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Podcast 67: Star Atlas Weekly Review

In this episode, we recap the latest news of Star Atlas from the past week.

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Podcast Transcript

[00:00:00] Hi, this is Matt with Intergalactic Herald. Welcome to my Star Atlas Week in Review podcast. This is podcast number 67. Any articles or videos mentioned you can find on my website at intergalacticherald. com and look for news recap number 116, 116. So just a quick recap on what I will be going over today.

[00:00:20] Actually another week without much news from the team at least public news. Anyways they did have the Atlas brew so I’ll talk briefly about that. And then I’ll kind of continue my segments of kind of personal observations and my personal gameplay. So my kind of state of star Atlas and my journey playing it.

[00:00:37] So before I get into that though, just a couple of things to mention one, if you’re interested in being a guest on this podcast, definitely always open. Two guests, so that could be other content creators community members Star Atlas team members. Basically I’d love to do either an interview or we could just talk about the week in review.

[00:00:54] I do have two Star Atlas projects I’m working on. One is my merch store, Intergalactic Gear. You can find that at intergalacticgear. com. It is officially open for business. However, it is only selling one Star Atlas mug. Hopefully I’ll be able to expand the product line, but again, question of time and.

[00:01:10] Actually decided to spend time actually playing Star Wars, so. But if you’re interested in a mug, please go. Otherwise you can always check out the website. I do have a merch survey. I’d love to get your feedback on what kind of merch you’d like to see. And then I’ll give me some indications of products I can start putting them to the store.

[00:01:26] Also I am looking to eventually build a Star Atlas what I’m calling a non guild guild or the, one of the DACs, but basically this will be a community for Star Atlas gamers who don’t want to join guilds but yet still want to hang out and chat and don’t want to hang out in the official Star Atlas Discord.

[00:01:42] It will be a paid community, but that’s probably to offset the costs. So if you’re interested in joining other Star Atlas gamers who, again, aren’t, Interested in joining guilds, please go to intergalacticcoalition. com and fill out that interest survey. So I’m gonna go ahead and get into the content.

[00:01:58] Again, as I kind of alluded to the beginning, the not much from the team again this week they did have an Atlas brew and this will, I guess, be one of the was the first or what’s going to be a regular monthly economic form from the Stardust economic team. So that’s actually cool. Like the consistency, definitely glad to always hear from the team members.

[00:02:15] So. One thing they did mention that I just found interesting is one of the reasons they decided to have a a public forum is that they were getting lots of questions, and again, the Stardust Foundation room, which is a special channel in the Discord you do get access to team members when they want to reply back.

[00:02:31] Again, unfortunately due to rules, we’re not able to share what goes, what is said in there, unless the team allows it, but again, you got to ask and that just takes a lot of effort. So anyways, but one of the things on the economic side, I decided that would be a good thing to do is not actually give out economic advice in the foundation room and let it come in this monthly economic forum.

[00:02:52] Actually, I think that’s a really great, good idea. I mean, no, no problems. You know, with the Foundation Room as a structure you know, VIP access, things like that, you know, that, that’s fine you know, pay to play, you know, type of thing, but for future stuff but anyways, on current stuff, like, hey, what’s happening here, what’s gonna come there definitely some of the economic things, I guess, I, do realize in hindsight is kind of affecting current gameplay and if you’ve ever hung out in the discord generally you’ll notice a lot of people are talking about since there aren’t economic benefits to playing the current versions of star alice so i think that was good So I went ahead and listened to that.

[00:03:28] Again, I don’t listen to these things live, kind of catch up on Friday nights on all the content creators and Star Atlas videos, though I guess most of them are actually posted by Star Atlas TV, so I very do appreciate that that person records and posts those on YouTube so we have access to it. So So if you’re interested in the economy, please go listen to it.

[00:03:47] I have to admit, and maybe it was just because it was late on Friday night, it was hard to get into that type of discussion. But again, it’s not that I You know, well, again, it’s economics. I’m totally that glad there’s smart people on the team developing an economy. There’s a lot of sins and outs.

[00:04:03] I took econ one on one in college, but again, other balancing my personal budget and trying to figure out my cash flow for my business, that’s my extent of economic knowledge. But again, if you’re interested in stuff it’s fascinating. Again there’s. Yeah, it’s public. Yeah. So there’s talk that this may replace the quarterly economic report.

