Star Atlas: Week in Review Podcast

Podcast 53: Star Atlas Weekly Review

In this episode, we recap the latest news of Star Atlas from the past week.

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Podcast Transcript

[00:00:00] Hi, this is Matt with the Intergalactic Herald. Welcome to my Star Atlas Week in Review podcast. This is podcast number 53. All the articles and videos mentioned can be found on my website at intergalacticherald. com. Just look for News Recap 102. So a quick summary of some of the content that will be Going over today.

[00:00:21] The big thing from the last week was the startless community week. So I guess, yeah, an event every single day. So we’ll talk about that. Well, that’s pretty much all we’re talking about. Cause that’s pretty much where everything came from. So anyways, but before we get into that just a couple quick things about the world of intergalactic, actually, I guess I can.

[00:00:41] technically call it intergalactic venture. I had to set up an LLC for my merch store. So I anyway, so technically I have intergalactic ventures now. Anyways so if you’re interested in being a podcast guest definitely love to have people on the podcast looking for any community members that might want to come on.

[00:00:59] Somebody actually reached out to me. So hopefully we can get that scheduled in the future. But yeah, if you’re interested in promoting something that you’re doing in the Star Atlas community, love to have you on as a guest, or if you just want to talk about Star Atlas topics that we can review, perhaps definitely interested in that too.

[00:01:14] So I do have two Star Atlas projects. That I am constantly but slowly working on one is intergalactic gear. That is my star atlas IP project officially you know, in the build program. So I’m trying to develop a merch store. If you go to intergalactic, I do have a merch survey out there so you can sign up for that.

[00:01:34] My current project is try to get a, email newsletter started on that. So I’ll have an email sign up for that too as soon as I can get that configured, but moving forward. And then my other one is a Star Atlas. Again, I would have called it a non guild guild in the past. I guess I can call it a DAC now.

[00:01:50] So a Decentralized Autonomous Corporation. But anyways, I guess they’re all. I guess I created one for everything. So if you want to join my Dax, there’s one for Intergalactic Herald, there’s one for Intergalactic Gear, and there’s one for the Intergalactic Coalition, which again is more of a non guild guild.

[00:02:10] So I’m just calling it a Star Atlas community. It’s basically for Star Atlas gamers who are not interested in joining a guild, but Nevertheless, I want to kind of hang out, talk about Star Atlas, maybe eventually strategies within the different games and things like that. Basically an alternative to the Star Atlas official Discord.

[00:02:27] This one will be a paid community partly so I can have some funds to pay for a community platform that’ll allow for threaded discussions, email alerts, and some other things. So a little more for people who. I don’t have time to hang out in Discord every day, whether Stardust is Discord or even a Discord I would set up, so it’s a different structure for how the communications will go.

[00:02:49] If you’re interested in that, please go to intergalacticcoalition. com and fill out the interest survey. Once we get enough people, I’ll start moving forward with that. Okay, so let’s go ahead and get into the main content section. Before we get into the Stardust Community Week Aphia’s newsletter I’m pretty sure by Funcracker comes out usually on, at least my time, Monday.

[00:03:10] So he too kind of looks at the Weekend review. But one thing I did want to point out that was interesting that I hadn’t picked up on, but as Buncrackers guild founder, Atheist they’re obviously much more in tune with this. But he noted that in his newsletter that there were less guilds for this upcoming COPPA, which is Sorry, I don’t remember what it’s called, but the guilds presentation but I actually found that kind of interesting because I don’t remember exactly when the last, or the last, but the first COPPA was and some of the statistics he brought up was pretty interesting how a lot less guilds even submitted to them and some of the previous winners either didn’t submit So, Anything to be nominated nor or weren’t selected.

[00:03:55] So I did find that kind of interesting. But, given kind of the fact that, again, I’ve been in the Star Atlas community now for two years. But I came in after the poster series. Actually, I guess I came in just before SCORE was released. But anyways so there was a lot more interest before that just predates my involvement.

[00:04:14] So anyways, I found that interesting. Okay, so let’s get into the bulk. So Star Allies had their first ever Community Week, which turned out in hindsight to be an event day, which is great with five total events. A kickoff, town hall Atlas Brew the COPPA, so the Guild’s Presentation Awards, and then the Joanie Awards, which are more for the Community Awards.

[00:04:35] So I’ll kind of go through each one of those, just kind of give my take on it. Oh, and all the links to the videos are on my newsletter. So if you’re going to go to intergalacticherald. com, look for News Recap. 102, you’ll find links to those YouTube videos put on the ones I listened to were from Starless TV.

