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Podcast 43: Star Atlas Weekly Review

In this episode, we recap the latest news of Star Atlas from the past week.

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Podcast Transcript

[00:00:00] Hi, this is Matt with Intergalactic Herald. Welcome to my Star iOS Week in Review podcast. This is podcast number 43. Any links, articles mentioned, you can go to intergalacticherald. com and look for news recap number 98. So just start out before the main content section, just again some standard things again, looking to have some guests on the podcast.

[00:00:23] So if you’re interested in coming on either to be interviewed, say you’re a Star Atlas content creator or builder, or if you. are looking just to hang out with another Star Atlas community member and talk about the week in review. I’d love to have you on the show if we can schedule a time. So please go to intergalacticherald.

[00:00:41] com. Look for the contact page and just fill that out and that’ll get to me. Also, if you’re I do have two Star Atlas build projects that I’m working on. One is a merch store called intergalacticgear. com. If you go check that out right now so far, it just has a merch survey looking to build up kind of some people that might be interested in both what they would like to buy.

[00:01:02] And then eventually some people I can put on my email newsletter to send out either you know, what’s coming down the line for new items for sale, maybe some discounts, things like that. Please fill that out. I really appreciate it. That’s intergalacticgear. com. And then the second project I’m working on in the Star Atlas universe is the my, what I’m calling a non guild guild.

[00:01:23] So this is Intergalactic Coalition, intergalacticcoalition. com. So basically this is a place for people that are not interested in the traditional guild structure. Again, nothing wrong with guilds, but, I’m just not interested in joining the guild, so I figured why not build up a community of people like myself that are just Star Atlas gamers, just want to hang out talk about Star Atlas, don’t find the official Star Atlas Discord the best place only because it’s so many people, and chat So what I’m doing is putting together a community platform using a technology that allows for threaded discussions, email alerts, other things like that, so that we can chat that way and basically at whatever time fits yours, but not these kind of more chat based things.

[00:02:07] It is a paid community or it will be a paid community, partly to offset the cost of the community software, but also basically again, to. pay for some of my time to moderate and set things up. So again, that’s intergalacticcoalition. com. So let’s get into the bulk of the content of this podcast, which is different content.

[00:02:28] I will note I am recording this on Saturday, I guess we’ll call it Christmas Eve Eve. So it’s the past week which was sort of the last week of the Star Atlas team being quote unquote in the studio though. I have a feeling they’re a distributed team, so I guess we’ll call it a virtual studio.

[00:02:46] So these are articles and announcements that came out in the last week. And so there may be less things coming up next week, but we’ll kind of, of course, see. I think there might be some community things coming out. So first one I wanted to kind of chat on is last week’s Metaverse Nomads interview.

[00:03:03] They actually interviewed, I think either the founder or co founder of Honeyland, which was Well, I didn’t know what it was until I heard the interview, but anyways, they were doing that Honeyland and Star Atlas are doing a collaboration within the Star Atlas labs where you can basically craft something in Honeyland and as the person was interviewed mentioned.

[00:03:23] So Honeylands, I guess more of a play to own. as a play to earn. It is a crypto web3 type game, but the whole wallet is kind of kept behind the scenes in their thing. Something about bees. I wasn’t actually 100 percent sure what it was. I did put a note to go look at it, but I, I just haven’t had time and like, well, anyways, it was a very hard week trying to wrap up my business stuff to get ready for hopefully taking some time off between the holidays for myself.

[00:03:52] So it’s on my to do list, but anyways, it was really fascinating. If you’re interested in learning more about that. Game community definitely check out the Metaverse Nomads interview. I did find the two points one I already mentioned that was really interesting was again, how they’re focusing more on a play to own model.

[00:04:08] With the idea that the benefits of crypto and web three are you own your assets. Now again, start out with, obviously has that component, but they were keeping for their onboarding as they bring people into the game that, you know, you have a wallet, but you don’t have to really worry about it. And again, They go into a lot of details on all that, but that’s fine.

[00:04:26] It was more of the, the collaboration. So anyway, so that was cool. One other thing I guess I should mention on the content coming up and I guess I should always just mention this. So, I don’t consume the Star Atlas content in a linear order as I try to digest all the content, I don’t really get much of it done during the week, so I kind of catch up on Friday night when I put together the list of all the content, which goes out of my Weekly News Recap, i.

