Star Atlas: Week in Review Podcast

Podcast 49: Star Atlas Weekly Review

In this episode, we recap the latest news of Star Atlas from the past week.

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Podcast Transcript

[00:00:00] Hi, this is Matt with the Intergalactic Herald. Welcome to my Star Atlas Week in Review podcast. This is podcast number 49. If you’d like to find any of the links or articles mentioned here, please go to intergalacticherald. com and look for news recap number 98. Before, before I get started, I wanted to kind of give you a quick introduction of things we’ll be talking about today.

[00:00:19] Kind of do a brief or talk about the latest Atlas Peru. Then there was an interview with the CEO, Michael Wagner, so we’ll briefly touch on that. A little introduction of the Joanie Awards, Star Atlas community awards. Talk about the release of the DAC, so the Decentralized Autonomous Corporation platform within Star Atlas.

[00:00:42] And briefly end with just a quick talk about the Jup, Jupiter airdrop that came out. So before I get started on the content, I just wanted to mention a couple things that I’m working on. First again, I’m always looking for guests to be on this podcast, whether that be to talk about the week in review with other start list community members, or if you’re a content creator.

[00:01:03] Or a build program, love to interview you to talk about your projects. And if you’re a Star Atlas employee, love to talk to you. And the reason I bring that up is by the time, a few days after this podcast goes live, I will be publishing a interview with Jose, who is the lore writer for Star Atlas.

[00:01:22] We had a great. Interview and I’m just wrapping up the editing of that and it will be pretty sure title a beginner’s guide to lore and star atlas. So great opportunity to step back and just kind of talk about and obviously from the person who’s writing it, get some great insight on what was going on.

[00:01:39] So that should be published hopefully middle of this upcoming week. And then I do have two Star Atlas projects I’m working on. One is my called Intergalactic Gear. It’s my merch store. So still slowly going through that as I have some time. But if you would go to intergalacticgear. com, I do have a merch survey.

[00:01:57] I’d love to get some feedback on different merch and other questions. I’d love to get feedback from the community to help me focus on what kind of products occur in the store. And then again, this will tie into the release of the deck. I am hoping to gain some interest in something I’m calling the Intergalactic Coalition.

[00:02:15] This is what I’m calling my non guild guild. So if you’re not interested in joining guild, but you still want to hang out and chat with other Star Atlas gamers why can’t there be a place for that? So I’d love to share some more thoughts on what I’m doing on that, so if you go to intergalacticcoalition.

[00:02:28] com, there’s an interest survey. Please put your email in there. Once we get enough critical mass I’ll reach out to those people on kind of some next steps. So let’s get into the content section for the week in review. As is typical, there is a Atlas Brew, which is again, a community event from the community team of Star Atlas held in Discord being the last Wednesday of the month, they do a community update.

[00:02:52] So it was really great to hear some of the other People in the community. I won’t go into everything again. Check out the links. Starrhouse TV does a really great service recording that each week and putting it on YouTube. So I believe there’s some updates on some builders doing their 3D models.

[00:03:10] I think one was a light from Enigma 42 and then the other was, I think, Galley Art Station actually becoming available for purchase. There was someone, and I apologize again, well, again, go look at the links, but I was doing some I guess we’ll call it fan fiction, which is great. And a couple communities launching a new website.

[00:03:29] Yeah, anyways, check it out. Also I. Got a call out. So I really want to appreciate the team there for calling out and some recognition there. So that was great. Beyond the horizon put out a video, which was actually a recording of a interview with Michael Wagner, the CEO on the Neo Tokyo news.

[00:03:49] Again, it was a little unclear exactly. It was a Twitter slash X space interview. And again, a few weeks or months back, there was Announcement from Michael Wigner that he joined this Neo Tokyo, which is a well, I call it a mastermind. I think they used a different term for it. But anyways, a place for Web3 gaming entrepreneurs leaders in the space to get together.

[00:04:11] It was a, I think it was an NFT. Access type of thing. So so first things to be on horizon for publishing that I had never even seen it, but again, I don’t follow Twitter as much as lots of other people do so hard to stay completely up to date on that one. Interesting. A couple of things did come out.

[00:04:29] I found fascinating was Michael Widener mentioned cause there was some talk about. And I brought this up, too, about, you know, StratOS is dependent upon a lot of other platforms, whether that’s Solana for the blockchain, MetaGravity for the networking of the, of the player interactions. And recently it’s come up, I think I think there was an article in my recap Gallia Crafters wrote a great it’s a perfect title How to Spend 20 Bucks in Star Atlas.

[00:04:57] But what I was really appreciative in that article they did was they talked about the fees, because, you know, if you only have 20 and you have to pay the rent fees to Solana, yes, you get them back, but again, they still, they add up. And so it was great to see somebody kind of promoting that, plus also to the small gamer.

