Star Atlas: Week in Review Podcast

Podcast 48: Star Atlas Weekly Review

In this episode, we recap the latest news of Star Atlas from the past week.

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Podcast Transcript

[00:00:00] Hi, this is Matt with the Intergalactic Herald. Welcome to my Star OS week in review podcast. This is podcast number 48. Any articles or videos mentioned can be found in my news recap number 97, which is located on my website at intergalacticherald. com. Just look for news while you’re there. Please sign up for my weekly newsletter, which basically includes all those links.

[00:00:23] You’ll get it delivered to your mailbox Sunday, or. Yeah, Sunday evening, 5 p. m. Evening. Yeah, sure. Evening Pacific Standard Time. So, I guess we call that news recap kind of a companion to this podcast because I use it for the source of all the thoughts and updates and analysis that I do related to the world of Star Atlas.

[00:00:44] So, before we get started just a quick summary of some of the things we’ve gone over. Just briefly mention a new Star Atlas ship that was released. Talk a little bit about the latest Atlas Brew, where the economics team was on. Mentioned some announcements from Star Atlas, one an upcoming community week.

[00:01:02] Also more kind of the analysis section or just my thoughts, my ramblings. Beyond the Horizon put out a couple great videos that spurred some thoughts about Star Atlas, and then I’ll kind of end up with sort of my take on the who is a target gamer for Star Atlas. So before we get into that, just a couple self promotions of Star Atlas projects I’m working on, in addition to the Intergalactic Herald, which has a news recap some how to guides, especially for beginners to get up The, I guess you can’t call it the new home, but the permanent home of the former star.

[00:01:35] atlasguilds. com move the content over there after that person who created it no longer want to host the website and kind of creating some directories of Star Atlas, content creators, builders tools continuing trying to build that out there. So anyway, so that’s intergalacticcarol.

[00:01:52] com also slowly, you know, admit admit some momentum with the winter break, but my star Alice merch store has fallen by the wayside. Haven’t been able to work on it for a couple weekends now. And To me, everything’s going on in my life unfortunately this is lower down on the priority thing.

[00:02:09] But if you go to intergalacticgear. com, I do have a merch survey. Love to get some feedback on what kind of Star Atlas merchandise you might be interested in purchasing. So as I build out that infrastructure business in the building out the e commerce side of it right now, and the Fulfillment slash, I guess it was called fulfillment side of the different merchandise items.

[00:02:28] Again, if you go to intergalacticgear. com, fill out that merch survey, greatly appreciate any feedback. If you drop your email in that survey definitely be one of the first people to know when I do finally launch. Second thing Trying to develop a what I’m calling a non guild guild, or basically just a community of Star Atlas gamers called the Intergalactic Coalition.

[00:02:48] This is designed to be one, first, a paid community. Partly the reason for the payment is so I can purchase a different community platform. Different than Discord, which of course is free, but it’s also based on more of chat and I can’t keep up. If you go away for a day, you don’t know what’s going on.

[00:03:05] So this platform will actually allow for threaded discussions. You’ll get email alerts on discussions you’d like to keep updated on. So I think it’s just a different type of community platform. But again Trying to frame it kind of more like a non guild guild where again just want to hang out kind of get some of the benefits of being some similar people that are Talking and playing star atlas so intergalactic coalition comm and please fill out that interest survey there once I get enough Interest in that I’ll reach out to those people about the next steps on how to kind of help support and facilitate getting that community set up.

[00:03:43] So, okay, so moving on to the content section. So one of the first things that came out in the past week from Star OS was a new ship called the Sledge Barge. I guess it’s a, Well, it’s a big ship. I don’t know, really, the difference between capital and commander and all that. But anyways, it’s a freight ship, so it’s going to have lots of storage capacity.

[00:04:01] Sounds like maybe the largest one for that. So, definitely some benefits if you’re playing the Sage game right now for helping with that. But, couple Well, to me anyways. Curious things. One even though I suppose it’s on discount the purchase price is 13, 750 USDC. I, I mean, I know that’s not a car.