[00:04:49] e. intergalacticherald. com. Please sign up for my newsletter there. So some of these are maybe out of order. If you’re wondering, well, why is he talking about the Atlas Brew after the town hall or something like that? Well, again, it’s just what suits my interest what fits my schedule for listening.

[00:05:04] For example, I listened to the, the upcoming or what I’ll talk about the town hall and walking the dogs one morning, which came the day before the Atlas Brew, which I only listened to today. So anyway, so Again, this is not meant to be a chronological order. So it’s just either when I found out about it, thought about it, wrote down some of my talking points that I go off of for this podcast.

[00:05:27] So again, just FYI that this is in a chronological order. So anyway, so the next big content piece was the release of Sage 3D. So I think the team had mentioned that they were going to do this. This again was like an interim before the. Sage star based which was supposed to be the next version of Sage and it was the idea that they were going to introduce some 3d Views into Sage.

[00:05:54] It’s still going to use the same What are they calling it game ID? So again, everything is on the blockchain in one place. It always sets the promise that, you know, your ship is your ship, but there’s different ways to interact with it. So the UE5 part is different than the Sage part. Well, apparently the Sage 3D part is the same as the Sage Labs part.

[00:06:16] So you are able to do the same things. Though they did mention at the outset that not all the commands that are in Sage Labs will exist in Sage 3D. So, interestingly cool, the one demo video, I forget where they showed So I finally got a chance I guess this was last weekend, I think, to fire it up.

[00:06:37] And I had already removed all my ships from Sage Labs, so I pulled one ship back, made it a, or I was going to try to make it a fleet. So I got it into my Sage part of my wallet. However, none of my transactions, wallet transactions, went through. So whether to I can’t remember if it started with moving it, but definitely forming a fleet adding resources.

[00:06:58] Anyways, it just wasn’t working for me, but everything was fine in labs. So, I’ll admit, I just now, I have heard, perhaps, those were initial bugs, which have then been fixed, but again, I just had some time, I think this was last weekend, and just had no time this week, so I will give it one more shot, only because whatever bugs the team was going to fix, they probably have fixed them, and now that they’re on winter break, they’re probably not going to fix anything else, so who knows but I did over here on the Metaverse nomads.

[00:07:31] One of the one of the hosts mentioned that his wasn’t working either. So I, I guess I just didn’t want to spend any more time. So but again, the team had said that if it doesn’t work, you can always go back to lab. So I guess it’s fine, but, and here’s where there’ll be a common thread to this podcast.

[00:07:47] Kind of my, not necessarily ramblings, but kind of more of my. Soapbox standing on saying, huh? I just, I just don’t understand why you release something. Oh, that was the other thing. There was a post that the Sage 3D had known bugs. Just warning everybody. And Cool, but why are we sending this right before the holidays?

[00:08:05] Now again, I’ll I, technically, probably a week has gone by, so I haven’t tried it a second time. So maybe it’s playable on my computer now, but again, it was something I was kind of thinking, oh, this would be cool to take a look at and, and try out over the holidays. So again, hopefully they they patch it.

[00:08:20] And again, maybe they have, I just haven’t had time to look at it. So moving on. There is a star OS Reddit subreddit. If you’re not aware, I definitely would check that out. I guess there’s lots of places, but it gets a little traction. A lot of content creators post their videos on there and there’s sometimes, so not a lot of conversations, but I did find one that was popped up.

[00:08:41] Somebody was basically saying that there’s so many taxes slash fees for star Atlas. And I think, don’t quote me. In fact, I didn’t even put this in the, the. My rundown of recaps because it was just something but I think they might have said they were a star atlas Or excuse me a star citizen point which again nothing wrong with that But again coming quote unquote from outside the community But I think they brought some really good points and I have I haven’t really done enough to really understand But I know when I was playing sage labs initially I realized that I had a decent amount of atlas in my wallet But by the time I finally ended there wasn’t a lot left and so And the, but the point, the person, the moderator there in the subreddit for Startout was just pointing out was, well, these are Solana fees.

