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Podcast 52: Star Atlas Weekly Review

In this episode, we recap the latest news of Star Atlas from the past week.

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Podcast Transcript

[00:00:00] Hi, this is Matt with Intergalactic Herald. Welcome to my Star Atlas Week Review podcast. This is podcast number 52. Any articles or videos mentioned can be found on my Just look for news recap 1 0 1. So just a quick summary of some the content go over today. One is the dac, the DISTRI distributed.

[00:00:23] No. Decentralized Autonomous Corporations sometimes thought of the guilds in Star Atlas go over a little bit of some stats on those. Comment on a interview that the CEO of Star Atlas, Michael Wegner, gave. Little heads up because the Atlas Brew didn’t occur this week, but and they’re getting ready for the upcoming Community Week.

[00:00:43] So talk a little bit about the COPA. The guild nominees that are up for some awards and then talk a little bit about some of the automation and sage and end up with just a couple kind of things just making me think and personal experiences within star eyes. So before we get started, just a couple quick, or not updates, but just sorry, I can’t think of what it is. Anyways, just a couple of things about a couple of Star Atlas projects I’m working on. One is a merch store that I’m trying to create called Intergalactic Gear. That’s at intergalacticgear. com. Still slowly developing that, unfortunately, due to my medical issue I’m behind again.

[00:01:21] But anyways, if you go to intergalacticgear. com, there is a merch survey there. I’d love to get some feedback if to learn more about what Star Atlas merchandise you’d be interested in. And also looking to create a well, I used to call it a non guild guild. I guess you can call it now just a DAC.

[00:01:36] But basically a community for Star Atlas gamers that aren’t actually interested in joining any of the guilds, but yet still want to hang out in a smaller setting than the Star Atlas Discord to chat with other Star Atlas gamers. It’s called Intergalactic Coalition, intergalacticcoalition. com. I have an interest survey there.

[00:01:54] If that’s something you sound like you might be interested in or learn more about it, you can fill out that survey. Once I get enough people, we’ll go ahead and kind of launch that community. So let’s go ahead and get into the main content. section. A week ago Metaverse Novads, who have their weekly Star Atlas live stream on YouTube I guess for my time it’s Sunday morning, but of course, there’s time zones.

[00:02:16] They had an interview with someone I have now forgotten. Anyways I believe he used to be a Star Atlas employee who was on part of the econ team. I think it was Steven Sobol, ah, anyways, if you go to my website, you can get a link and you’ll find out his name. Sorry, I’m just terrible. I just need to write these things down and I just, I don’t.

[00:02:34] So anyways, anyways, he’d have been creating some reports using the flip chart, flip style. I don’t know. Again, sorry. You write these things down and a week later you only remember what you wrote down. So but it was really a fascinating interview. Partly because, obviously, since he used to work at Stardust, he knows a lot about the programs that were created, the interaction with the blockchain I forget what they call them, but the programs on the blockchain.

[00:02:57] And he was talking about different things. And obviously now that the DAC platform exists and the The DAX, i. e. guilds, predominantly, can create an entity that exists on the blockchain. And then people can join that entity. There’s ways to start looking at very interesting statistics. And one of them that’s cool, obviously, how many How many wallets are associated with each guild, but then if those wallets had starless ships, you can kind of make a interpolation about the number of ships that are in a guild.

[00:03:31] So actually, I do think this is really fascinating things because up until this point, my vague understanding of the blockchain analytics was, yeah, you could figure out how many wallets connected to some part of starless. You could figure out if a wallet had an. Star Atlas asset, whether a ship or some of the resources or things like that.

[00:03:50] But they were all unique. I mean, or I shouldn’t say unique. They all existed in isolation. You didn’t know. Who they were and things like that. So, everything now is on the blockchain. But, what was very interesting about the interview was, just because the data is there, it’s how it’s presented and how the report is created.

[00:04:10] And just a quick background. I used to was an IT manager for many years, dealt with a lot of line of business or quote unquote enterprise apps, but definitely, um, databases, excuse me, that ran businesses. So, you know, I’d get questions from the CEO or the general manager. Yeah. How many sales, this or that?

[00:04:28] So I was dealing with a lot about reports, but what was interesting again so. Just taking that background and combining it with now this kind of stuff about data or information on blockchain. The information is just there, but it doesn’t have any meaning. So data has to be transferred into information and a report is one way to do that.