[00:04:53] So do really appreciate that they’re doing the, the live recording, excuse me, I guess they’re doing the live streaming of the discord. But then of course we’re putting it on YouTube, which means you can watch it later. So normally I watch all my videos on the weekend, but I had a feeling with five of them, there’d be just no way I’d get through it this weekend.

[00:05:10] So I actually found some time to multitask listening to those at night, each night. And I’ll admit probably to get the code to try to get my Zilli Community Week badge. So anyways, kickoff It was an event. I just called an announcement of an announcement though. But again, this was for the community.

[00:05:28] So as much as I kind of joke I’m more interested in learning something. A community week just to hang out and be part of the community that perfectly fine. It’s awesome. They’re at 10, I think there were 10, 10 a. m. Pacific Standard Time. I’m sorry. I was working every day. So don’t, don’t, doesn’t affect my schedule for any now, but that’s neither here nor there.

[00:05:49] So on Tuesday there was a town hall typical town hall style of content. So Michael Wagner was pretty much talking, I think. Sorry, there was a lot of things. I think it was two hours. So, I mean, it was full of content. I do want to highlight the AFIA newsletter, which again is one of the links.

[00:06:06] Fung Carker did an awesome job summarizing pretty much everything. I think I might have actually read that before I listened to it. I can’t remember, but I get it. It’s all there. There are a few other videos that have come out since then. Metaverse Explorer did a recap. Beth has been actually did a recap, I think of every event.

[00:06:22] So, I’ll have Those in the news or yeah, they’re in the newsletter. I just haven’t wrote wrote it up yet So I’m recording this a day before everything gets published. But anyway, so Beth does great short Summaries metaverse Explorer did a town hall one. But again, if you want kind of an exhaustive summary, I’ll give aphia’s newsletter the promotion for checking that out, so So just a quick one down of, of different things that I picked up on.

[00:06:52] Again, so this is not exhaustive at all, just things that stood out to me. One was the discussion that SCORE finally has a sunset period where it will be turned off. That will occur after the Sage Starbase version comes out. So I guess in hindsight, even though it’s been over two years, we always knew SCORE was never a game.

[00:07:13] I have mixed feelings about it. Disappearing, but I think most of those mixed feelings are because I don’t know what Starbase is. And again, they talked a lot about Starbase. I think, if I remember correctly, Chris from Economics talked a lot about that. I felt it all went over my head. But again, I was listening at fast speed at night.

[00:07:32] I wasn’t, I wasn’t really paying attention. I mean, again, sorry. I, I, what was it? Seven. Eight hours? I can’t remember how many hours this whole community week was, so there is no way, but part of it too, and, and I’ve stated this before I’m not getting excited for things anymore that are getting announced until something is playable.

[00:07:50] It’s accessible. So Starbase is a future product from StarOS. Sounds interesting. The economics part of it because now we’re kind of, I guess, gonna work together as a faction to build Starbases. Sounds like a great gameplay system, but until I see it and until it comes out, again, it’s very hard to get too excited about stuff.

[00:08:10] Again, just past, past experience is what drives my future interest. So so again, sounds pretty cool. The big, I think I think about the Sage Starbase is that this was promoted as the first team effort as opposed to everything else has been sort of solo team effort is relative in the sense that it’s your faction.

[00:08:30] So obviously the multi faction guilds, I’m not sure how they fit in, but the single guilds Dax are, makes a lot of sense that they would be kind of taking the lead on how to use the economic loops to advance to Starbases and get the, the Atlas rewards. Oh, and I guess that is the key. The score where you can get Atlas now will be taken over by the Starbase.

[00:08:54] So there will be an Atlas earning thing. But again read Funcracker’s newsletter from AFIA. Again great summary if you want to learn more. Again, anyways it was mentioned that claim stakes won’t be changing because apparently There’s no use of coin stakes yet in Sage or even the thing so you’ll still be if you have coin stakes You’ll still go to use those within the website There was a brief mention about some sort of hot wallet integration.

[00:09:20] I wasn’t exactly following it but again, I think this Because I have a ledger wallet and totally support Using things, because as I mentioned in the past I got somehow hacked. I still don’t know to this day how somebody got into my phantom wallet, because I wasn’t even in town, wasn’t even using my computer.

[00:09:40] So, again, I didn’t click anything. But anyways but, but this idea that you can have your resources somehow stay saved in your ledger, cold wallet, but somehow delegate, I guess access through a hot wallet for playing things. Again, I think this is a great forward motion on how to make this way more game like as opposed to clicking buttons and clicking your wallet and doing that, but also be secure.