[00:04:22] So anyway, so again, I’m just into the gameplay right now. So I’m glad there’s economy, but again, it was hard. Paying attention late on a Friday night. So, but I really appreciate that. Do it. So please don’t take away that just was wrong time. Anyways, you know what I mean? Anyway, so yeah, that was about it that there there weren’t many content creators posting things from the last week, but again, you can check on the, the ones that did give some updates intergalacticherald.

[00:04:49] com and look for my news recap, number one 16. So move into kind of my ongoing what I’m going to. Keep calling because I don’t know why a couple S’s the state of Star Atlas. So it’s one of the things I had random thoughts this past week was the goal of gameplay. And again, if you’ve listened to this before, you know, I’m always about engagement and having fun and things like that though.

[00:05:11] I’ll get a little more on the economy side later when I talk about what I’ve been working on, but I was kind of thinking that besides surge, which again, I did find really fun. There, there’s, At the present time, there’s really not much about fun gameplay. And again, totally admit it’s still under development, but it is kind of focused on the economy gameplay.

[00:05:34] And again, this, I actually wrote before the Atlas brew. So, and, and I guess I kind of see some of that because it is founded out of the crypto space and there’s lots about token economics and, and, and liquidity pools and a whole bunch of other investment. Or not investment, I guess, what do you call it?

[00:05:52] Financial stuff. You know, what’s the price of the token, how do the tokens work, who gets them, things like that. You know, that is much more about economics than it is about game, or, like, Can I start using a different word than gameplay? Because, like, somebody was mentioning that the marketplace, buying and selling, that’s a game.

[00:06:07] That’s true. So, I’ll just, I don’t know what word to come up with. what used to just be called playing a game. Everybody knew what a game was, whether it was checkers or a video game. But again, there. But my point is more that it is right now focused completely, or yeah, yeah, completely focused on the economy.

[00:06:27] And I say that because the showroom, other than Surge, which was the ability to go in, you don’t hear a lot of people talking about it. I’m still waiting to find the time to go in and look at it. other than the surge thing, which was fun. But again, when I looked at it before I got my video card and was able to run on my computer, I mean, you play for a few minutes and you’re just running around an empty environment.

[00:06:49] It’s a tech demo, which is again, fine. So, but going on this idea of kind of the gameplay goal, so if it is economy, what is the goal? Well, I guess it’s to make money via Atlas, because that’s the only token right now that you can buy and sell. And again, obviously you can buy and sell Polis, but you can, you don’t earn Polis playing the current Sage or the Faction Fleet.

[00:07:12] Both outputs are Atlas, but it’s becoming more and more clear that, you know, you’re going to need to have a large fleet. And again, I go back to something I caught a couple of podcasts back when Michael Ignacio mentioned again, the word assets. So he wasn’t talking about small gamers or small fleets. He was talking about small assets.

[00:07:30] And again, another term to me, much more in the financial world. But I have to admit, even if. That is a goal, i. e., make money via selling Atlas. It’s just not an incentive to me. I can make money in the real world. I mean, I could spend an extra couple of hours prospecting. Maybe I can get another client for my business.

[00:07:50] Or I can work on a side business and, you know, do something that’s, you know, there’s a whole lot of ideas there. And, I, I guess there’s nothing wrong if you call Atlas. Star Atlas, your side business, side hustle, and you’re trying to make money in there. But the amount of investment up front seems to be way out of the, I guess bluntly, the, the, the risk tolerance that I’m interested in.

[00:08:19] Because if again, tomorrow Star Atlas disappears, it’s gone. I mean, many of the things you can leverage your products, you could find a different market. You could take that knowledge, apply to something else. I mean, if. Atlas becomes worth zero. Well, there’s nothing if no, if the marketplace isn’t open to sell ships, why would anybody buy a ship?

[00:08:39] I mean, the risk of it all going away is literally extremely high because it’s not a mature technology and it’s not a mature company, so it’s kind of hard to think too much, but more to the point is I do want some engagement and, you know, Buying and selling on, on the marketplace just doesn’t get it.

