Star Atlas: Week in Review Podcast

Podcast 8: Star Atlas Weekly Review

In this episode, we recap the latest news of Star Atlas from the past week.

Podcast Transcript

Hi, I’m Matt with Intergalactic Herald. just doing a quick recap of what the latest news in Star Atlas. So this is recap 57. If you’d like to get all the links mentioned here, please go to and look for recap 57.
Metaverse Explorer posted a new video where he goes over some of the latest news in Star Atlas, including the star Atlas number 17 newsletter, plus some new airdrops slash claims that we received in our inventory.
Star Atlas posted its Atlas Star issue number 17 on its medium post, which goes through a bunch of different things that they wanted to do, including roadmap updates, some lore and issues related to some of the additional gameplay coming.
Gladiator posted a new video where he goes through some ships in the Star Atlas showroom.
Metaverse Nomads do their weekly Star Atlas crypto and other Metaverse game updates. And they posted their livestream recording
Aephia published their weekly newsletter for Star Atlas. Number 75.
Krig’s from the Hologram News Network posted an article on Medium about the six star Atlas News headlines you may have missed for this week.
OCG Thor posted a video on YouTube where he goes over claim stakes and how to use them.
Metaverse Explorer posted another video where he goes over a few more updates from Star Atlas plus talks about a YouTube comment someone made about the differences and where we should be focusing on time versus Sage or the showroom.
Pock the Pirate posted a video looking at the latest star Atlas updates from the past week.
Again, if you’d like to get links to all of these updates from the Star Atlas, please go to intergalactic and look for recap 57. Thanks.

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