[00:09:27] So they’re not really taxes. The team isn’t actually getting money. And he mentioned that the crafting fees are actually what are going to the DAO. Now, again, just not a hundred percent sure. I haven’t followed this close enough, I always was on the impression that, yeah, you pay for Solana, but it’s pennies, so it doesn’t really matter, but the Atlas did seem to add up, and I think, again, there was something about, well, you’re really just creating rent accounts, again, I don’t know all my right terms on Solana and blockchains, but again, you would get some of it back, but regardless of all that the details, even though it would be really cool to find out, like, I How much does it actually cost to do all these things?

[00:10:08] I think the, the thing that really spurred it to me was, again, this seems to me like one of the downsides of blockchain gaming. I mean, no, Solana doesn’t cost a lot, but it doesn’t cost zero. And if you’re playing Call of Duty or Starfield or whatever, doing things in the game does not cost anything.

[00:10:27] You buy the game, you get to play, maybe you buy a skin, whatever. And. I guess I was just again realizing that, I mean, it’s cool that quote unquote Star Atlas is on the blockchain, but, but, but why? I mean, or maybe I should say the gameplay. Why does it matter that the gameplay is on the blockchain? Now, I kind of feel like years, months ago, years ago, there was a talk, something about, well, when we get to the final game, you know, we’ll bundle transactions or something.

[00:10:58] And again, I don’t even remember if I heard that right or whatever. It does, it does seem like kind of an arbitrary, maybe it’s not even arbitrary because I guess again, if the game logic is on chain, if you’re going to dock and undock and move and sub warp and mine and craft, those are all blockchain transactions.

[00:11:20] And yes, again, a couple cents or micro cents on Solana, but I’m kind of reminded in a. Trying to remember where this came up. Oh, Oh my date myself now off, off office. No, Oh, it was the movie. Oh, it’s going to be office space. Classic movie. And they decide to their couple, it was a class. It’s how terrible it is working in a cubicle offices.

[00:11:48] Anyways, they come up with this brilliant strategy to steal or. Divert the half a cent from rounding errors. Anyways, point is, at the end of it, they make tens of thousands of dollars and probably going to go to jail, whatever, because those things add up over time. And I guess that’s the thing I’m thinking, that even if a single Solana fee transaction is less than a penny, do it a hundred times and now it’s actually something.

[00:12:14] So, I I’m not necessarily against it, but I guess I’m starting to wonder like, well, why? I mean, I get the cool part about owning your ships and resources and, and things like that. But if every single time we ever move or do anything there’s a, there’s a cost, even if it’s not zero. So, and, and the other thing I realized too is again, there was the whole Atlas payer where we’re paying in Atlas and the Star Atlas team then transitioned or transfers out to Solana for us, which again, cool, and they make money off of it.

[00:12:50] So again, we want to. Keep money coming into the Star Atlas team. Anyways, it, it just was interesting, an outsider, somebody who definitely has not been in the community for a while, or at all, and noticing, you know, the difference there, because obviously, I bestow Star Citizen. Obviously it doesn’t work on a blockchain hence they’re not doing transactions.

[00:13:11] So, again, it’s, it’s not really criticism. It’s, it’s just, again, I guess, looking at the choice of, of everything being on a blockchain. Again, maybe it’s needed, but it still feels like it’s a membranization choice. I would think, I could be wrong. Maybe it just, this is what you want to, this is all you, this is what you have to do if you do blockchain gaming.

[00:13:32] Oh, okay, cool. But it would be nice to. I guess really understand the total cost because I know when I move that one ship back in the checkout, Sage 3D, I, cost me like 200 Atlas. Now again, maybe I’m going to get all those back when I disband my fleet, but, but still. Okay, moving on. I guess it was last Tuesday, I think Star Atlas had a town hall, so it was hosted by Michael Wagner, the CEO, and Sante, Sante, Sante, excuse me, the community director, and they were just talking, kind of doing a year in review I guess just one thing It wasn’t much different than Atlas Brew, but again, I know the town halls in years past were these big events but naming, but it doesn’t really matter.

[00:14:14] But again, it was basically a one hour thing. So we got definitely a lot of new information that came out. Again, they were kind of doing a year in review, where are we now, and where we’re going. So I think, great topics in To wrap up or end up the year. So but there were some things. So one the Honeyland collaboration was delayed.