[00:09:03] So, but. I was really thinking maybe I just haven’t given Sage a fair shake. And part of that is because of two reasons. One, and I mentioned this before, one is that every time I tried to do in the last how many months with the salon issues, I mean, it just, transactions just wouldn’t go through. I mean, you just can’t sit there five times and click and hope something goes through.

[00:09:23] And again, I saw it in the faction fleet, the score staking thing. And I mean, that was annoying enough. So, so that, that’s one aspect that just. It wasn’t, you couldn’t play it. The other was too much clicking. And again, I mentioned many, many months ago, I think back when maybe it was even escape velocity, but it definitely, the Sage Labs clicking buttons just isn’t engaging and yes, there are strategy and why you’re clicking the button, but the actual clicking isn’t there.

[00:09:51] I mean, you know, We’ll use the surge gameplay. I mean there was a lot of things you could try you could run around you could get shot You try again, you know I mean there was there’s lots of feedback and there’s very little feedback clicking a button to approve a transaction. So Really did some thinking and part of this is based upon I finally did get into thinking about using the Sly Assistant, which is again, a automation tool, which has, I guess, community approval even though bots are not, or well, anyways, it’s a complicated subject to start out as if you followed it all, but definitely the Sly Assistant tool for Sage has gotten widespread, speed, sorry, widespread adoption, and tacit approval from the team.

[00:10:42] So And I think enough times come by that it’s not it’s being supported. It’s being updated and there’s nothing nefarious in it. Cause lots of people seem to be using it and no one’s reported yet any problems. So I was kind of thinking again, how can I use that? Which again, if I could figure out the automation that that’s intriguing with the idea that, well, could you do something in stage, but I wasn’t really interested in this game play of making money via Atlas, partly because of the whole LP thing.

[00:11:11] I think I mentioned the last time. I just, I just don’t get it. Just, I mean, you’d have to have so much to have anything. Anyways. So I kind of was thinking, well, what could I do in Starbase that actually sounded interesting? And I actually realized it was kind of staring me right in the face, which is quote unquote stockpiling resources.

[00:11:29] So I’ve been, I have some client stakes and I’ve been stockpiling the four resources there. Just keep Harvesting or claiming them every day Couldn’t I do the same thing in star based and then it kind of realized a little bit that The mining and scanning functions in Starbase seem very mature, i. e.

[00:11:50] that they were also in Sagelab, so those gameplay mechanics seem to be going through, where the upgrading and updating, no, excuse me, upkeeping and upgrading of Starbase feels like a work in progress, and again, that’s where this LP stuff comes, plus, like I mentioned before, so it’s upgraded. What does that mean?

[00:12:09] Do I mean, there’s chance that won’t even be the star bases when they change map, even though, again, the teams talk different things about the future, but definitely, Hey, I’m using claim stakes. I’m getting things. Could I mine. Or I’m not going to say mine, but it’s just called stockpiling resources to maybe craft in the future when those resources actually have something that benefits me.

[00:12:31] And again, I’ll go back to kind of previous one where lots of people were upset. Well, you know, people were out there, I guess we’re calling it sniping now, where they take some resources, go to some other faction, redeem on that. But, and people are all upset about people’s self interest. And I’m like, But that’s how life works.

[00:12:48] I mean, again, I’m self interested in money. I listen to previous podcasts. But in real life, you know, I spend my time to make money to provide for myself and my family. So, what’s, that’s not selfish. That’s just how it works. But anyways So, I kind of had that idea. But if I’m going to stockpile resources, definitely I’m not going to spend all my time clicking things.

[00:13:08] So that’s where the Sly Assistant made it realize that this is really makes this whole goal of stockpiling resources good. Plus, inevitably, they’ve always said that the faction fleet will be retired. Now, hasn’t been yet, still is working, but They have said that it’s going away. So might as well kind of get finally on the bright path going ahead.

[00:13:30] So switching kind of, kind of the bigger things to what I’ve been doing. So again, I decided to play star based, but I needed to have an internal goal that. That star base fit. And again, that’s where the stockpiling. So.

[00:13:50] Oh, well, I double wrote all my notes twice. Oh, well, so anyways but the key point is, so to stockpile resources, I could do scanning for us to use. I could do mine for resources, but there is the factor of XP and that seems to have been something the team said, well, this will live on past this. And again, it’s being tied to your wallet address.