[00:10:07] So again, that’s a great kind of thing coming. There was more mention about the crew members. We got a little more information partly not just the crew packs, but now how the crew members on the ships are going to work. And apparently we won’t get error dropped. Then we’ll do some sort of ship conversion.

[00:10:24] And so this will give us take, if we own a ship, again, Not sure all the details, but kind of now. Then you’ll convert your ship, you’ll get a hull, you’ll get all the components, and you’ll get the crew in exchange. So that’s Sounds like a cool mechanism and it covers, I think, a lot of different things. So, again, I don’t know if those are the crew packs.

[00:10:45] The crew is still a crew. Again, there are lots of details coming out. Brief mention about the mobile app, but not really much more details. Some mention about some DAC improvements. And I did actually check that out. And if you go look at the DAC. Website now there are a lot more functionality than it was when it launched.

[00:11:03] That’s cool There was some talk about the Dow even some potential again. It sounds like more of a leak about revenue sharing again Dow’s so there and actually just as a quick aside I really loved metaverse explorers recap because he started using the four to six mean and took me a while to figure out what He meant but it wasn’t that That thing that was mentioned was coming out in four to six weeks.

[00:11:28] It was more like, if they say four to six weeks, there’s absolutely no timeline. There’s potentially not even work being on it. It’s sort of just in the future. And after I kind of got the joke yeah, that’s true. Don’t quote me, but seemed like there was some thing that Starbase is sooner than later.

[00:11:46] But I can’t remember any much else other than there was a mention, and this is the last point that I wrote down from the town hall, that the new showroom is still moving forward, the one that’s supposed to have racing and metagravity support. And they did mention a another stress test. I think the goal is 2, 000.

[00:12:03] And I thought they put a date, and that kind of makes sense from the fact that I think they had mentioned earlier that the last stress test date was sort of baked into a contract or something with MetaGravity, so not shocking because you got to have server spaces, and again it’s not Star Atlas resources, it’s MetaGravity resources, so you know, getting everything in order sounded like there’s like a date, and thus they could put that.

[00:12:28] Don’t remember what it was, so I’m not going to quote it, but it wasn’t late. Well, maybe it was soon. I don’t remember. Again, there’s so much detail, so, and I didn’t write it down. So anyways, but again, showroom seems to be progressing forward. So, so those are the highlights that spoke to me just a few kind of thoughts on that one.

[00:12:45] You know, it’s great. We’re getting more details about everything, and I guess a little bit about timeframes, but everything still seems to be let’s wait and see if it all happens. In some senses, it was great to hear it all at one time. There were a few new nuggets, like the ship conversions and score being deprecated, but in the end, it was kind of things we’d already known about.

[00:13:04] Again, a little more detail, so I kind of thought of this more of a like here’s our thoughts for the year ahead. And in that sense, it was great to have something like that. Though again, kept teasing this quote unquote roadmap, but. Still, we don’t have it. So I don’t know. One thing that did come up is they are going to have to change the, I forgot to mention the Sage game ID.

[00:13:27] So there was lots of talk about take all your resources out of Sage game into your wallet for this new star based and. I mean, I guess, but I don’t and so, I mean, why can’t Sage just be Sage? We have the three versions right now, and they’re all the same, and there’s been all kinds of talk about, you can have many products, and they’re all on the blockchain, but moving from one game to your wallet back to another game, that doesn’t seem to fit, but again, they didn’t go into detail, I, again, whatever.

[00:13:57] And then I guess at the end, just kind of reflecting on it, it has been about two years. I knew this was going to take a long time. I wasn’t coming into Star Atlas thinking this was going to show up immediately. I mean, maybe I had a little more optimism because again, they were hiring 200 people at the time.

[00:14:12] And again, anybody who’s been around, we know about the FTX, but all the other things about the runway and things like that. But, I guess, in hindsight, I didn’t realize really how long a year is and only in the sense that, you know, life has changed, lots of things have occurred in my personal life, my business life and, and here’s my hobby, which is this game, and yay, so many things are being taken, I mean, we’re moving forward, scores being turned off, but that was two years ago, and that never seemed like, you The game.

[00:14:44] Anyways, not to be too pessimistic, but Yeah, years take the time. And anyways, Moving on. On Wednesday, there was a Lattice Brew, a great celebration of the community. It was truly to celebrate the community. Lots of game, or excuse me ship giveaways and things like that. One thing that did come out and I just haven’t had time to click it is they did release some of the music.

[00:15:06] So I think things that are playing in the background, like in the showroom and stuff like that. And actually I thought that was kind of cool that they kind of somehow, again, I’m not sure if we could just download it or seemed like it was on Apple. music or something like that. But anyways, just still kind of having access to that, especially for people.

