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Podcast 42: Star Atlas Weekly Review

In this episode, we recap the latest news of Star Atlas from the past week.

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Podcast Transcript

[00:00:00] Hi, this is Matt with the Intergalactic Herald. Welcome to my Star Atlas Week in Review podcast. This is podcast number 42. Any articles or videos mentioned, you can find links to them. If you go to intergalacticherald. com and look for News Recap 91. So just a couple of quick things before I get started on all the content.

[00:00:18] I am looking for guests to be on the podcast, it could be in the form of an interview or if you want to hang out and chat about the week in review, we could do kind of a roundtable discussion. Please go to intergalacticherald. com and go to the contact page and just reach me there, or you can reach me through the different social things intergalacticherald on discord or I forget what my exact Twitter handle is, but anyways, if you go to intergalacticherald.

[00:00:43] com, all my socials are down there if you prefer to reach out that way. Do you want to mention two Star Atlas projects that I’m working on. One is a merch store that’ll be at intergalacticgear. com. Still trying to find time throughout business, family, and now the holidays in the mix there, but still on the plan, still trying to make progress.

[00:01:06] Still waiting for my bank bank application, checking account to be approved. But anyways if you would like, please go to intergalacticgear. com and I have a merch survey there. A few people have filled it out in the last few weeks, so I greatly appreciate that. Gives me some ideas once I get all the infrastructure, the business structure and financial stuff set up.

[00:01:23] And then I get the e commerce store and the links to the merch supplier setup, then I can actually finally start getting to the fun creative part, which is building the actual merchandise. So, and then the second thing I’m working on is called Intergalactic Coalition. I’m calling it my non guild guild, so this is for startless gamers who just want to hang out, talk to other gamers, not really interested in Joining a traditional guild that will exist within star Alice.

[00:01:50] Still want to just swap stories, talk about things. But what I’m going to do different than a lot of groups or communities is going to use a different platform than discord. So it’s actually a paid platform. Hence why this is one reason this is a paid community. So the benefit of this is it provides for email notifications on threaded discussions.

[00:02:10] So that you can not have to show up every day and you miss something because it’s not totally based around a chat metaphor. Anyways, please check it out at Intergalactic Coalition. I do have an interest survey you can fill out there. If you leave your contact information once I reach critical mass I’ll be contacting everybody with more information.

[00:02:28] How we’ll get started fee structure, things like that, so. So let’s go ahead and move into the content from this past week. So the first one I’m bringing up is Metaverse Nomads has their livestream every Sunday. And lots of great topics. Highly recommend if you, you like to hear that.

[00:02:44] They do talk about crypto Star Atlas, sometimes other Web3 games, sometimes you have guests. Anyways do I listen on the replay on YouTube? I just, Sunday morning I have other family chores and things to do, so I, I can’t, so usually try to do it later when I’m finishing up some chores.

[00:03:02] Anyways, one of the topics that came up that caught my attention was, again, the discussion about the Neo Tokyo NFT that CEO Michael Wagner purchased. To be part of a group. I think I talked about it last podcast again. In the business world, I sometimes call these masterminds or networking groups.

[00:03:18] So totally cool. It was again brought up that he paid individually 300, 000 to buy that NFT, which in this case you’re using, I think the NFT is kind of a, uh, gated system. So you buy that and you get part of the group. But somebody mentioned in the chat that was part of the live stream is, well, why isn’t that money being spent on ads?

[00:03:39] And of course, given that I run ads for my clients in my business that just peaked perked up my curiosity on that. And I think somebody mentioned that recently Google ads has changed out there. Policies or we’ll be changing it to allow for crypto I’m not sure if it’s crypto or crypto games I vaguely remember actually getting an announcement through my official Google newsletters and stuff that I subscribe to, but I thought I’d brought in and just kind of give you a couple of thoughts on what should Star Atlas be doing marketing in general.

[00:04:09] And one thought I had was I think there were, and then they had the staff reductions. So I mean, they were posted on Instagram, Facebook. Forget her name, but she was doing, like, kind of weekly recaps on Twitter. Ash, oh, man, that’s terrible. Names just slip me. Anyways so I’m sure they lost a lot of people.

[00:04:30] In some sense, if you look back over this last year a lot of, kind of the, some of the other outreach, you know. There was no awards. What was it called? Joanie Awards. That didn’t happen. Anyways, again, I’m speculating, but it sure feels like there isn’t a marketing team anymore at Stardust. I could be wrong, but if there is, the people aren’t out there publicly, i.

