Star Atlas: Week in Review Podcast

Podcast 60: Star Atlas Weekly Review

In this episode, we recap the latest news of Star Atlas from the past week.

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Podcast Transcript

[00:00:00] Hi, this is Matt with the Intergalactic Herald. Welcome to my startless week in review podcast. This is podcast number 60. You can find any of the links mentioned videos or articles on my website at intergalacticherald. com. Please look for news recap 109. So actually not as many topics as typical. So just go over a few things that I’ll be talking about today.

[00:00:22] So first was some comments on the metaverse nomads their last Sunday Livestream they actually were able to get most of the Star Wars Titan owners on, so that was kind of interesting. There was an Atlas Brew this past week. There were some announcements in the Star Wars Discord about changes to the economy.

[00:00:40] Even though typically I don’t talk about the things that happened on this weekend, I’m actually recording this on Sunday because yesterday was the showroom surge play test which I was able to participate in, so I thought just to keep it a little topical, huh? I’ll go ahead and talk about that and then just a couple final updates on kind of where I’m at on my gameplay.

[00:00:58] So before we get started, just a couple again of my Star Atlas projects I’m working on. One is my merch store at intergalacticgear. com. You can go there and fill out a merch survey and I am ever so close to finally making it a I guess we’ll call it a soft launch because right now I just have one product, a Star Atlas mug.

[00:01:16] But again partly I needed to get all the technical things done in this past week. I was actually working on getting all the policies So there’s a lot of policies you actually have to get done. So from things like shipping policy to return policy, and then all the standard website policies privacy policy, terms and conditions, disclaimer.

[00:01:33] So anyways, so we’re, we’re getting really, really close to a soft launch. And then the last one is a community idea I have called intergalactic coalition, intergalactic coalition. com. This is my idea of a starless community kind of a non guild guild. To be just for people who are interested in being a gamer, not necessarily interested in joining Star Atlas Guild.

[00:01:54] Not that there’s anything wrong with the Star Atlas Guilds, but just a place to hang out that’s a little smaller group than what’s in the Star Atlas Gifts Court. So go ahead and get into the main content topics. So the first one was this past week. As is their tradition, the Metaverse Nomads had a Sunday live stream.

[00:02:12] And this time I thought it was really great they actually got together all the Titan owners of the Star Atlas Titan ships, though one apparently wasn’t able to show up, so again, I forget the exact ones, but I’m pretty sure there were One, two, three. Three representatives, even though there’s four Titans.

[00:02:27] And so that was really cool. The fourth Titan sold, I think, in the week previous, or at least it was announced. So they were able to get all those. And, again, it was live. One, one Titan owner who goes by the username Mandalorian was wearing a Mandalorian helmet. So, again not Anonymity is fine, but the, oh, I guess the other one hasn’t, well, I don’t know.

[00:02:47] I’ve never seen his face, but anyways. So I think it was an awesome content topic to get as many. And again, I think there was attempt to try to get all four. So I think that was really great. It was really insightful interesting hearing their perspectives hearing everybody say they’re never going to review how much they purchased it for, which it’s a funny joke, but also kind of.

[00:03:07] Should, you know, again, there’s the whole idea that you can track everything on the blockchain. But anyways so again, I think it was a great interview, whatever. However, as I’ve been kind of saying a couple times before the Titan ships as a I’m glad they exist within Star Atlas. It’s a really cool concept, but the The amount of money they cost, the type of gameplay they allow.

[00:03:28] It’s just, again, I, I guess it’s this idea and maybe it’s just human nature where we like to look at celebrities or politicians or people with money you know, in, in the business space, the Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, things like that. I mean, that’s all interesting. It’s cool. They came on and talked about what they were trying to do.

[00:03:47] But again, I’m never, I mean, if I had the money, I wouldn’t buy it. Sorry, I’m not trying to dismiss it. I, it’s, it, I’m, I want to play a game, but I’m not, this is an investment opportunity. And if I had that kind of wealth, it would go to something else. But again, to each his own, nothing wrong there. But there was really one fascinating thing that came out was the super Phoenix actually was organized and I forgot the gentleman’s name.

[00:04:14] Again, this is one of the problems with doing this thing a week later. Nord? Norge? Ah, yuck. Terrible. Anyways, go to my website, look at the thing, you can go back to it, it’s all there. Anyways, they’ve decided to arrange the Super Phoenix as a DAO. So I thought that was actually very interesting because at least one seemed to be a single, owner.