[00:14:10] So it all thing. Yeah. So what I decided to do. So I Give you a kind of context. So I had all my ships in score, even though the admissions have done, still is easy to do quick, you get something again, something’s better than nothing because to me, time is a factor and obviously input of money.

[00:14:27] Well, I already own the ship. So so I decided, okay, I’m gonna go take all my small ships out because they’re hardly learning any atlas. So probably mining resource or yeah. Yeah. Stockpile resources matter. Took a little while. Do this a lot of issues. So I went ahead and built some fleets. And what I did is something that we had been talking about earlier before is, you know keeping your fleets on specific tasks.

[00:14:51] So you might have a scanning fleet, you might have a mining fleet, you might have a transport fleet. So use some great tools. No, EVE, EVE I. EVE I is one that it has there, and there’s some of the dashboards, but anyways the other reason I looked at EVE is it has the probability scanning factors for the SDU.

[00:15:10] So kind of just use that tool and I had some information about storage capacities and things like that. So built my fleets decided I picked looked at all the resources that were available resources that are involved predominantly in the building of the four main resources, the. The ammo, toolkits, food and fuel just said, I don’t need that.

[00:15:30] So perfect example, I’m not going to mind biomass because I’m getting food and my cream steak. So it doesn’t make any sense to do that. Let’s get some of the other resources. So.

[00:15:43] So that all seemed to go pretty good, so I’m not sure if, again, the transactions just started working or, or what, but I was able to kind of get everything kind of set up. So, then I found a great guide. Well, first I joined the Sly guild. Discord. I think it’s their Discord. Anyways, they had a channel for Star Atlas and they promoted that.

[00:16:01] So, if you look at the Sly Assistant actually I should back up. Some of these resources on the Sly Assistant is if you go to Intergalactic Herald and you go to Star Atlas Guide and you go to Sage Tools, I put all these things in there. So, the first thing to do is install the Sly Assistant They have documentation on there, put a couple links to some videos that Beyond the Horizon had done about earlier on Sly Assistant.

[00:16:23] And then, in being in their Discord, one of the people created a great text guide, and I created a link to that, and I promptly forgot Person’s name, but again, on my website, you can finally install that. So anyway, so I did all that stuff and part of it was just trying to figure out how slide system work.

[00:16:44] Cause even though the documentation is, is good, the extra guide is good. The videos are good until you click a button, you do something yourself. It’s kind of hard. So, or to figure out, so anyways, finally playing around, figured out the configuration, um, setting up different things with the wallets and things like that.

[00:17:01] So again, this isn’t a tutorial, so just trying to get to the point. But anyway, so finally I got two scanning fleets going, one mining fleet that’s mining at the other starbase, and one transport fleet to go from the main central space station up to that one, taking the food, fuel, food and fuel. Ammo out and then bringing back SDU’s and the resource and it’s kind of fun.

[00:17:26] So oh, and I got the thing figured out so that I’m using a so far wallet, which has a longer auto approved window than phantom and keeping everything still in my ledger wallet. But of course I don’t have to do any clicks. So got all that figured out. Again, this isn’t a tutorial video, but and then the final thing on that, at least I decided to keep my bigger ships still in score because they’re earning an Atlas.

[00:17:49] I’ll figure out this week now what the number is, but still probably worth it because, well, I would think Atlas is worth more than resources, but again, there’s a lot of things to do. But anyways, the key point of all this is, it’s kind of fun. Now. Was it easy? No, because again, you’re learning technology, you’re installing scripts and extensions in Chrome browsers and other wallets and public keys and transferring money around.

[00:18:18] Yeah, it’s a lot of work, but at least it was something to do. Now, is it a game like Surge? No, it’s, it’s another game. type. But once all that kind of got up and I was seeing my tweets moving around and doing things and realizing, Ooh, I got to adjust this, or I got to fix that, or I want to learn more about that.

[00:18:36] Yeah. It was actually kind of fun. One of the cool things is on the web browser, in this case, Chrome. And when you’re running the slide assistant tool, you can open up some developer tools and there’s a console and you see all these Logging messages. And I have to admit, it’s kind of cool to look at. In fact, I’m recording this and I have a spare laptop right next and it’s scrolling through doing things.