[00:14:33] They didn’t really say why, but okay, fine. No problem. Also unexpected because. I don’t think anybody had heard or even thought about this, something called Sage Labs version two was announced again, nothing was ever spoken, and I’m aware of, of this through official channels anyways. And, and what was really interesting was that the map of the Sage Labs became a dynamic map, so it was going to show, it’s going to show like ships, where they are.

[00:15:02] Inside the, on the map you can click on them. You can get their names, you can get their ship types what they’re doing. Resources they’re either having or whatever. So and again, there was another community builder who had built a map that really helped with SDU scanning. So I thought this was really cool.

[00:15:20] I mean, it was really, really cool. So I think they alluded to that was going to be released almost right after the town hall. So but the one thing that was kind of interesting is I sure thought I remember him saying that SageLabs was sort of done, wasn’t going to keep being developed. Now, I don’t know if this is a change in goals because the starbase is going to take longer.

[00:15:41] Again, we got Sage 3D, which, okay, cool. And now we got a version 2 of SageLabs, you know. It’s fine. I mean, these are all interesting. So the other thing that mentioned was that the, the DAC platform was was delayed. So there was speculation that I’d be out by the year. So that one definitely wasn’t coming or isn’t, isn’t coming this year.

[00:16:03] And then as we they started talking about the next year. 2024 some of the things that were mentioned were definitely the showroom release 2. 2 is the one they’re actually going to focus on a mainstream audience. So they’re not going to require game keys. It’s going to be open to everyone.

[00:16:19] So that was kind of, maybe that’s been stated before, but again, this was official. So that was interesting. And was also noted that the crew cards, which were announced at break point for First quarter 2024 are delayed along with the mobile app and it kind of sounded like middle of the year. So quite a bit of delay from first quarter.

[00:16:43] And again, even the mobile app was Being talked about earlier this year. So anyways so anyway, so that was a great town hall. It’s nice to hear all the things again. If you’re listening, you want to watch the whole thing and strongly encourage it. You can go onto the list at Intergalactic Herald News Recap number 92 and you can get that.

[00:17:05] Otherwise, they’re also pretty sure there’s a link to the TODR. Too long didn’t read. Yeah. Yeah. Sorry. I think that’s a community member named Beth who does that. So I think she has like a three minute summary. So either one of those you can check out, but again, lots of great content there. So moving on at some point the Sage Labs V2 came out.

[00:17:27] Again, it was really cool demo video showing where you could see all the ships and resources and that. However following along a little bit on the discord, apparently there were so many issues that they had to re release version one. Okay, I mean, I guess if the version doesn’t work now, you go back to the other one.

[00:17:47] So, again we now have Sage Labs version 1, we have Sage Labs version 2, we have Sage 3D. So, kind of cool, three different games or products all running on the same stuff. So, kind of cool. But again, not ready for prime time. And they immediately had to re release the version before. So, moving on, next topic.

[00:18:11] So sometime this past week again, a couple weeks ago, it was announced in the Never Alone campaign that one of the things you could earn was Puri, a new pet in the game. This has definitely caused a lot of split within the community. Is it cute? Is it not? Again, personal preference.

[00:18:30] However, some community members decided to turn it into a meme coin called Puri. And I have to admit, this is just fascinating partly because prior to joining Star Atlas, I was actually in a community that was focused around what they were calling creator coins. It was on the rally network, which has since gotten defunct.

[00:18:52] So I was in a community that was for entrepreneurs that then decided this would be a great way to get into web three and crypto. And anyway, it’s a long story cause again, disappeared. But anyway, so I, I kind of ever so vaguely familiar with a community driven coin now. I am not familiar with any of the mean, mean coins out there, doge and bonk.

[00:19:14] I mean, again, this is way beyond my current understanding of anything related to crypto. My vague understanding or my, my goal was to learn about crypto through star Atlas, which I’m getting. I am directly indirectly learning. So it’s really cool. So it’s it’s, so it’s very interesting. I. Not following exactly what Puri coin is, how it’s working.