[00:15:22] I mean, I know game soundtracks are a big thing for a lot of people, so it was really cool to have that released. Thursday was COPA, which again, forget what it stands for, but basically is the chance for the guilds to all present about their and then let’s see, I think it was three team, Stardust team members voted and there was Standard top three, and then they got some sort of LAN stuff.

[00:15:44] Sorry. The reason I don’t know is I, I just skimmed the whole thing. There was like commercials in between things so, but it was also three hours and again, I was, I’ve kind of been upfront about I’m not really interested in guilds, it’s not the playstyle I want so It wasn’t interesting, so I apologize.

[00:16:00] It just wasn’t for me. If it’s for you, hey, go watch the video and, and learn more about the guilds. Again, that’s your playstyle, that’s great. It also did seem I mentioned the commercials, but they were actually commercials from the different IP builders who put together literal commercials, so I think that was really cool to, to give an opportunity there.

[00:16:18] So, again, great event. Three hours, just not my quote unquote cup of tea. Friday was the Joanie Awards. So again, this was the community awards that were announced. You could they had so many categories you can nominate and then everybody got to vote. So this classic award, Oscars, Grammys, things like that.

[00:16:36] So one again, I think it was a great way to commute finish out the community week with giving community awards. And just literally before I record this, finished listening to that and again, I think all the winners were well deserved really highlighting all of the different things they’re doing, all the nominees were good so again, I, I give a lot of credit to StartOutList to realize that community first approach is, is great, and so this was a great way to reward the people that that have stepped up.

[00:17:05] And again, even though it was majority voted by the team, community did nominations, had some voting things. So I think that’s really good. So again, that was pretty much it. And again, it wasn’t just it. I mean that was A big week for the community. I think it was mentioned in one of the things, I think Michael Wegner, the CEO mentioned that it was really the community team.

[00:17:26] So Santi, Dom and Jose, who pretty much put it on. It wasn’t really wasn’t that it wasn’t a sponsored event, but it sounds like those three individuals really did the bulk of the work. The community team put on a community event. And so hats off to them. I mean even though again, like, COPPA wasn’t interesting.

[00:17:44] I mean, that was very well produced, very well attended obviously something the community was interested in developed a lot of community spirit for lack of a better term. So I think it’s a really great one. I could definitely see this and I actually wrote this note before it was sent to the Joanie Awards and they mentioned it, same thing.

[00:18:00] I think this could become a great foundation for a yearly event. In fact, I think it should be. You know, maybe we slide it a little into April just to do the, april, what was the joke? It could be April 26th, every year, 4 2 6. I mean, that would just be, I think, again, a meme within a meme. But they were also talking about this could be an in person event.

[00:18:19] And I think that’s a great thing I remember one of the Joanie award winners, must have been VB because he had the longest talk was saying, yeah, we should really do something in person. And I think again, there’s a, there’s an opportunity there. I mean, it would be great if Star Atlas just did the whole thing, but putting on a, a true in person event is, is not for the faint of heart, not cheap either.

[00:18:38] As an aside, I was indirectly involved in a local group that used to do yearly events, and I thought they were pretty straightforward, and then I found out all the behind the scenes from renting a space and people, volunteers, and food catering, and I mean, it’s tens of thousands of dollars. It’s, it’s, it’s not yeah, I mean, again, nothing wrong with a thing that occurred at break point where people stepped up and, you know, coordinated a dinner or visit to a pub or something like that, but an actual conference with check ins and registration and vendors and the whole nine yards.

[00:19:07] It’s you know, hotel reservations and anyways, that’s not to say we can’t do it. It’s the more of a question that I think it would be cool to do and, and this kind of what do you call it you know format of, you know A brew hanging out, the award ceremonies, presentations, and again, I think this could be one of those perfect hybrid events that, you know, there’s nothing to say you couldn’t have international or I shouldn’t say international, but cross border connections, you know, have it in one place, maybe not go in person, but you can attend virtually.

[00:19:37] You can obviously have presentations on zoom or whatever on the big screen at the live event and everybody can be joining there. I mean, hybrid meetings are awesome. Totally a thing now after the pandemic. So, yeah, I think it’s a really interesting way to move forward. So, again, as a community event, I think it was a complete success.

[00:19:56] Really great. You know I guess my only small critique and it’s very small Totally appreciate it. Stardust TV did the recordings, but I don’t know why these things aren’t posted on the Stardust YouTube. I don’t know why they don’t just record themself. They started doing some of the brews, so I guess maybe that would be a suggestion for the future is, you know, Their official will even make them.