[00:04:24] Cars are way more expensive than that, but I’m sorry, that’s just a non starter there. Wish, wish we could get some sort of freight ship designed for the smaller range ships. But my other thought is, why now? Why, why is this released? I know they’ve came out with what was the other ship?

[00:04:41] The Datarunner ship. Forget the name. Don’t care about the name, actually. I don’t, didn’t forget it. Don’t care. And the I guess the mining ships came out. Seems like there was one other ship in the middle. But anyways, so I’m just Curious why I release it now. I haven’t really heard they had an announcement of getting back to releasing ships.

[00:05:00] Though as I went through those different three ships there, this freight ship, the data runner ship, and the mining ships, I had never thought of this until saying those, but I guess they all do kind of make sense. They’re all related to gameplay mechanics within Sage. Freight. Data running, which is scanning for SDUs, and of course, obviously, the mining.

[00:05:23] So, I’m gonna, I’m gonna kind of change my thought. Maybe they kind of do make sense. Again, strange that there wasn’t any announcement of like, Hey, we’re gonna release these ships to enhance your play of Sage. But, maybe that is what they’re doing. Again, don’t know. Announcements are very Random.

[00:05:41] Anyways but nevertheless 13, 000 in cold hard cash. I, I don’t know who could afford it. And to be blunt, I don’t know why anybody’s investing in Stardust right now, too. I guess there’s lots of announcements of, you know, improvements in the UE5. Definitely a week before the metagravity test was very was very interesting.

[00:06:04] But Yeah, I mean, it’s not like this ship’s gonna show up in the UE5 version and race around the track or something like that. So, I guess this is just for Sage. I mean, maybe that’s fine. Good enough. And I guess there’ll be a theme of this podcast. Is this just for whales? Again, these are just thoughts that come up.

[00:06:22] Don’t have answers. Just Just thoughts I have. So moving on this past week on the Atlas Brew, the economy team was hosts, or sorry, guests on there. So it was Chris, I think the head of economics and Gareth, who also works in economics. So it was really great. I do always appreciate on the Atlas Brews when there are other team members come on because that Pretty much outside the foundation, which again, we’re not allowed to talk to talk about as content creators.

[00:06:52] That’s really the only in depth, non Twitter posts that we, we get from the Star Atlas team, so that’s great when they do come on the Atlas Peru. So they went over the past economic report, which I admit I kind of already forgot because it came out, I think, right before Christmas, and then the team went on break, and, well.

[00:07:10] People are busy with other things. So so if you’re interested in kind of getting a human review update of that, that’s was great. The only couple of things that kind of took away and I admit I was multitasking doing some household chores, so I wasn’t totally like listening for, retention purposes.

[00:07:27] Oh, and just as an aside, I have to admit even though I enjoy these things, I kind of get to be great weekend routines to listen to, I just honestly just don’t really register much anymore. And again, I kind of had this in one of my December ones. It’s just really hard to get motivated when something’s said and then weeks go by or a month goes by and then something else is said and doesn’t match what you remember a month ago.

[00:07:51] And again, I’m not faulting the team for changing their mind and different ideas and they’re working out what they’re trying to accomplish. But again, I, any year went out the year In one ear, out the other ear, because none of this seems to build upon each other, which again, it’s a theme of this podcast but there was some talk about the, I think they’re the RFRs, the new thing that kind of replaced the golden tickets, but also was the new object that you can craft some stuff in Sage and not sell it for Atlas.

[00:08:23] I can’t remember. It was a really good definition that Chris had for how it works in the economic system. But anyways, it was basically the way you can now get Atlas. And I, okay. I think well, it was also the justification for why they reduced the output of score. But in the bigger picture, obviously the team has been lurking toward getting rid of score because it’s not a game.