[00:04:50] e. They’re not part of the community team and on Discord and Atlas Brews and things like that. And like I said, it feels like besides Twitter, all their social channels have, have changed. disappeared not been updated. But I have heard Michael Widener say on a couple of his interviews that they’re really not looking to promote yet to quote unquote mainstream gamers.

[00:05:15] So in some senses, if you’re not trying to reach a mainstream audience traditional marketing, Whether that’s through paid ads in my opinion, makes perfect sense. There’s no reason to the people that are going to find it through say. The crypto community already in the community for two or three years.

[00:05:37] There are obviously a number of content creators with the Star Atlas community. I guess I’m there now that I’m doing a podcast instead of just curating everyone else’s content, which I still do in my newsletter. Yes, that’s a self promotion there. Please go to intergalactichero. com and sign up for my weekly news recap email.

[00:05:54] But anyways, I think again, since we’re not talking mainstream gamers, it wouldn’t really make much sense to be out advertising. Secondly and I’ll get into this a little more later on when we talk about the latest version of the SageLabs that came out. I still think there’s a high barrier to entry for people.

[00:06:09] And again, I know it’s self serving. I created a guide on my website again, intergalacticherald. com to help people because I was struggling two years ago to figure out how to get a wallet and, I mean, just, just where to go and what to do and how to log in. And again, now that I’ve done it all and you, something like Sage.

[00:06:28] 3D shows up don’t even think about it, or Zealy, or the raffle, the golden ticket raffle, which you have to use your wallet and transfer stuff. I mean, I don’t even think about it anymore, but that’s because I’ve been playing around through Star Atlas with all the different crypto things. So I don’t Personally, I don’t think the onboarding is anywhere close.

[00:06:48] In fact, it’s the winter break for my college age child, and I was going to show him the new Sage 3D and see if maybe that’ll get him involved. But again, I showed him two years ago. Cash wasn’t a game, but I mean, he’d been to me the perfect target audience. What are they? Gen Z. I can’t, I don’t know my age groups anymore.

[00:07:08] Not millennials, but whatever, whatever the The kids nowadays are called. I thought this would be great, but again, it’s not a traditional game, so I don’t think we should do it. The other thing though is As a business owner myself, you cannot overstate the benefit of networking, making connections at this phase in the game development.

[00:07:27] So if purchasing this NFT to join Neo Tokyo gives Michael Wagner connections to people and awareness that the project exists that they didn’t hear about. Again, personally, it was his money. You can do anything you want with it, but I have no problems if the company paid for that. I know again, it gets back in the runway and all that other stuff, but I’ll get into that in a second as we learn some more stuff about the runway.

[00:07:53] It’s the price of doing business. So anyways, I don’t want to get off too much like I was like, it was just got me really thinking about, you know, should, should start out with speed marketing and things like that. And right or wrong, it sure definitely seems like this year they’ve taken a very I don’t even know what to call it.

[00:08:08] I, I guess, not guerrilla marketing and not kind of grassroots, maybe grassroots, but anyways, they have a very vibrant community If you’re listening to this, you’re part of that community, obviously. This podcast would not reach mainstream gamers. It’s really talking to people that already know what’s going on.

[00:08:25] They just can’t keep up with it every week. So, anyways there’s that, my thoughts on that. So moving on to some of the other content that came out this week. AFIA’s newsletter, which again, believe is published by Funcracker is always a great source of content. Again, if you go to my website, look at recap number 91, there’ll be a link to his newsletter.

[00:08:45] But again, he puts it out every week. So I highly recommend checking that out. I believe he does have an email sign up so you can get it yourself. Anyways he was able to get some information about Star Outlast, or in this case I always say it wrong. Tomatom. Anyways, the, the actual company, not just the game some of the revenue information.

[00:09:01] And apparently it was really interesting. I guess the first, according to him, the forest first week of December had more revenue than the whole month of November. Now, again, I’m not a hundred percent sure how they define revenue. In my limited understanding of like a profit loss statement, that’s stuff that came into their bank accounts.

[00:09:21] We won’t even get into accounts receivable or whatever. So, I’m going to interpret this as being what we’ve heard in the past, which is direct ship sales on the marketplace, that Star Atlas is the one selling it, and obviously the fee that gets tacked on to all marketplace transactions and the fee that exists within the Atlas payer within SageLab.

[00:09:44] So, again, not 100 percent sure whether this goes into Star Atlas’s bank account or if it goes into the DAO. I’m not following that DAO situation as closely anymore since it’s been put on the back burner. But, anyways, quote unquote, they made revenue and they made a whole lot of it in the first week of December.