[00:04:47] But what I took away and was reminded of from when I was building reports on databases is it’s really how the report was created. So there’s a lot of decisions that go into how that data is organized, whether it’s grouped together summarized, whatever. And some data you. You actually exclude because you know, it doesn’t make sense or whatever.

[00:05:07] So I thought that was again, very interesting to remember that the reports that were being shown by anybody who’s building blockchain reports for star Atlas is applying. I’m not going to say bias, but they are making decisions on how to display the data as information. And so we do need to take reports.

[00:05:29] What we see. is not necessarily the raw data, because it can’t be, you couldn’t make any sense of it. But it is decisions have been made on how that data is being presented. So, again, it was a great point to make and something, again, I think we have to remember when we’re looking at these different ones.

[00:05:46] They are made by people and they have made certain decisions on how that data is displayed. But moving on, the most interesting thing, of course, was looking at the different GIL comparisons out there. And the first one, of course, was membership and guilds. So again, it’s quote unquote on the blockchain now, but again, I realized, and I think they may have mentioned it, that.

[00:06:07] Again, you could join a guild, or sorry, a guild could create a ton of wallets and join it, and it looks like there’s a lot of people there. But again, a wallet doesn’t necessarily mean but if the wallet has a ship, or some other aspect, again, this is where the reports come into play, that says, hey, you know, maybe they were in Sage, and maybe they moved around in Sage or something.

[00:06:28] Yeah, more likely an active player. So again, I am, Kind of we’ll be interested to see how the people who are building reports kind of handle this, but also start showing something that we can actually start looking at this and the other thing that was mentioned was that a wallet can join multiple DAX.

[00:06:44] Now, if that was strictly a guild, yeah, that does seem a little I shouldn’t say nefarious, but odd. I mean, if you’re joining a guild, you’re, I assume not going to be a member of another guild, but again, I guess that depends on the guilds, but. I’m going to give Star Atlas credit here. Again, they’re not calling them guilds, they’re calling them DACs.

[00:07:06] Decentralized Autonomous Corporations. Now a corporation could be a guild, could also be a different community. It could be a content creator. I know Beyond the Horizon created his own DAC. It could be a one of the IP builders. I know, um, Gallia Merchants created a DAC. So, again, I think we need to make sure to realize that expanding our definition of a DAC is important.

[00:07:30] So, joining multiple of those makes perfect sense. And again, this is a simple thing that the reports could do is and again, maybe this is hopefully a new version of this, the DAC platform. Is it Star Atlas? They have some tags right now, like what faction you’re in. I mean, there should be a tag for a guild.

[00:07:47] So and I would be Perfectly fine if that is manually approved by a Star Atlas employee. In other words, you should have an application process to be a guild. And if you apply, then you can have that tag associated with your DAC. So now report creators can say, okay, filter only by this approved tag.

[00:08:06] So again, it’s early, but again, I see lots of potential, but again, I think. Ultimately, we have to expand our definition of what a DAC is. So next topic couple post its around Twitter X that Michael Wigner gave a review to a podcast called How I Met W3. Though, as I listened to it, they were kind of commenting like when this comes out and then they mentioned the metagravity test, which, pretty sure it was middle of January. Again, I’m kind of forgetting. So this may have been recorded earlier, or maybe this is just when it finally got promoted within Twitter. So just a couple of things that came out of that interview. And again, if you want to listen to the whole thing, please go to intergalacticcarroll.

[00:08:43] com. Look for News Recap 101. Michael Wagner did say now, quote, the they are financially stable. So that’s again, good. We’re hearing more and more. So I’m assuming that the direct sales within the marketplace are helping the transaction fees that occur within the marketplace, the transaction fees that occur within Sage are what are now providing a consistent revenue stream where Wagner could say they are financially stable.

[00:09:14] So again, it’s great to know we’ve Seem to have got over the whole is there enough runway question and we can kind of put the financials in the in the rearview mirror The one I guess one of the most important or one of most interesting things he mentioned I think one of the people interviewing was talking about quote unquote mainstream gamers and how to add on Board them and Michael Wigner was very upfront about that at this point.

[00:09:39] That’s actually not the team’s idea. They’re, they’re not really interested in that. And they’re really more of trying to position Star Atlas as an actual Web3 game, not just a Web3 game, or sorry, not just a game. And then, by the way, it has some Web3 components. So some past stuff where lots of talk of other games maybe it was a lot of the different ones because Metaverse Nomads do Talk about other games.