[00:08:45] So they needed to have some way that people could earn Atlas because, well, anyway, it makes sense. So, so that was a very great explanation. Of course, like I said, I was busy doing chores. So if you want to learn more about it, I strongly recommend check out that Atlas Brew. You can find a link to one of the live stream recordings from Stardust TV.

[00:09:06] If you go to IntergalacticHerald. com and look for News Recap number 97. Strangely on the, or I shouldn’t say strangely, it was just interesting that the Atlas Brew ended, but people kept talking. So I, again, I’m not ever able to listen to these live. I’m working when it comes out, Wednesdays at my time.

[00:09:23] So these are never live events for me. So I don’t know if Stardust TV just kept the recording going or if they always talk after. But anyway, so there was just some extra talk. But one of the things that did come out again is one of the. Teases about this public roadmap that’s coming but it’s been coming and now it was mentioned that, oh, well, it’ll, it’ll for sure be here before March.

[00:09:48] And I’m like, March. Okay. Okay. You say you’re going to do a public roadmap. You’re going to put on the roadmap what’s coming, but you’re not gonna put dates and you’re working on it and it’s still not ready. Again, why are you even saying this? And then I was going back to at not the last break point, but the break point before there was this massive roadmap put out with all the releases of Sage.

[00:10:14] I think that’s when Sage was actually released or announced. And then different things in the UE5. Cause there’s, I can’t remember. Is it seasons? In the UE5 and versions. I don’t know. Anyways, there was tons and tons of future stuff. And, so in one sense, I would love to see a new roadmap to see if any of that’s still correct.

[00:10:36] Because again, we had this massive Sage game manual. Which, again, occasionally gets still referenced, but is like, that’s still what’s going to happen. I don’t, I don’t remember Starbaste, the next version of Shades of New, definitely not the 3D stuff. Definitely not. Well, anyways. I definitely think it’s time for a new road map.

[00:10:56] In the old, old days there was a Notion site that had a road map. But, and again, this is just me, I’m getting kind of tired of the teasing. I know it was mentioned that Star Atlas as a team is going back and forth between big announcements and town halls and open transparency and telling people everything.

[00:11:14] But, and again, I guess I’m out of soapbox. If you say something, have a plan to actually deliver it. And I’ll use the perfect example. They mentioned at the last break point that crew packs were coming out in first quarter 2024, and now it’s already been mentioned. Ah, maybe, maybe in the middle of the year.

[00:11:34] I, I just, I don’t know. But again, again, you’ll, you know, I have a thread going on this one, so we’ll move on. The other thing that was mentioned in a I think it was on their Medium post, maybe it came out as an email, I don’t know. But Star Atlas announced this community week that’s coming up. I think it’s the end of February.

[00:11:52] It’s coinciding with a hundred episodes of the Atlas brew. So apparently it’s going to have five days of events. All of these events seem to be very specific focused around discord and discord events which is fine. Nothing wrong with that. But again so if I, I am assuming these are all kind of going to be during the day us time.

[00:12:11] So anyways some event, some. To be announced event the Atlas brew and then they had to I guess we’ll call it second Editions episodes, I don’t know whatever of Previously one was Copa, which I forget what it stands for But it’s basically gonna be sort of the Star Atlas guilds to kind of show what they’ve been working on I think there’s an award.

[00:12:32] So in some sense, this is award show And they’ll be judges, and I think the, the, I think it said that they’ll get some land plots or something. So, anyway, so I think for the guilds, actually that’s really great to get again start a sponsored event where they have an opportunity to kind of say who they are and descriptions and what they’ve been working on.

[00:12:53] So I think that’s a actually a really great opportunity again for the guilds to get some promotion. I must admit I’m kind of curious to see who actually shows up. Because there has been kind of waning Guild things some of the guilds have their own events like Metaverse Explorers for Rome Guild.

[00:13:11] So they do their weekly livestream, which is great. Haven’t heard about the club in a while. AFIA, of course, has their newsletter, which I read. And I think a lot of great information comes out of Flank Cracker. And I know there’s other guilds, but be hard pressed to mention what they’ve been doing.

