  • 6:02 Check Inventory again

Video Transcript – How to buy resources in the Star Atlas Marketplace?

So the next step after you’ve enlisted your ship in the faction fleet is to actually go ahead and keep it fulfilled with resources so that it can be accruing that atlas. So again, we’ll want to go into either the main star Atlas page, click on the play Now button, or we can just come directly to Go ahead and find the icon for the faction fleet. Click on that

And we’ll see. Now on the tab here, we show our one ship in this case Pearce X4, but we see that the fuel is at 0%, the food is at zero, the ammos at zero, but the health is at a hundred. So in order for this to be accruing daily rewards, we do need to keep these at least above zero. They can be anywhere from a hundred to 1%, but they must be above zero or else that won’t. So what we actually need to do is purchase some of these resources. they’re also sometimes called the four Rs for four resources, but again, you can just think ’em as resources. So in order to do this, we can actually go to the marketplace and we’ll go ahead and purchase those resources first. So when we’re ready to purchase the resources, we want to come to the, either play star or we can go to the main homepage and click on the plane now button. We wanna come down to the icon that represents the marketplace,

And then when the marketplace loads, we will look through for the things that are called resources. Okay so far there’s just consumables. Here’s the four. I also like to expand that out and you can see each individual one of those. So in order to have some of those to keep our ship working, we’ll want to go ahead and buy some of those. In order to purchase them, you actually do need to have Atlas. So we already do have some Atlas in our Phantom wallet, so we can go ahead and just purchase those. So we’ll go ahead and go here to ammunition.

Okay. And when that loads, we’ll see a number of people that are sellers who want to sell us. In this case, the re resource ammunition, we always wanna look for the one that’s called Star Atlas DAO. that is Star Atlas. They’re always selling it at the best price and it’s the safest one to purchase from. not saying these aren’t also ammunition, but again that’s just the going rate. So go ahead and highlight that. Hit the buy button and I’ll ask you the quantity that you want to buy today. So just for testing purposes, I’m just gonna purchase a hundred of those. So we’ll go ahead and type in the quantity of a hundred. We’ll see the price per item is this and that we’re only going to actually spend two 15 Atlas. So go ahead and click buy a hundred items.

This will send off a signal that we need to approve this transaction in our Phantom wallet. So what we’re trying to do is basically send a little bit of SOL. we’ll receive a hundred unknown in this case it’s just doesn’t know what it is, but that’s fine. And we’ll send the Atlas to receive that. And there’s a small network fee, so if everything kind of looks right here, go ahead and approve and we’ll see the orders complete. We brought a hundred ammunition for that. And we can go ahead and view our inventory and let’s go ahead and do that.

So quick view inventory and sometimes things don’t show up immediately. or in this case, we wanna go actually the resource tab and we’ll see there’s our a hundred owned ammunition. If you wanna double check this, you can actually go to again, your Phantom wallet since this is a form of an NFT. you can click on the icon here, and there’s our hundred ammunition there. So again, the inventory here on the Star Atlas website is just pulling data from our wallet. So we purchased ammunition. Now we’ll go ahead and go back and purchase the other three resource items

And just expand out the chart again or the levels here. We did ammunition, so I’ll go ahead and do food again. We’re looking for the star else DAO to purchase some, so I’ll go ahead and do buy there. Again, we want to buy a hundred.

Looks good. We’ll cook, buy a hundred items. Again, we have the prompt for our phantom wallet. Double check. Everything looks good here. We’re trying to buy a hundred food and what approve. And we get our confirmation here. Okay, so we’ll go ahead and do fuel and then toolkits, and then we’ll go back and check all of it at once. So again, we want to buy from the star atlas dao get another a hundred proof in our Phantom wallet and the order is complete. And we’ll do the fourth resource in this case, toolkits. Okay, we’ll go ahead and buy from the star Atlas Dao. Okay, we go ahead and buy another hundred for our final resource item. Click buy,

Double Check everything in our Phantom mall. Go ahead and improve that, that connection or a transaction and order complete. So if ever do want to check your inventory while you’re at the website you just can go over here and find the inventory icon. And we’re already in the resource tab, but there’s all the a hundred owned items resource of we purchase. And again, ultimately those are stored in your Phantom wallet. So if we open up your wallet and click on the thing we’ll see all hundred of those four resources. So this is basically a step on how to buy resources in the star atlas marketplace.

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