[00:10:05] We’re mentioning how onboarding isn’t critical, you know, but we can hide the wallets and all that. But Michael Weidner did say, No, we, we do, as a company, they really believe in the self custody of the wallet and your assets. And again, that’s great. So, I think it’s, again, something to keep in mind that the team is I guess, in one sense, it’s going to be Web 3 first and mainstream gamers, great, but if you want to come over here and have the benefits of owning your own assets and maybe some play to earn or earn and play or whatever the terms are now, that you really need to start embracing the, the idea of a wallet creation.

[00:10:41] But he did mention the idea of maybe they could come up with some sort of way to gamify the new wallet creation, like and again, he didn’t say this, but I was kind of thinking like a tutorial level or initial level where they playing the game would teach you how to build your wall or something.

[00:10:53] Again, I’m not, he didn’t expand upon that, but again, I think still good. I mean, I think the key is not how, but you will have an onboarding process because I think again there’s nothing, I mean, it’s the adjective. I’m a gamer. I’m not a mainstream gamer. I’m not a casual gamer. I’m not a web three gamer.

[00:11:15] I’m a gamer. So console gamer, PC gamer, we’re just gamers. And so if a game looks interesting, if that tool, if that, I’m sorry, that product can help us get into it. So be it. I mean, that’s, again, we should be about game. Again, that’s my, my, my take. I, I, I don’t like the, that you know, PC gamer can’t be a console gamer and a console gamer HP again, it’s this Mac windows anyways, moving on.

[00:11:41] Wagner did also mention, and again, I’m, I’m not gonna, he said summer or something, but again, we, we have been down this road before. Dates don’t mean anything and I’m tired of even contemplating, but what he did mention is the next version of the showroom is definitely the one they’re focusing on having the racing, but again, the racing with metagravity support, and that all makes sense on kind of what we’re seeing with the current version of the showroom having different racing tracks moving in that direction.

[00:12:07] We’ve seen the videos of the quote unquote, you know, Mario cart on steroids. We’ve seen the metagravity support and it sure is feeling like as far as the showroom, the UE five version that the next iteration will really be. focused on racing. And again, there’s plenty of racing ships for that and the metagravity support where we could all be in one instance of the race, watching in the stands.

[00:12:32] So again, that’s, that’s, that’s great. Seems to be again, their kind of roadmap on how they’re progressing forward with that. So but I, I guess it was the first time I kind of heard that the racing, the metagravity support kind of go hand in hand. And again, as soon as he said it, I was like, Oh yeah, I remember hearing this and this and that.

[00:12:47] So and then just the final point in the interview, cause haven’t. Had one, I’m kind of assuming with holidays and things like that. A lot of podcasters were kind of taking it easy, but again, there were lots of similar points that he has given in other interviews, but again, it’s always nice to be reminded of the kind of big vision of star us.

[00:13:05] And again, we got to remember that these interviews aren’t really to the current star Atlas community there to the community of the. podcaster, the person interviewing, you know, to keep the project raising awareness. I think this one was aligned with the Neo Tokyo. So that makes perfect sense. So again, but it was just nice to always, again, be reminded of the, the vision of Star Atlas, especially when, you know, kind of things are quieter or we’re too much wrapped up in, in the internal stuff within the Star Atlas community.

[00:13:31] So speaking of the Star Atlas community there was not a Atlas brew this last week, which partly was. Cool, because that was one less hour I had to find to listen to it. But also there was nothing new because again, the Atlas Brews seem to be the predominant way. But, again, all this makes sense because next week or this upcoming week, is the big community week, with multiple events from Town Hall, the, the Community Awards, the Joanie Awards, the COPA Awards, which are for more for the guilds, I think.

[00:14:03] I think there might have been another event. Anyways you know should I put a link to what all those events were? But again, I’m more about what has happened, not what’s going to happen. But just again, there was no Atlas proof. So a little, a little lighter on the content. However there was a update on the well, I guess I’m pretty sure I assume by now the Community Joanie Awards nominees have already been voted on, but there was a first time where the COPA awards, which again are more words for the guilds were mentioned.

[00:14:31] And critics at the Hologram News Network published an article about that. And what was interesting was one, there were, I believe, 20? Yeah, 20 applicants and nine were selected to present. But what was interesting was a few. Previous winners didn’t make it to the final round, and again, I’m not sure what to make of that.

[00:14:51] But at least the, the ones that were finalists were kind of seen. So again, I think with the DAC platform out now, with an opportunity for, again, the guilds to promote themselves next week’s community week should be a really great opportunity if, again, you’re into those things. If you’ve listened to this podcast a lot, you know I’m not into guilds.