[00:05:11] But anyways, what Michael Wagner kind of alluded to is, as they move forward with Star Atlas, there’s a lot of talk about how to maybe bundle the transactions, and I think that’s really makes a lot of sense. I’m not sure, again, if that actually saves the fees, but definitely for the less clicking you know.

[00:05:29] Why do you have to click after everything? I mean, well, you have to click after everything because it’s the blockchain. I get that, but you know, again, not realizing, hey, you could just do these in a bundle transaction. So I think I think that was a great small little tidbit that I picked up on.

[00:05:42] Everything that was mentioned was the interviewer was commenting again on the Star Wars trailer. But for some of us who’ve been in Star Wars for a while now, I mean, that trailer seems like a distant memory. We obviously know that pre existed before any gameplay footage. You know, now any gameplay footage, trailers, videos are, you know, definitely considered much more well, that’s what it’s going to look like.

[00:06:06] So that trailer, again, nothing wrong with it, but it was definitely inspirational. But Michael Wagner did mention that perhaps a new trailer video would be coming out. So, I assume it’s more in game footage because there’s a lot more. So so that was kind of a nice little tidbit. Only since that, Takes away any of that argument.

[00:06:24] Well, that trailer, it’s got a million views, but it’s not real gameplay. It was, it was definitely though the right kind of video to really inspire people to join the thing. So nothing wrong with that. And then the final thing and I, I, I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before, but if I haven’t Just hearing Michael Wagner talk one, you can always tell the passion for Star Atlas that he is, but, and again, I’m not trying to dismiss that some of this probably comes with practice because he really understands the game, but I have to say he is one of the greatest promoter, well he is the greatest promoter of Star Atlas because he’s out there but it always comes across as someone who really knows what he’s talking about, knows his product, in this case a game, and can really you know, put a completely positive spin.

[00:07:09] There’s I don’t know. I’m just, some reason had Mark Zuckerberg on my mind. I remember some conference he was at and he was sweating again. He was young. I mean, they’re not comparable, but again, I mean, just Michael Wagner’s interviews are always Well, well presented and reflective of I’m sure what he and the team are doing.

[00:07:26] And again, it’s always such a nice thing to listen to those. So next one is the Joni awards. I wanted to thank Metaverse Explorer who did a on his late, one of his latest videos, a kind of walkthrough of the filling out the form. I always find his answers funny too, but anyways, it was a good reminder that the, the Joni Awards which are again I was clarifying the Atlas Brew are a community award, not necessarily a guild, the guilds have the, the COPA awards.

[00:07:51] So this is really more for community members to stand up. And I think there’s eight or nine categories. So, you know great opportunity as community members to let your voices be heard, to say, Hey, he, you know, I think one of them was like most entertaining video, or best community member, or most helpful video, or, or things like that, best photograph from the showroom, things like that.

[00:08:14] So again, I think it’s a great thing. It’ll be part of the upcoming community week. So definitely check that out if nothing else, again, to support your local content creators. I’m I, I, I didn’t feel like I aligned with any, but I guess in total self promotion, I’m, I think I’m could, could maybe be classified for, for most educational, but I, I don’t know.

[00:08:34] And again, I’m, Metaverse supported saying, don’t vote for me, vote for somebody else. But I mean yeah, obviously we all like to, so I guess I’ll put, I’ll throw my hat out there for for educational video for my My intro series on my website. But anyways but one thing he did brought up that I totally missed in the announcement that 80 percent of the vote is actually from a team pan or panel from the team and only 20 percent is community.

[00:08:57] And I guess I didn’t realize that at first upon first reading, but It’s right there, so I just misread it. And at first I was like, hey, that doesn’t make any sense. But, I have to admit It does probably need some filtering. And again, I’m not trying to say that community vote’s not critical. And 80 20 split seems kind of wide.

[00:09:17] But this is the internet. Things can be manipulated. It’s a Google form, so I mean, obviously you know, somebody could create a bot or a macro just like we’re talking about with SageLab. So I, I, I, at first I was like, that doesn’t make sense. But then as I thought about more, voting should be a smaller group.

[00:09:36] I mean, they can take inspiration from the community vote, but definitely we don’t want, or, I mean, I think it’d be much better both for the people winning and That there’s a, I guess, more critical thing than just purely a popularity type of thing. So so anyways go vote for different people. Don’t have it in this week’s link because it came out a couple weeks ago, but I’m pretty sure if you go to the Starless Discord and look in the announcements section go back a few weeks I’m sure you’ll find a posting there for the link to go to the Google form to fill that out.