[00:18:54] So Yeah, that was kind of fun. Oh, and then I used the evi to kind of check the overall status of the fleets because it has more Information so yeah, I think it’s kind of fun now still think there’s some Issues with Solana, but and I haven’t figured out priority fees and there’s a whole bunch of stuff talking about which RPC you’re supposed to connect to so there’s still way more things to learn But the cool thing is the five system even with no priority or default priority fees I It just retries itself.

[00:19:26] So again, I’m not clicking. It’s there. So that’s where I’m at right now. This weekend, I’ve been tweaking a couple of things ran out of resources. So I realized they needed it consumes more than I thought. Anyways, I know we’ve kind of talked in the past about quote unquote spreadsheet warriors. I don’t know.

[00:19:44] I guess, I guess that’s what I, I don’t know. I don’t know if this is what it is. Cause it doesn’t feel as boring as working a spreadsheet, even though I have a couple of pieces of paper tracking some consumption things, I guess that could be considered a spreadsheet, but it’s just kind of getting this fine tuned.

[00:19:59] But what’s, I guess, fun about it is when you check your overall inventories, the numbers go up now. Sure. Some resources are being consumed, the food, food, fuel, ammo, but I’m getting this to use before. I mean, when I was manually scanning, I. You know, especially we go back to a faction fleet and you get one.

[00:20:19] I mean, I’m getting 10 cause I have 10, 10 small air bikes. So I guess that’s the limit, but again, I don’t care. And so it’s growing. I think I hit a hundred and. I’m like the first couple of days and now after a week, I think I may even have a thousand S to use. Now, I don’t even know if that’s useful in crafting, but hey, considering how manually intensive that was for time and frustration level, that’s kind of cool.

[00:20:42] So anyways, I’ll wrap it up on that note because I’m still right in the middle of point or continuing to refine things in, in the, the site slide assistant for the star base thing, but again, kind of enjoying it. I don’t know if I’ll, you know, get bored of it, but. I guess kind of like the faction fleet.

[00:21:00] Hey, if I can get a steady ecosystem or a steady system of inputs and outputs, and I keep growing my stockpiling goal, and then I don’t know, whatever number I pick per resource and then I go try a different one and then of course I got to tweak different things because probably have greater distances or something like that.

[00:21:16] I don’t know. I guess I’m kind of enjoying it. So again, it wasn’t the gameplay I was thinking, but definitely the automation and a great tool, a great community user who created that great resources to read about it. Yeah, it is kind of interesting. Now, one big caveat, I don’t know if I’m making money.

[00:21:35] But I’m not really sure that’s my goal because my goal was to stockpile resources. My goal wasn’t to make money, i. e. through earning Atlas. So is this a longterm play? I kind of think so, but again, it goes back to kind of the original vision. I was kind of thinking about, Hey, I just want to have my claim stakes on a chunk of some planet somewhere, and I’m doing something like have my outpost or, you I don’t know, again, cause there, there isn’t a game.

[00:22:03] design or, I’m sorry, there isn’t something you can do. So everything is just randomly guessing what the game will allow you to do someday. So anyways, working for me right now. So just sharing my journey. So to wrap it up thanks again for listening. If you again, want to see any of the articles or videos in my weekly recap, though I didn’t really talk much about them, please go to intergalacticcarol.

[00:22:24] com and look for the latest um, recap. Again, I’m looking for guests. So if you’re a community member, content creator, team member, please go to intergalactichero. com, fill out the contact form. I’d love to try to find a time where we could chat. If you’re interested in buying some Star Arch merch, i.

[00:22:42] e. a coffee mug please go to intergalactichero. com. Maybe by the time you check that out, there’ll be more stuff, who knows. And lastly, if you just want to hang out with some other Star Arch gamers who don’t want to join guilds that just want to be soul gamers, but yet Want to have a place to hang out that isn’t the Stratus Discord, please go to intergalacticcoalition.

[00:22:59] com and fill out the interest survey. And that’s pretty much it. Hope you have a great week ahead. This is Matt with the Intergalactic Herald.

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