[00:15:06] I want to start my own just community of just gamers that aren’t really interested in the guilds. But nevertheless embracing all play styles. Guilds are great. They’ve existed in games for a long time. Fits a lot of people’s game play style. So more power to all of that. So anyway, so that’s coming up, but I just mentioned the fact that it’s been kind of whittled down.

[00:15:27] This past week beyond the horizon published another Episode in his Sage versus score YouTube series. This was another addition, additional collaboration with Satoshi mama, who, who has been helping with the automation tools within Sage. And they mentioned a new one and I’m going to be unfortunately upfront.

[00:15:47] I. Might’ve skimmed the previous ones a little too much. So I was kind of like, wait, where’s all this stuff coming from? But again that was and I’ll be up front about that. It’s just because I don’t have time to place age. So learning how an automation tool works to the details, like click here, do this set up again.

[00:16:05] It was information I didn’t need. So so, maybe this was mentioned before, so I’m apologizing that I haven’t. But this is one I actually listened to because I was trying to figure this out. So they mentioned a couple of things called a lancer and a handler. And what I kind of gathered is these were ways to share wallets or share your ships via other wallets.

[00:16:23] So again, just really fascinating things because again, this is all community driven. I don’t believe any of this has been created by the Star Atlas team. And so just the idea that again, you could. In effect give trust to someone else to manage your Star Atlas access in Sage because the way it was set up is Beyond Horizon put his fleet, gave permissions to Satoshi Mama to then create the fleets, or maybe not create, but definitely set up the configuration in the Sly Labs Assistant tool.

[00:16:53] I was like, wow, that’s really cool. And again, this is all community driven. Again, I apologize since I didn’t watch every minute of every video. Not sure if this is different than the SciLabs assistant or it’s part of it, but anyways, it was still very, very interesting, the level of automation that’s existing, but one interesting note is it sounded like there needed to be some trust that could not be guaranteed through blockchain.

[00:17:19] Systems. Now, again, I’m not 100 percent sure I heard that right but again interesting, but, yeah, anyways, I’ll, I’ll get to that in a second. So after Satoshi Mama did her kind of thing, then Beyond the Rising came back in. He said he would do a larger video later, but he noted some returns on it, and I have to admit, they were Definitely like whoa, I think it was like 127 bucks for eight days worth of work on this new system and again He had made money before so I’m hoping at the end and again, I think he alluded to that the next video He was gonna go into more depth.

[00:17:49] So I’m definitely coming around that. Yeah Sage has the potential if you again you’re into the economy gameplay, i. e. trying to get a return on your investment for buying the ships through again, getting resources and selling them. Cool. This is, this is great, and I really want to compliment both of them for spending the time because, to be honest, I’m not aware of anybody else who’s actually put in enough effort that I would, Consider this basically a tutorial where you could start from the beginning and end with having an automation System set up for Sage.

[00:18:26] So I got a credit to both of them for creating all this however, Personally me I still don’t have enough time. I was thinking. Oh, this would be cool I could set this up and I could run it and I was like again And I know I’ve been kind of harping on this but I’m I’m in a time in my business, personal hobby life.

[00:18:46] And even though it could be better it’s still not enough. I don’t have enough time to do that. And I guess I want to caveat all this. The return that he was showing, I mean, it was like, this isn’t latte money anymore. This is definitely moving up again. It’s, I’m sure it’s not even minimum wage, but again, it wasn’t insignificant.

[00:19:04] And that’s really piqued my curiosity a lot more, but. I had to stop and say, yeah, or I could get a new client for my business. And yeah, the, the rewards are not comparable at that point. So, I mean, I guess, again, if you have the time, great, go for it. I think this is great. I mean, I’d love my college age son to do this.

[00:19:24] And in fact, I was toying with the idea of saying, Hey, by the way, you can earn some real money money for him, not. Real, you know what I mean? Yeah, different, different budget scopes. But anyway, so just again, for me personally I just don’t have enough time to even set all this stuff up. But it is cool to see this and even to the point of, you know, some collaboration of, of how the tools could work, where you could have someone else kind of do something.

[00:19:48] So, again, this is all just fascinating progression on, on this and, and, Very interesting, again, just for me this time. But, there was one thing, and I kind of alluded to it about the trust. WI think, and again, I know the team, the stylist team is not gonna vet these tools and that makes perfect sense.