[00:13:27] So I think this is a great opportunity maybe to restart that and get some more promotions for the guilds. Then the other event is going to be the Joanie Awards. For people who’ve been around Star Allies, this was a kind of community award. Where people could vote. And again, if you go to Intergalactic Herald, look for news red cap number seven, look for that link.

[00:13:46] That’ll take you to the medium article, which will take you to the Google form where you can fill out. And they have like, I think, I don’t know, seem like nine plus categories this year from content creator to IP project to things. So again, I think this is great. Really allows an opportunity for both promotion of community members that are working on things.

[00:14:07] And again Nobody. I mean, words, word, getting a word is always great. So definitely check that out if you’re interested. Next content piece this week or sorry, sorry, the past week Beyond the Horizon, one of the content creators who does lots of YouTube has been starting a new kind of series called Sage vs.

[00:14:26] Score. As of this recording, I think, It was number three or four episodes in, and he was trying to show how much Atlas you could earn in Score, and then he was moving to how much you could earn in Sage. And so first I want to compliment that’s just a great content thing, and I think very interesting, lots of good questions.

[00:14:44] I actually appreciate the kind of ad hocness to how he’s recording, you know, getting community feedback, changing what he’s doing didn’t think about that, I mean, again, We all obviously love a polished how to guide with step by step instructions, but actually, I really like that kind of transparency and the openness of hey, I’m figuring this out, somebody suggested this, I forgot that yeah, I mean, again, he’s, he’s a gamer like all of us, so definitely encourage you if you’d like to watch if nothing else, there’s humor and he’s really great with sound effects and things like that, so but as of the end of episode three, He did kind of come to the conclusion that, yes, Sage was slightly better earning Atlas than Score, but there is some caveats to that, and he mentioned it, but I also picked up on things, and again, this is really biased because I’ve had this problem with Sage, and I’ve Put it on my podcast before about how much time it takes and time is money too.

[00:15:41] So if you’re not counting your actual time I don’t think it’s really a fair comparison, but nevertheless he brought up a couple of points of how much time he did take and he noted both the actual time in game and the time between when he could run commands. And again reference that video for those things because it.

[00:15:59] was still I don’t want to call it interruption. So I think in the end it was like he earned 30 some more Atlas tokens. But again, if you actually did the price of Atlas, if you sold that for USDC, I mean, we’re talking pennies. But what I thought was interesting, he made a comment that he actually got up early one day to run some commands in Sage before he went off to his real job.

[00:16:23] And, I mean, I, I, I mean, I’m not saying he’s not aware of this, but I, again, this is a call it analysis. You’re getting up early to do something in a quote game that affects now your real life. Now, again, I’m not making any judgments. I mean, how many hours you sleep, whatever, but again, i, well, I guess this, this is a theme here of this podcast about your time and what Star Atlas as a game is.

[00:16:50] So just found that really interesting, but nevertheless, great video, a great series of videos stronger encourage you to take a listen he then came up with a. I think it’s the fourth one in the series, but I’m not 100 percent sure. I don’t know if the title had number four. So that’s one, but anyways, it was about a tutorial of a lab assistant.

[00:17:06] So I think I may have brought this up in the past podcast, but there are some now community members who are now building tools. assistance, whatever you want to call them for Sage, or I guess it could be anything in the Star Atlas before Star Atlas. And there’s been lots of debate back and forth on whether or not these tools are approved by the team or allowed by the team.

[00:17:27] In fact, Metaverse. Blore had a video where he showed some of the tools he was using, but he wasn’t, or no, sorry, he wanted to show, but he wasn’t sure because of the team. And I kind of commented on his YouTube video that, well, the team says they’re using them. They’ve obviously mentioned this other tool.

[00:17:42] He was kind of afraid, well, maybe he’d get banned if he put out a video. And I said, then. They need, Star Alice needs to be more consistent on this and I know they apparently don’t want to take a stance on it which again, I get it, but Yeah, anyways, so This lab assistant tutorial was actually great because he sort of played a video from another content creation content creator called Satoshi Mama If I got all that right.