[00:19:35] I saw some posts on Twitter, they’re going to give out it to what was, I think it was a hundred top Atlas holders or Impolis holders and some other they had a whole bunch of criteria. And again, it, Probably it’s all changed by now, too. But again, it was really fascinating because it was a community built thing, apparently, with no input or direction from the Stylus team itself.

[00:20:00] But again, with the build program, it is, Stylus is IP, but we can do whatever we want up until what is it, a million dollars in revenue or something? Now I guess the team could say, not that, but sure, as of recording this, it, it’s not been Disowned by the team. I mean, sorry, it’s been disowned by the team, but it hasn’t been stopped by the team.

[00:20:19] So anyways, I’m just fascinated to see where this goes and kind of what and I don’t know. I think it’s just, it’s just fun. It’s just something fun to do. So late in the week, the first economic change to the system came out and as was mentioned, I think in two Atlas brews or last week’s Atlas brew that the econ team will go.

[00:20:40] Yeah. Vaguely announce a change is coming so to kind of give people a heads up But they won’t announce what it is, and then they’ll announce it, and then it’ll happen. So apparently the big takeaway though There were others, but I guess this is a big takeaway because it affects me because I’m right now pretty much faction fleet passive star atlas player that they were going to change the missions rate to kind of starting incentivizing people to leave score faction fleet and move into sage lab.

[00:21:09] So they were dropping the atlas earnings by a third, 33%. So I’m accepting it. I’m, I’m fine still to me using sage as a time time thing that I, I, I Definitely last two weeks had zero time to move ships to gain resources to, I guess, sell them on the marketplace. Because as I’ve mentioned in previous podcasts, I got my, my ship and my claims or land stake.

[00:21:38] And those were the things that were within my interest in time. And yeah, again, kind of resources, or sorry, mining resources without a long term goal, just. I don’t have the time to do that. Even if there was some economic incentive within the marketplace to sell resources or crafty resources as I’ve pretty sure I’ve mentioned before I can spend another hour in my business and earn way more money than my fleet can do.

[00:22:09] So again, I’m I’m, I’m a gamer, I want to play, I want to be engaged, I want to have fun, and Sage Labs in its current form is not fun. To me, to me, just to me. So but on this Atlas fleet change, apparently it broke. Again, I’m, I’m getting to it, but you’re, you’ll be noticing a pattern by the time we’re done.

[00:22:28] So It didn’t work. And there was some posts in the discord about, well, you can’t really claim things now, but we’ll get a fix before we go on vacation. And again, you release an economic change to the functional part. I mean, Sage or sorry score faction fleet. Is it two years? Yeah. I think it’s two years old.

[00:22:48] Never changed. So two days before you guys all head out of the office, you make a change. Yeah. I mean. I, I just don’t get it. I’m sorry. I just don’t get it. This is a perfect thing you could have done in January. I mean, there’s just no reason. Again, maybe there’s an economic reason. I guess there is.

[00:23:08] Live YouTube I haven’t listened to that came out, I think Friday morning with Hologram News Network and Chris, the head of economics. So I’ll, I’ll, if I have time, I’ll listen to it. But I, I just, sorry, I just can’t really think of what was the economic reason to change this. I mean, I get the bigger picture one, but two days before you guys go on break.

[00:23:28] As of taping, I Yes, I, I believe in the Starrascus Gourd, the announcement section, they have said that that issue is fixed. But again, I don’t know why this was even thought of being released a couple days before. And then the last major content thing I did finally get around to reading listening to the Atlas Brew.

[00:23:48] So again, this is usually the one on Wednesday. So again, things are out of sequence in my talk. Yeah, economy change came out on Thursday. The Atlas brew was on Wednesday. The town hall was on Tuesday. Don’t remember when the curate. Pure, sorry. Puree coin , pure puree coin, assuming I’m even saying that right.

[00:24:07] Puree, I’m gonna go with Purey anyways. So they started out with Boo was a great kind of end of the year one. They kind of talked a little bit down town hall, but what I found really interesting that isn’t kind of a repeat of some of the other content was kind of the, the, the predictions from the three hosts.

[00:24:22] So again, Santi Jose and Dom. Dominic. And I, and I think actually it was it was spot on that, you know, looking forward, things that they’re on. And I guess they’re working on a road map to publish. Again, no dates, but just a road map. And I, I think that’s great. It’s, whenever the last time we saw something, I’m sure it’s completely outdated.