[00:20:06] It opens up to lots of legal risks and things like that. The community is very open about sharing the tools and helping. And so I don’t want to point any fingers at any people the fair or that they’re not doing this out of help. But we’ve also heard of instances where people have abuse trusts and stolen stuff and may have alluded to a year ago or two.

[00:20:26] I lost some money out of my non hardware wallet because I didn’t know any better, but I didn’t do anything wrong. I wasn’t even home and somebody drained my wallet. So fortunately, I didn’t have much. It was under a hundred bucks, but it was a very valuable lesson. And I’ve been, you know, again, we need to worry about security.

[00:20:46] And now with more substantial assets that I’ve added yeah, I’m, I mean. Yeah, so hopefully as we move forward that there can be some systems some security audits. I know the team does security audits on them. You know, maybe there could be some sort of system set up where, you know, again, I don’t know.

[00:21:06] That, that, that community tools could still have that same sort of security audits performed. I don’t even know how much those cost. Maybe it’s cost prohibitive. I don’t know. But definitely Just as a quick side, I guess it’s not a question of it being open source. I know some of these tools have their source code programming on GitHub.

[00:21:21] So anybody can look at it, but again, that doesn’t matter. It doesn’t do me any good. I don’t want to look at it. I’m not a programmer, so I can’t validate anything. So, but I, I guess I’m still of the opinion that if I connect my wallet. I am having to trust that something. So, I mean, I guess I have to trust that Star Alice isn’t going to steal my money or steal my assets.

[00:21:41] But, again, as it goes further down, eh, you know, caution, bear, bear with it. But, again, don’t want to stifle the community development. But I think, again, at some point somebody, whether it’s community led or, Team lead needs to move forward with kind of adding that security auditing level so that we can have a little more faith that these, these tools are safe, whatever that means.

[00:22:05] But again, we’re still early and don’t want to at all stop anybody from doing anything. But again, that was kind of my other big takeaway from all this. And then just last couple of things. Even though I didn’t think I had enough content, so I wrote down some things, but something popped up, and I, I can’t remember which thing triggered it, but it was this concept of, quote, playing a game.

[00:22:26] And I actually realized that the definition of a game wasn’t shared by what I heard and what I was thinking, because, again, to me, I, I think of a traditional video game know, the original Pac Man, Pawn The next generation, sorry. Too many things. But, you know, the traditional things like a first person shooter, or a real time strategy, or, you know, all the MMO, you know, Warcraft, things like that.

[00:22:48] That all these traditional video games were really about accomplishing and go through interactions. Now, again, that’s just the definition I came up with. But, I guess, I realize that people were saying that they’re playing the Star Atlas game by Using the marketplace as really like what and and I know there’s an opportunity I think Metaverse Explorer kind of brought up again when he did kind of here’s all the games.

[00:23:17] And again, he pointed out. Oh, the metaverse is a game and kind of talking about the arbitrage sell high by low, you know, things like that. I mean, literally just looking for differences in price and there and. Again, that sounds like the stock market to me, so not a problem, but I guess I started realizing that to some people that is the game, or is a game, and I was like, oh, oh, okay.

[00:23:40] So, again, maybe I just need to, much like I was saying we shouldn’t put adjectives on who gamers are, I guess also I should apply my own thing and not say, well, Somebody just selling and buying within the marketplace isn’t playing the Star Atlas game. Obviously people mining resources in SAGE, that’s closer to gaming, my traditional term.

[00:24:01] But it’s, it’s definitely, you know, strategy and things like that. So, anyways, it’s again just kind of making me realize, yeah, again, when I hear somebody say, oh, I’m playing a game in Star Atlas, again, they could just be using the marketplace and that’s a game too, so. I was just saying I need to broaden my definitions.

[00:24:20] And the last two things I had a couple tasks on my personal to do list for Star Atlas and I actually accomplished them. So I thought I’d just share with that. So one, I finally used StarPath. So I set up StarPath links for my different Star Atlas ventures. The Intergalactic Herald has a star path, Intergalactic Gear has one, Intergalactic Coalition has one, and I decided, hey, the new ship came out, why don’t I buy it on my Quote unquote gaming wallet where all my actual Star Atlas assets are and I’ll connect it to Intergalactic Herald and I could link because it’s mine.

[00:24:56] So I trust it, obviously. And I was actually surprised by how just straightforward the experience was. The marketplace had a visual indicator that I’m getting a discount. That was cool. So I bought it and. paid less than the list price. Cool. So then I went into the intergalactic herald, had to remember where that is.