[00:18:06] So he was playing her tutorial, which then is a tutorial of another tool called lab assistants, I think by slide groove. And again it was a video of the video of someone else. So but Hey, Hey, you know, it’s all meta and you know, somebody’s referencing somebody else. That’s all great. But my biggest takeaway from all of this was to me, at least in the current iteration of Sage the future needs out of automation tools.

[00:18:33] Clicking buttons to harvest resources to mine them, to craft them well, and again, as I have mentioned before, that’s just not a gameplay style I’m very interested in, nor have the time for, hence my theme of engagement and tools that are, or games, having fun games and things like that. As I’ve said before, Sage to me just isn’t fun or engaging, but I do believe it’s a true way to interact with the economy of Star Atlas.

[00:19:04] So in that sense, it’s very important. But I’m starting to think more and more, and I want to give the team The benefit of the doubt here, but again, kind of going back to something that I said earlier about the roadmap and things like that, I honestly not 100 percent sure what’s coming down. We’ve, we’ve heard star base and we’ve heard combat.

[00:19:22] And maybe the roadmap will make some of this more sense. But the lack of what we’re going for the future and just again, I know I’m harping on this. I might know more, but it’s in the foundation room, so I can’t talk about it. So, In the public channels, what’s coming down, or what’s next is, is incredibly vague.

[00:19:43] So, I’m looking forward to a roadmap. But, I started thinking more and more about Well, if Sage isn’t what I like, what would I like? And, about the same time, I was reading my latest issue of PC Gamer, and it had a cover story for a game called Homeworld 3. So Homeworld 1 was way longer, like a decade, two decades ago.

[00:20:07] So, yes, I am old. But I remember playing it because it was a space game, but it was on RTS. And if anybody’s played RTS, you know that there’s almost always some sort of Resource gathering gameplay. Now is, is that what Sage is now? Are we gathering resources? I kind of think so. So I started thinking more and more about why isn’t Sage an RTS?

[00:20:31] And, and I mean, an RTS, not this, whatever we got now. And again. Teams building stuff who knows what their final vision is. So again, this isn’t like criticizing what they have out now I didn’t get it. They’re developing a game in public with cost ramifications with

[00:20:53] Layoffs all that stuff not it’s not what I’m saying I’m just saying what I want to play. So let’s just say it was an RTS and I’m like, okay now it makes more sense Yeah, I’m out harvesting resources. I have harvesters and again Homeworld has this Age of Empires has villagers Command and Conquer, I think they called them harvesters.

[00:21:13] So they were just individual single units that went out and grabbed resources and brought it back. And just as I said, another RTS I played Supreme Commander, it had two resources, it had mass and it had energy, and you would harvest those two, and then you would build factories, and the factories would pump out ships, and yeah.

[00:21:29] Mid Elite is probably not the Star Atlas model of hundreds or thousands of individual units that go out and combine battles. But again, that’s not my point. My point is why I like RTSs and why I would find Sage as an RTS way more engaging. But, really, the point of all this is the automation tools. RTSs are completely automated.

[00:21:50] I tell a villager in Age of Empires to harvest food from a farm, and the villager just does that until it runs out of food in the farm, and then I gotta build another farm. So, again, there’s still, Some, you gotta watch your economy, but you’re not micromanaging, and I think that’s the key word. Sage, currently right now, is for micromanagers.

[00:22:12] I am not a micromanager. I do not like micromanaging. It, it, yeah, anyways, but, again, I’m talking about my gameplay style. You may have a different one, you may like it, that’s perfectly fine. My podcast, I get to, I get to just talk whatever I want to talk about. So, that’s the thing I think it finally dawned on me.

[00:22:31] Sage is for micromanagers, if you like that, great, go, fine, but I’m, I’m not, I’m not liking that. So it’s not there. So yes, again, I think if we could come up either as the team to build automation tools or the community to build automation tools to take the current stage. And again, forget the interface, forget all the buttons.