[00:20:15] So, you know, put them on your own YouTube channel stream them yourself on YouTube so there’s all central feed and I know we’re in discord, but Anyways, you know just again more that people can discover these things through the the official channels again Oh hats off to the people that are doing the live streams, but So, to kind of wrap this up again I think the community event was great, but kind of going back to the one event that was the most intriguing to me, because again, I’m trying to learn, want to know more about, you know, Star Atlas and when, what’s coming down the pipes so I can be more engaged in it.

[00:20:51] And I hope I’m wrong and I’ll maybe talk about this next week is, again, it’s kind of hard after something like this to, Just kind of, well, actually have a down, you know, and it’s kind of about the same thing, you know, you get kind of enthusiastic about when something gets announced or whatever, you know, the breakpoint presentation all the pushes of stuff that came out in December, but, but then there’s nothing and we’re still kind of just waiting again.

[00:21:16] Now, again, maybe Starbase is right around the right around the corner and maybe it’s here in weeks. Again, they didn’t say a week, so I can’t get. Yeah. Get interested in it, you know, I can’t go, great, other than I remove my ships. Great, I’m ready for it, but whatever, I probably wasn’t playing Sage anyway, so Anyways, so, but again, maybe this is just me, you know, I want to be quoted up front I got a lot going on in my life so, again, I’m not, just how my lifestyle is, you know family business, obviously, I’m, again just maybe it’s just me, so I don’t want to be too like, Oh, this is going to great, but nothing’s going to happen next week.

[00:21:56] Well, I don’t know, but traditionally nothing happens. So, but again, trying to, that’s just me, but trying to spin it in a positive light. It does feel like, again, from everything we heard at the town hall, that 2024 seems to be the year for star Atlas to finally emerge as a quote unquote thing. The, the showroom, for the kind of main, or I shouldn’t say mainstream gamers, but the typical video gamer, console gamer who wants to play a 3D immersive environment. The showroom is that thing. And again, they’ve always, Stardust has always been saying this. I mean, again, it’s just, and you know, maybe this is a side. What if FTX didn’t happen?

[00:22:38] What if they didn’t have to have the 70 percent layoffs? I mean, would we be sitting here in early March 2024, still waiting for a showroom, still waiting for Sage? Because I, I want to, I want to say that the original first Breakpoint one, which again happened on the same week as FTX. And actually Metaverse Explorer showed some of these slides and they’ve gone.

[00:23:03] I mean, they’re, they’re not on that path anymore. Where would we be today if, if that. Stardust Team of 200 had continued. I mean, would the DAO be an actual functional thing? Would we, would we have a UE5 racing game? Would the browser Sage be this persistent economic game? Again, we’ll never know.

[00:23:27] It doesn’t matter. Still. Can move forward, but maybe that’s it, that with reduced money, with reduced team staffing sizes yeah, maybe we are where we are just because that’s, that’s the circumstance. And again, no fault to anybody. I mean, I don’t, and I’ve said it before. I don’t think any of that was wrong.

[00:23:44] I don’t think anything. There was mistakes made life. That’s just how life worked. So, so maybe in some senses that any of this kind of just always waiting is because this is the new reality. But again, yeah. When you got involved two years ago, or at least when I did, the, the reality was a lot different.

[00:24:03] So I mean, they had a roadmap notion site and now, now we can’t get one. Anyways. So if the things that were shown at the town hall are on the roadmap on the development cycle coming out especially again more public type of access, nothing kind of closed betas, but you know, something that.

[00:24:24] You know, there is a UE5 racing league that’s got daily events or something. And there’s a Sage web browser thing where there’s these economic loops that people who want to get into the economy. There’s the what do you call it, the hot wallet, what is it called, scholarship. Delegation type of thing and that all comes down the pipe if, if tools like the Sly Assistant become made or widespread and accessible to more people.

[00:24:54] And we’re sitting here, you know, holidays, end of this year and looking back and going, wow, remember that community week. So again, we’ll see again, I’m still looking forward to playing this space. Exploration, mining, extraction, little political intrigue. Watch some other guilds have gigantic combat battles.

[00:25:14] That’s still what I’m interested in. So we’ll see. So anyways babbled long enough Again just to wrap it up. Thanks for listening. If you’re interested in helping me develop my Merch store, please go to interactivegear. com and fill out my merch survey if you’re interested in Hearing me talk probably more, and chatting, and texting, or writing text.

[00:25:37] Hope to open my own Stardust community called Intergalactic Coalition. Go to intergalacticcoalition. com, fill out that interest survey, I’d appreciate it. Other than that have a great week ahead. This is Matt with the Intergalactic Herald.

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