[00:25:16] It’s in the profile of your star atlas. Account on the StarLess website. You click a button, it moves off to the buddy link thing, and there was a standard claim button. So I claimed it and there was that one. Now, again, I don’t remember what the percentages are and things like that, but they were discounted.

[00:25:34] So, again, I’d never experienced it before, but definitely I think this is way better than the first iteration. And very, very streamlined for both perspectives. I. e. the person using someone’s StarPath. Straightforward, the StarPath people getting their affiliate commissions or whatever. So, again, really great.

[00:25:54] But again, just as a public service announcement, again, this is an affiliate relationship. There is money exchanging hands. In the United States, the Federal Trade Commission, FTC, does have rules around this. So, disclosures are required because mon there is a monetary incentive. So, again. you know, the classic, you know, this isn’t financial advice.

[00:26:14] This isn’t legal advice, but this is advice. If you’re going to use it, go make sure to do your research. Anyways, it was still a great thing. And then the last and final thing I did was I set up my own DACs. So I set up a DAC for the Intergalactic Herald, one for the merch store and one for the community and definitely the processes initial again, but the team never said it was perfect.

[00:26:36] I think some of the initial. Like 24 hour bugs that were mentioned in Buncracker’s newsletter. I didn’t experience any of those. So hopefully they fix all those. I was totally annoyed by the fact that the images, the banner images, kept failing for SafeSearch and I, I don’t know what the issue was.

[00:26:54] I just picked a different image because these are just background images and finally got approved. So That definitely needs to be corrected. I mean, I get why they’re doing safe search people are going to abuse the system, but it’s way too restrictive right now. And I, I don’t, I’m just FYI. I mean, but I’m sure the team knows that.

[00:27:13] So the creation process went fine. Cool to be on the blockchain. Played around a little with the tags, but just kept with the unaligned. And, yeah, it was really cool seeing the, the interface and seeing your name and your theme created there. So if And again, I don’t, not encouraging people to spam, but if you have a legit thing you want to create and start out, that is a decentralized autonomous corporation, whether that’s a guild, an IP project, your content creator, you know, again, something that, you know, quote unquote, people want to join.

[00:27:43] And again, until Star Atlas gives us better terms on who and why you’re joining things. Yeah, definitely go reserve your thing. It’s, it’s pretty straightforward. I can’t remember what the Solana transaction fees were, but it all seemed good. Oh, one thing that I did stumble upon, at least on my newer ones, apparently I had to like create a Sage account or something for it.

[00:28:03] I’m not really sure. I was, it was late at night and. I just wanted to get it done. So, but there’s some sort of Sage thing. So, again, no, the team was up front that this was really rough in the initial version zero thing. But anyways, if you have a need, go create them. I think Metaverse Explorer and Beyond the Horizon each had a video of them creating theirs.

[00:28:23] So definitely if you’re interested do that. So anyway, so that’s it for this week you may tell I’m slightly feeling better though Not a hundred percent, but at least I’m not exhausted at the end of this one So again, if you want to look at any of the articles or video mentioned, please go to intergalacticcarroll.

[00:28:39] com Look for news recap 101 Forgot to give my standard if you’re interested in being a guest definitely open to having more people on it was great having Jose from Star Atlas talk about lore Well, I guess that was just the last episode. No, two episodes ago. So that was great. I’m going to try to see if I can get some more star atlas employees for some more beginner series, but also interested in interviewing any community members about what they’re doing build IP build.

[00:29:06] Build members definitely and if again, anybody just wants to talk about the weekend review, I love to do kind of a roundtable thing. So, and then wrap it up with again, if you’re interested in helping me with my merch store, I’d love to get your feedback on what kind of merch you’re interested in.

[00:29:19] Please go to intergalacticgear. com. And if you’re interested in joining a community of Star Atlas gamers who aren’t joining guilds, but nevertheless want to kind of hang out and chat about Star Atlas, please go to intergalacticcoalition. com and sign up for the interest survey there. And that’s it for me.

[00:29:34] Hope everybody has a great week ahead. If you’re participating in the community week, enjoy the events. I will try to catch up next weekend on everything. Assuming hopefully somebody records them. But yeah, we’ll see where what the team has out. If they make any announcements at any of the things something we can talk about next week.

[00:29:51] Otherwise again, that’s Matt. Sorry, just to end again, I’m Matt with Intergalactic Herald. Have a great week ahead.

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