[00:22:49] I don’t care. It’s on the blockchain, but to come up with a tool that basically somehow could automate the collection of resources. Then it becomes strategy, and I remember, I forget who Wittekis, I think, from Rome, commented on one of my previous ones, that it doesn’t take any skill in Sage. To click a button does not take skill, but to set up an economic supply chain, of course, takes skill, takes strategy, totally agree with that.

[00:23:15] But I think the only way to do that right now is automation. And, we, small gamers, Don’t have the automation or if it does exist. And again, I only skimmed the video. It’s, it’s rudimentary, which is perfectly fine. I guess I should stop now. My point is I think to make Sage much more like an RTS game or even a turn based game where you queue up a whole bunch of actions and then it takes five hours to.

[00:23:44] Execute them all. That could be the way forward. Should the community build it? Should the team build it? Is the team going to build it? Again, don’t know. We don’t know the road map anymore. So that to me is there. So Wrapping all this back up, really appreciate, really appreciate brand on the rise and showing another content creators tutorial of a tool that was built by a community member.

[00:24:03] So I think again, this is all great. And if I had the time to learn the tool, maybe I’d get into it and maybe it would all make sense, but let’s move on to my final topic, which really. takes and encapsulate everything I’ve been kind of rambling on about today, which is basically who is the target gamer for Star Atlas.

[00:24:21] And again, I would claim this has been a theme of many, many podcasts and I’ve probably personalized it. Of what I want to do, but maybe a step back ever so briefly and go to the main homepage com and there’s a description there. It says a grand strategy game of space exploration, territorial conquest, political domination, and more.

[00:24:42] So that’s right on the homepage. That’s the hook. That’s the thing that gets someone interested. You go to someone’s website, you read something, you’re like, Hey, yeah, that sounds cool. Well, let’s just break that down really quick. Space exploration. Nah, that doesn’t exist. Maybe the UE5 is going to give it, but definitely Sage, there was no exploration.

[00:25:01] The whole map was exposed. Territorial conquest. Okay. This sounds like combat. Yeah, we know combat doesn’t exist yet. So not a problem. Poetical domination. So we’ve got the guilds. But we don’t have any way to organize within the Star Atlas thing. Yeah, there was supposed to be a DAC platform. Yeah, it’s coming.

[00:25:22] Supposed to come in December, but not here yet. Supposed to be a DAO. And policies and things are going to vote on it. Yeah, that got put on the back burner because of reduction in team staff. Okay, again, I’m not criticizing the team, but this is the core mission that they have told people who might be interested.

[00:25:39] Space exploration, territorial contracts. political domination and more. Okay. Well, let’s, let’s, let’s use more, more could have been et cetera. Other. What do we have? Well, we have the hope of a racing game. And again, nothing wrong with that. Great way to get in there. And in fact, I’m going to be I think blunt in the sense that we keep looking at all these quote unquote extra small ships and they’ve all had the type of racer.

[00:26:07] So in some senses, this could have been built in from the beginning. I mean, kind of always joked at what is it, the One of the, the little piership is a space thing, but there’s no cockpit around it. And even in the current one, you’re just sitting on it out in space shirt in a space suit. But I mean, come on, that’s not a spaceship to go between stars.

[00:26:26] So again, racing could have always been baked into the DNA of the UE5 thing. So no problem. A shooter. Now that one. is definitely showing up now, especially with the latest version of the, the bot thing. And then even the metagravity thing, they were accidentally during the, during the test, I guess there were some bug that if you got too close, you automatically knifed or hit somebody or something.

[00:26:50] I don’t know. Anyways. So obviously now it’s a shooter, but racing and shooting. are not space exploration, not territorial conquest, or not political domination. They are more, and they could be places to get us there. But as someone who got the idea from the original video of exploring space, yeah, it doesn’t exist.