[00:24:42] I’m not even cocking on dates, just orders of operation. I don’t think crew cards was even on that mobile app, maybe. Anyways, but the two, and again, I think this is really where we’re seeing. thE progression getting over the, the financial issues with the FTX, the staffing reductions and then the, the products that have come out or come out, but buggy this year is two things.

[00:25:09] One is the new version of the showroom. So this version 2. 2 is really been spoke. One as again was mentioned, it’s a town hall that this is the one that’s going to focus on the mainstream no more codes. So obviously this will appeal to people in you know, the Epic Games Store, anybody can download it.

[00:25:26] You know, that’s a good point. Anyone can download, right? They’re not going to charge for that game. You’ll just have to buy a ship or. You can probably play the free ship if I remember how it works. But anyway, so they’re really focusing on that. And again, I think this is the version of the showroom that’s going to have the features that appeal to a much wider audience.

[00:25:47] So again, there’s been all the demos and work in progress of the racing components. And oh, I forgot to mention the, the, there, there’s, they did still say that there’s a UE5 version 2. 1. 9 still going to be out quote by the end of the year, but it could slip. So technically as of taping that has been answered, but yeah, just the way I work content that’s Friday night is may or may not go into my recaps.

[00:26:17] I just, I gotta, you know, this, I’m not a breaking news. person. I’m sorry. I’m analysis. I’m reflection on all the things that occurred. So at some point I just say news didn’t happen. I’ll catch it on the next recap. So but anyways, I, I think again, this, this version of showroom one is something that I think I mentioned a couple of times.

[00:26:37] I tried to get into this game and bring my Now college age son in, but score of course wasn’t a game, didn’t at all have any of the mechanics that games he was playing at the time, like can’t remember I don’t even know what he plays, it’s two years ago, so, you know, again, the traditional AAA shooter, or, you know, you know, PC game.

[00:27:02] Yeah, again, score was never it. Sage is not it. Mobile app’s not it. So again, I can say all I want, but there’s nothing to hold, you know, that age group into the current Star Atlas stuff. So but you know, again, having the, the racing components potentially, and I’ve seen, again, they’ve shown videos that there might be a, Classic shooter type of thing though.

[00:27:23] I guess it’s not first person shooter. It’s third person shooter True, but it’s still a shooter so shooter racing and and potentially other related things So yeah, that sounds much more mainstream with the crypto back end whether you choose or not. So again, that does sound really interesting then someone also mentioned that they’re actually really excited for the new version, which is sage star based now I’m completely forgetting what it’s supposed to have other than Star base is, I don’t know if combat’s in that one or not, I guess we’ll, we’ll see.

[00:27:55] It doesn’t matter. But again, I, I do agree that you know everything. We’ve seen this SAGE 3D version two. If again, there is a showroom release these are all incremental. They’re obviously all beta, alpha buggy, but they do show a natural progression of improvements. So if these two products are. Again, maybe with the crew cards, maybe with the mobile app again, we’re, we’re seeing, I think the whole vision finally.

[00:28:24] So I thought those are great Predictions. Now again, they’re team members, so they probably know more than they’re leading on, but Hey, that’s fine too. So anyways, so that’s been kind of a date. So again end of the year they talked about three things they wanted to push out. One was the DAC platform not going to happen.

[00:28:41] Now there was Sage 3d. Rocky release though. They again warned that it had known bugs. And then this Sage labs version two completely out of the blue. But again, buggy and then new economy changes. Again, buggy. The reason I say buggy is and again, this will be the, the critical, what do you call it, constructive criticism, critical critique is this expectation about dates.

[00:29:12] I just don’t understand. Breakpoint, public presentation, crew cards, first quarter 2024. Yeah, it’s not going to happen. We’re going to release three things by the end of the year. And I Okay. Two out of three. No, one out of three. I, I guess again, the UE thing does come out, but I don’t know if it’s buggy or not.