[00:04:32] Then there is this GG collective, which was the first one, but again, they haven’t really moved forward. And then the other one was definitely a one or two person. I wasn’t 100 percent sure on the exact ownership, but anyways that they’ve decided to structure. This wasn’t as a Dow. And what’s again, interesting is that we know for star Atlas, System that they too have structured that there’ll be the main dial, but then there’ll be fractional dials and there could be even a smaller ones kind of within the game.

[00:05:01] So I thought this was a interesting, natural extension of that. So I did do a little research. Don’t think I put the link there, but you can, uh, I think it was mentioned the Metaverse Nomads, the contact information for the Super Phoenix style, but it sounds like they’re going to offer some partial ownership through buying some NFT.

[00:05:20] So again, they were just releasing their white paper and some other information. But again, I think it’s a very interesting original concept. And I think what was kind of more interesting to me than the GG collective is that this seems to be specifically a star Atlas. Community effort for Star Atlas.

[00:05:38] I mean, it wasn’t sort of like, Hey, own this asset in this happen to be game. So kind of very interested to follow how this one develops and it sounded very interesting in what they’ve released so far. So anyway, so that was great. The rest of the week was actually, I have to admit pretty quiet.

[00:05:53] I don’t know if it was just the team was preparing for the surge update. Apparently there were lots of Starbase issues and well, Michael Wagner’s CEO was actually out of a conference which seemed to perhaps cut back on his amount of of engagement in the discord. But on the Atlas brew that occurred this Past Wednesday Santi was also at that conference with Michael Wagner, the CEO, so he wasn’t on there and they were mainly talking about the upcoming surge.

[00:06:22] But there was just some reference at the end. I think I might have saw something on Twitter about a quote unquote wall of shame being produced or created through some data on the blockchain. And again, they didn’t mention it real briefly, and I kind of Didn’t really spend the time there to try to do it, but just something that seemed like it was about the style of gameplay that this current Starbase is doing where people can like They’re just supplying, or no, sorry, they’re able to extract LP, the loyalty points, but they’re not actually helping to supply resources.

[00:06:53] Again, I wasn’t really following it. Again, I saw a couple tweets about it. But anyways, this kind of led into something else that, or may or may not be that there was a, I think it was a, in the Starless Discord, a minor announcement, something pretty sure it was from Chris, the head of the econ team about that Something, you know, the, the thing was pre early, or sorry that again they’re, they’re working on the economy.

[00:07:17] They’re seeing how it’s developed anyways. Again, if you’re interested, I would suggest you just go to the star hostess court. It’s pretty easy to find. I think it was in the minor announcements, but sounds like there was a bunch of posts somewhere in Discord. Didn’t, again, I didn’t see them. Again, I only check it once a night and I don’t go back to everything that’s unread.

[00:07:36] But anyways, the fact that it needed an announcement to come out about things that, you know, the economy is being worked on and the team’s working as a whole. Anyways, I’m sure there’s a whole lot more. behind the scenes or somewhere in discord that I wasn’t really, I didn’t find and I didn’t look for.

[00:07:52] But again, I just kind of going back to things I’ve been saying on this podcast about things being this game has been the whole game, but also individual aspects are just early release, pre alpha all those phrases that I’ve been mentioning before. So I think Again, I didn’t follow it, but sounds like, again, lots of stuff about the economy and star based are not really setting well with everyone.

[00:08:15] So, but moving on to the last couple of topics. So as I mentioned earlier, this is Sunday when I’m recording this, and yesterday was the Star Atlas showroom. Surge test, which again was a test of the showroom, but more importantly, the metagravity multiplayer capability. So the goal was to get a thousand players simultaneously in a shooting gameplay mode, where it was faction versus faction versus faction.

[00:08:45] They had two time. Ranges to help with time zones the early one I think was Pacific time was like 11 to 2 and then there was Pacific time 8 to 11. So, I only briefly caught the last 15 minutes of the first one and I think there was like 4 or 450 people at that point in there, but it seemed like maybe some people were just sitting there and weren’t moving around because I jumped around a little bit.

[00:09:13] Not a lot of people, even though it said that. So but I did do the after or the evening one for me there, but what was interesting in between the two is already the milestones reach. So apparently in the earlier session, over a thousand players were in it, which is great. And I’ll be admit, I was kind of shocked.

[00:09:31] I didn’t think that we would, the team would reach that much given the other past tests. So that’s great. There were lots of promotion on Twitter. So I think maybe that has something to do with it, so that’s great. When I wasn’t playing later, I think, at the time I was playing, maybe there was Three or 400, definitely not over 500.

[00:09:49] And I have to admit it was actually really fun. It took a while. Of course, I didn’t have time to get prepared and learn all the controls and where things were on the map. I didn’t remember where the places where you’re turning your tags were. So that took a little while. But it was really fun.