[00:27:09] Obviously, combat’s not there. DAL could have been there. The DACs could have been there, but they haven’t. So,

[00:27:17] are we targeting racers? Are we targeting third person shooters? Are they The gateways, the bridges, to the larger things. Again, sure, why not? All makes sense, but whatever. Moving on Sage Again, now I’m starting to hear conflicting comments on whether or not it’ll exist, but it was like, I was always under the impression it’s gonna have a new game ID.

[00:27:38] So basically everything that exists now will go away and we’ll have to start a new game. But, kind of the Atlas Brew, it sounded like, well, no, they’ll, they’ll just connect. the same. And I’m like, but you guys told us they’re going to have to build starbases, so don’t the current starbases have to go away?

[00:27:52] But again, I’m not really trying to nitpick on that. It’s just more of the fact that the things we have now Maybe are development for the future things, but they won’t exist in the future. Maybe racing will always exist, maybe shooting will always exist, I don’t know. But, but, Sage, and maybe it’s partly because there’s no racing, there’s no shooters, and the showroom has very limited replay and engagement.

[00:28:17] But, Sage was supposed to be about, oh, you can replay. Again, get to back on my own personal take. I guess I just want to play something fun. Or at least have some goal to accomplish. And again, if Sage is going to Change and then we’ll have star bases and loyalty points and that’s going to get rid of the RFRs, which got rid of the golden tickets, which again, month later, Ooh, golden tickets, whatever.

[00:28:46] I just want something fun to play. So here’s my summary and kind of wrap this up. I guess, I guess I’m feeling more and more that I am not the target audience for Star Atlas. I thought I was. I hope I am for the future, but maybe I’m not. Cause again, you’re, there’s 13, 000 ships coming out. I guess if you’re a whale, sure you can buy that.

[00:29:11] And again, if you bought it, it’s got a lot of benefits to playing Sage right now, lots of gains. If you could transport lots of cargo, but I can’t. And. Even though I’m enjoying score now, because at least I’m earning some atlas, I realized if you step back, it’s not for me either. It only became interesting once I got my big I don’t even remember what I got now.

[00:29:33] X, 6, 9, I don’t know. Medium ship, small ship, whatever. Not an extra small. A bunch of extra smalls for a year. And then I got a birthday, er, Christmas present and got a bigger ship. And now I get a decent amount of atlas. But, if I was just a little ships No, my atlas was barely anything. So again, score seems like for whales too.

[00:29:59] So everything’s for whales. Guess you gotta pay, somebody’s gotta pay to develop a game. Again, and Team’s been up front about this. They wanna develop in secret for two or three years, take funding, and then come out with a game that you pay 60 bucks for. And again, we’ll use the most current one that came out that’s typical, is Starfield.

[00:30:18] Yeah, apparently it’s been developed for ten years or something. Okay, that’s fine, there’s nothing wrong with that development cycle. But, I can’t fund you. I don’t, I don’t, you know, if I had the money, I’d Those games, this is not where my money goes, sorry. House, car, mortgage, kids, groceries, you name the list.

[00:30:39] Buying a 13, 000 NFT, nah, it’s not on there. But, I’m starting to think more and more that on the other hand, racing games not for me. Shooter game, maybe, but I’m getting old, I don’t have the reflexes anymore. I’m sure I’ll get shot all the time. And, on the other hand, if you like those gameplay styles, there’s already tons of other games you can play right now.

[00:31:04] When you say the racing game is kind of like Mario Kart, well, you know, you could just go play Mario Kart. Sure, you don’t own Mario Kart, but, you know, anyways, so, what is Star Atlas then? Right now. What is it? Right now. And I’m not sure anymore. And the only thing I can say for sure that I know it is, is if you want to watch a game being developed.

[00:31:26] And there is something kind of cool about that, something cool about being part of a community, something cool about seeing the next feature and getting excited, but it doesn’t sustain you very long. And, and I don’t know, maybe this roadmap will re excite me, maybe the next version of Sage where we get to work as a faction to build a starbase or something and earn loyalty points for how much effort we put in.