[00:29:37] So I just don’t get it for a, for a community and a team that has a meme itself about four to six weeks. Why are we still saying dates? And I mean this seriously, stop. saying dates. If you can’t hit a date, don’t say it. And again, I’m fine with, hey, we’re a week late. Nobody’s, nobody’s going to do it. But I mean, you’re pushing to get all this stuff out by the end of the year.

[00:30:07] And it wasn’t ready for prime time. It wasn’t, sorry, it wasn’t even ready to run. And oh, well, we’re rushing to try to go on break. Just go on break, push this stuff out in January. Nobody’s going to care. Anybody who’s really into this again, we’re not being focused on the mainstream. So. I, I, I just would, I would just stop saying dates.

[00:30:28] And again, when you say a date and then you push it off six more months, again, I, I just don’t get it. But again, I don’t know if this is a, a case of making sure people know, Hey, they’re developing things and they’re going to get stuff out. But and maybe I’m just being too serious about seeing a date, but I, I just, I just don’t understand.

[00:30:48] So there’s my little rant my soapbox. Whatever. But to end on a positive note in the end we have short memories. And I don’t mean that in a, a cynical or sarcasm. You know, I’m, I’m excited for what’s coming out. Hey, you know, maybe the Sage 3D is going to work when if I try it this weekend or next week and when I’m off.

[00:31:06] Cool. You know, the, the progression is there, the idea of building in the public, showing things, there’s lots of great content that gets displayed in the Foundation, which I can’t talk about, but, you know, there’s, there’s a, there’s a lot there, this is a, still a very, very interesting project the idea of a game, a metaverse, and an ecosystem again, it’s all really great, and I think, to be honest, the big thing is, I just don’t have patience.

[00:31:34] It’s as, as a person. And, and the reason why is I got other things to do. And again, I’m not, but I do, I got a business, I got a family. I got, you know, just so much stress that is outside of my hobbies. And again, Star Atlas to me is a game. It is my hobby. And when somebody says, Hey, we’re going to have something out by the year, I’m like, okay, cool.

[00:31:55] I’m looking forward to that. And then it doesn’t come out. Now, again, I’m not going to care about it in a month. It’s not going to make me sell all my assets and go away, but I just, I just don’t understand. So I’ll just have patience. So next year, again, when I hear dates, I’ve been around the block enough within the starless community, they’ll be completely discounted and not even considered.

[00:32:19] It’s okay. It doesn’t change anything. You know, I still haven’t seen progress in there. So again, I guess I just have to have patience, but it would really help me to have more patience if I don’t think something’s going to come when somebody says, because again, you say something, man, I don’t want to get off because I’m not criticizing anyone or the team, but again, just.

[00:32:40] Anyways, moving on, that’s it. So the Stardust team is now on their winter holiday break. Apparently it’s a full two weeks, so should not see much. Well, we shouldn’t see any official news come out. Does sound like the community maybe, mentioning different things. I think already there’s a interesting roundtable that some of the community leaders or, or, or guild leaders or content creators are putting out.

[00:33:02] So that’s kind of cool. So I’ll see if next week I have a video or a podcast or not. Again, it’ll all depend on if there’s anything to talk about or it’ll be really short if there’s not a lot. So. Thanks for all that. Thanks for listening to my rant. Again, just to wrap up again, if you’re interested in the content mentioned if you go to intergalactichero.

[00:33:19] com, look for the news recap 90, 92, you’ll get links to all that. Please sign up. You’ll be probably popped up pop up on the website or you can look for the news sign up newsletter sign up there. And again, just wanted to point out if you’re interested in and engaging, supporting, being involved with a couple of my Star Atlas build projects.

[00:33:38] Again, looking to develop a merch store. Hope to make some progress this winter break, since I might have some free time. Go to intergalacticgear. com, fill out the merch survey there. Greatly appreciate your insight and Any contact information you want to share for future. And then if you’re a Star Atlas gamer, want to hang out with other people, don’t want to join a guild, don’t find the Star Atlas official discord the best place to hang out and learn and talk please go to intergalacticcoalition.

[00:34:03] com, fill out my interest survey there. Once I get enough people I’ll start communicating how I’d like to set up that community. So Wrapping it up, again, hope you have, if you’re celebrating great holidays new year, all that stuff. And again, may or may not see you next week. So again, this is Matt with Intergalactic Herald.

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