[00:10:04] I have to admit it was, it was, it was really a great experience. I think. Unlike the previous ones, which I admit I didn’t do any of the, I’m still waiting to actually get into the showroom after the release that came out this past Christmas, New Year’s time. It, it, it it was fun. It was just fun playing.

[00:10:22] Oh, because I think they’re real life people bots are great, but at some point I’d, yeah, you, you want to see things, but it was really cool and kind of stopped and again, there’s this motion thing where you can what was it? They called it the Iron Man or Superman. You had double something in your jet pack.

[00:10:38] Yeah. Jet pack. Yeah. Makes you kind of go like Superman. So you can go very far distances. And so if you’d stop after initial session starts, you just see all these colors flying through the air. I have to admit, it was really fun just seeing stuff like that. So anyway, so it was really great.

[00:10:54] There were some lag but given the reports from the previous tests they’ve came a long way. And again, this was a test. So there was a couple of times when I got into a situation where there were lots of characters, people moving around and, and the screen would literally just jiggle and you couldn’t aim for anything.

[00:11:12] So but again, it was a test. So that was really cool. So we’ll see where it goes, but I have to wonder just because of that. And actually I was talking to my son who’s actually got on the top 10. So again age and hand eye coordination definitely is in his favor, but He and I chatted a little bit afterwards and I was kind of wondering, because compared to some other games, I know it’s great that we’re going to have up to a thousand people, but I wondered kind of, you know, when you’re trying to do these really precision shots and things like that, and maybe the technology will get there.

[00:11:42] So I could be totally off based on this comment, but it’s like, yeah, you really don’t need a massive thing. I even caught myself when I got killed, which I got killed a lot, having to take a long time to get back to everybody was, like, I kind of wanted to. Jumping quicker and, and I remember back in the olden days when I was playing Quake Arena, Quake 3 Arena, I mean, an Unreal Tournament.

[00:12:01] I mean, you die, but you, you get back in quick because the maps were really small. And again, ultimately, I know Star Atlas is not about small maps. It’s about, you know, planets and things like that. So, if, if it is idea, there’ll be a shooter game in the future, hopefully again. They can maximize the, the tech to, to make it a good shooter experience as opposed to a single environment that can do everything.

[00:12:25] But again, we’re still early. Who knows what they’ll do. So, so last topic was just sort of how my journey has been going. So last weekend after I created or did my podcast, I did try to actually get into Starbase. I was able to create a profile, so that went pretty straightforward. But for me, I couldn’t get any resources transferred and I tried it four or five times and I just said, forget it.

[00:12:45] So I tried back a few hours later thinking again, maybe it’s just the Solana delays and still couldn’t do it. So I’m going to wait till, well, I take that back. I was going to wait till see if the Solana fixes came out. Which were supposed to be on the 15th and I think some of them did, but then I thought I saw something that said, well, they’re going to take two more weeks to do something.

[00:13:04] So some point today I’ll try one more time to transfer resources and see if I can at least get a ship or first resources and then see if I can get a ship in and then maybe I’ll try to. just figure out some of the mechanics because again, it’s similar to the Star or Sage Labs, but of course it’s different with the LP and the upgrading and maintenance.

[00:13:25] But again, if one of the gameplay styles is upkeeping the star bases and you can’t even transfer resources into the game from your wallet. I mean, again, I’m just not not at all interested in being frustrated. I just want to do something with limited time. I want to, I can dedicate. And then the final thing even though I thought They said that Sage Labs Was turned off in the sense that all the economic loops no longer work.

[00:13:49] Sure seems like faction fleet still works, and I’ll double check today when I do my claims, but doesn’t seem like they turned that off. So, I don’t remember seeing any notification that it was or wasn’t turned off, but still seems to be working. So Anyways, so that’s it for me today. Again not actually a lot but again, surge playtest was fun.

[00:14:09] Again, I guess I should caveat that assuming you have hardware, but again, my past Christmas present was a new video card. So everything seemed to work pretty good after getting that in my So anyways again, just if you’re interested in helping me understand a little more, what kind of merch you might like, I’m trying to create a Star Allies merch store at intergalacticgear.

[00:14:27] com. Please go there, fill out my merch. If you’re interested in a Star Allies community, kind of a non guild guild, just gamers hanging out, chatting, not having to deal with some of the Trying to follow things in the starless discord. It’s a paid community Because the platform costs money, but it’ll be more about threaded discussions email alerts and things like that Please go to intergalactic coalition comm fill out that interest survey and that’s it.

[00:14:52] So thank you very much for listening This is Matt with intergalactic carol. Have a great week ahead

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