[00:31:56] You know, maybe all those things will kind of change my opinion, but again, who’s a target gamer for Star Allies? I don’t know. I really don’t. And then it kind of dawned on me, why don’t I? I’m just the normal, old, oldie, oldie person. Oldie gamer. Gamer has been doing it for way too many decades. Just a gamer.

[00:32:21] I’m not a guild, not a guild leader, not a whale. Just, just a gamer who wants to play some games. It is kind of cool watching it being developed. You know, that’s cool. But, but why? And, kind of had this final thought. Who are the current employees now? Let’s start out with us. They’re developers. A couple of economics people.

[00:32:44] Community people. Again, all those people are doing great work. There’s lots of awesome development stuff. You know, Sage, don’t get me wrong, is cool. All three versions. 3D version. The economy, this thing, I mean. I don’t understand it, but yet I kind of feel I could do. And again, I’m throwing blockchain in all this.

[00:33:03] I’m sure there’s blockchain developers too. And that’s amazing that we’re doing transactions and Solana and this and that and all that, and the community team is great. You know, showing up regularly in discord weekly meetings total as much as they can share their sharing again, that’s all great, but who else is star Atlas again?

[00:33:27] Their Instagram account, old. Facebook account, old. Articles on the website, none. Medium articles, once on Blue Moon. Is this who the team is? Now, again, I’m not criticizing the team. They suffered a change in revenue and things like that. I mean, again, but I’m a gamer. I, I want Well, I want a game, but I also want to feel part of the future and what’s coming and where’s my space exploration?

[00:33:55] Where’s my territorial conquest? Where’s my political domination? I, I, I got, I, yeah, I don’t have any of those. So anyways, I know I’ve been kind of rambling might have just been a hard week but I didn’t engage much with Star Atlas this week Community Week’s cool, but, you know, still a month away.

[00:34:16] And, and, you know, watching a great video on Chimera and Scor and Sage from Beyond the Horizon really got me thinking you know, 30 some atlas. Why am I doing either one of them? Anyways, so I know this is kind of a weird place to end it, but this is just how I thought this week and, and how kind of some of the things that came out made me think hopefully Yeah, but again, I’m not even hopeful.

[00:34:40] That’s not the right term. This is just what it is. And again, I kind of said this on some of the leases in December and other things that this is just what it is. And it, it sure feels at least this first month different than it felt last year. Maybe it’s because I’ve been in this thing now for two years and, and I’m not even upset.

[00:35:00] I don’t have anything to show for it. I’m not even upset that the game style isn’t showing progress. It’s just, I don’t know, maybe this is how people just lose interest in things when they just aren’t engaging. And that could be any hobby. And again, this is a hobby to me. This is, I don’t feel like I’m making, this is an investment.

[00:35:21] I always wanted just to play a game. There isn’t a game. So, I’ll just leave it at that because I’m babbling and taking too much of your time and not providing you any content other than just hearing what I have to say. So, let me just go ahead and wrap it up. Again, if you want to get my weekly newsletter of all the other Star Wars news so you too can come up with your own ideas on what you think about everything, please go to intergalacticherald.

[00:35:44] com. Look for the news recap, put, type in your email. Again, there’ll be pop ups there, so you probably won’t be too hard to find them. I do still have two Star Atlas projects I’m slowly working on. One is my merch store. Please go to intergalacticgear. com, sign up for my merch survey. And if you’d like to hang out with other, hopefully other people think like me and they’re just gamers and want to talk about Star Atlas, hopefully someday we’ll get into some strategy or, or again.

[00:36:08] We could probably talk about strategy right now. And maybe, maybe that’s ultimately the problem. Talking to yourself is well, weird. So if you want to talk to other people please go to intergalactic coalition. com. Fill out my interest survey and maybe we’ll get a few people together and we can, we can chat about this.

[00:36:23] So wrap that up. My name is Matt. I’m with the Intergalactic Herald. Have a great week ahead.

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