[00:10:08] So. So I guess the biggest Star Atlas news of the past week was actually the DAC was released. So again, DAC stands for Decentralized Autonomous Corporation which I guess is synonymous with guilds definitely focused on guilds. And so this was the product that was supposed to be released before the end of the year.

[00:10:27] I think at the time they said, yeah, they weren’t able to get it wrapped up. So they did it and, and came out, you know, end of January. So. But it did come out with a quote unquote version zero release. So it looks like the predominant thing you can do is add your name add some images about your guild, a description, and that’s pretty much it, but the key point is people can join that DAC object, whatever.

[00:10:56] So I haven’t done it, or I haven’t gone through the process myself, so I can’t say for sure, but it sure feels like obviously, This is on the blockchain. So the DAX become objects on the blockchain. And then I would assume if you join, that becomes a blockchain reference too. So it’s, it’s not just.

[00:11:15] Again, some databases is a blockchain thing. So and, and the release article, which is in my weekly news recap does talk about, well, we’re going to, the team will be adding more things down the road. So again, kudos for releasing it. It’s definitely been something the guilds have wanted to have available for a long time should definitely change the whole discord guild section up a lot for actually, I guess I take that back.

[00:11:37] There’ll probably be people still advertising, but they’ll now advertise, go to the the DAC website to, to do it. And then the final comment on this can I have been kind of a vocal whatever about reusing things and not hitting your goals. And then there’s actually, actually enjoyed the surprise release.

[00:11:54] No one, I don’t remember hearing that this was coming, no one announced it. And then there it was. And I, I, I guess I kind of like it. It came out. We didn’t have to have any expectations. See, they were up front that it was version zero and here’s what it can do. So, I won’t, again, just call it on both sides.

[00:12:14] Thanks. This is great. Something the community has been really looking to. And then for the last topic one of the big things in the crypto space and definitely in the Solana space, was the release or the airdrop of the JOOP token for the Jupyter thing. Now. I’m not really into all of this stuff, so I wasn’t 100 percent sure, but apparently Jupiter is in exchange, and then they’ve released their governance token?

[00:12:39] Again, I’m not even sure, so I’m not, you know, whatever. But Metaverse Explorer? I can’t remember. It was either Metaverse Explorer or Beyond the Horizon, had on their videos that the largest community within the Solana blockchain that got, Jupe airdrops was star atlas. And so, you know, obviously that’s kind of cool.

[00:12:59] I did get some tokens And the part I was really I was like, I don’t know what I did because I obviously don’t know what it is So the only thing I kind of speculated Later on was maybe when I had used the phantom wallet to exchange tokens like atlas for polis or USDC for Polis or Atlas, maybe because the fandom swapping tries to find the best thing and I don’t look close enough.

[00:13:34] I think I’ve seen the word radium, but I’m think I’ve seen other words there. So again, I just actually don’t know how I got some of it, but I did. And I even got some of it on one of my demo wallets that I’d set up for some of the training. So I barely use that one. So but again, never gonna look at.

[00:13:51] Quote, unquote, free money Ron. So but just as a public service message if you want to check please use extreme caution to determine how to properly claim it. If you think there, cause I’m lots of people. So there’s lots of scamming and things going on. So it was really cool phantom at the time.

[00:14:10] Had a little pop up that came up in there and said how to do it. And again, I guess I assumed I trusted them because well. They have the wallet, so they probably went to the right link. And again, everything for me went okay. But again obviously a buyer beware on all of that. So so yeah, it was great that the lot, well, lots of people in the Stardust community received some of that That’s great.

[00:14:33] So that’s that again kind of yeah, a week that was. So just wrapping up again if you’d like to be a podcast guest on here again, definitely open, please go to intergalacticherald. com and go to the contact page there and please fill that out. I’d love to chat with you. And again, if you’re interested in helping support me on my two, star Atlas build projects. One again is my merch store. Please go to intergalacticgear. com, fill out the merch saver there. If you’re interested in joining some Star Atlas gamers who want to be together, but not necessarily guild again, I just don’t need to figure it out, but I think the DAC platform is again, it’s decentralized autonomous corporations.

[00:15:13] That doesn’t necessarily say guild. So I hope the, the definitions are flexible, but we’ll find out. Sounds like there’s some final approval. It’s not just anybody can get on there. So you know, if I’m rejected, that’s fine, but we’ll, we’ll see if the corporations label allows for non Standard, non guild guilds.

[00:15:31] So anyways, but if you go to intergalacticcoalition. com, I have an interest survey. Again, if you’re interested in kind of what I’m proposing, I’d love to have you fill out that form. So, that’s it for the Week in Review. Again, this is Matt with Intergalactic Herald. Have a great week ahead.

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