[00:10:02] Awesome. The other thing that was mentioned was that, I think it was Michael Wagner stated somewhere, that the monthly spending is between 600, 000 and 800, 000 for Star Atlas. So, again, what’s spending? Obviously, gotta believe a huge chunk of that’s salary. A huge chunk has gotta be the outsourced fees they pay for the different game to studios.

[00:10:26] Again, they’re not in the manufacturing sector, so they don’t have warehouses, and they don’t have transportation costs, and shipping costs, and logistics, and stuff like that, so I gotta believe most of it is salaries and outsourced salaries in a sense. So, but anyways first time we’ve ever heard kind of what’s their I guess we’ll call it burn rate, but that has a different connotation within the startup industry.

[00:10:47] So anyways, so again, going back to you paid 300, 000 to get involved in a networking group. Okay, cool, so. Yeah, it’s a lot of money, but it’s one time access, you know, you can, again, I’m sure he doesn’t, they don’t depreciate it like they do for real equipment within a business setting. Anyways, I’m not an accountant.

[00:11:06] I, or, you know, things. Anyways but one of, a couple of other things that came out from it was Ah, never mind. I don’t even remember what that is. Moving on. It’s something written down here. Gamers or speculators, doesn’t matter. It’s been a long week for me personally, my business. I work too many long hours.

[00:11:27] Sorry for the yawn. But anyways, moving on. The other thing that was mentioned there was a collaboration with Honeyland. Now, I’m not sure who Honeyland is, but apparently there’s going to be some sort of craftable item in Sage Labs that if you do what you need to do, you You craft it, you get this thing, it’s a Honey Lab excuse me, Honey Land object.

[00:11:45] And then a hundred of them become some sort of Honey Land NFT or something? So, cool again, given the small number and the fact that I’m not really playing Sage Labs, I was like, yeah, this, just, I’m not even gonna try to figure it out. I’m sure some people have way more skills to figure out how to get that, and get that 100, 1 out of 100 or something like that.

[00:12:06] But, what the cool part I think in the bigger picture is, that Star Atlas is now back into kind of the collaboration game. Don’t think it was this year, probably last year, there was some collaborations with Sand? I can’t remember what that virtual space was called. Sand Land? No, that doesn’t sound right.

[00:12:24] But anyways, whatever it was and, and they were doing some things that way. So I think again, all real cool that some things and the fact that there’s actually a craftable item. So it’s not just, We’ll give you some, enter a drawing or something like that that there’s actual gameplay that goes along with it.

[00:12:42] So I think that’s really cool. The other thing that happened this week for kind of additional content was the regular Wednesday Atlas brew. I think this one was tied to like the next 10 days or something. So Santi, Dom and Jose. Jose, sorry, I’m not sure if I’m saying that 100 percent right did their typical thing, but it was more focused on some of the upcoming things.

[00:13:03] So lots of discussion about, and they did a, a brief demo, I think it was live cause they had another gentleman show up and wonder if he was running the screen, but the new Sage 3D, which I’ll get into a little later. Because I actually watched a different order of videos on how I watched them. So but I want to do chronological so that you know, the Iowa Spru came out on Wednesday and then other videos came out later.

[00:13:26] So anyway, so I think StarOstTV and Hallgram News Network, I think both have replays of the live stream on Discord. So, you can check that out there. But of course, by the time you listen to this Sage Labs, or Sage 3D, I’m not sure how we say it, is already out, so you can already go look at it.

[00:13:47] But, there are two other things that haven’t been spoken of more this week. One is the new DAC platform, so again, this is the Guild’s registration system. So I was actually listening on When I was driving, so I wasn’t watching the video. I was just listening to it. So I think they did some video or screen capture demo, so I didn’t physically or visually see what they were showing, but they did note some things like how to create a DAC, give it a name a few other points.

[00:14:13] I have to admit I kind of tuned out on the features only because it was a preview and so until we actually see it released. I, who knows what’s going to come out. What a couple of interesting things that were mentioned. One was that this was a quote VO release. And I guess that’s again, the internal name for like the very first one.

[00:14:33] So version zero. So it was said that there won’t be a ton of features, which I have to admit, as I heard that I was like, so we’ve been said, this is coming. We don’t really know what’s coming. And now something’s coming, but it’s really basic. And then there was again, I think someone mentioned, well, this isn’t the MVP, which I assume stands for Minimum Viable Product.

[00:14:58] So making a lot of assumptions in what was just kind of small chatter in the Atlas brew, but it’s not what they want. It’s not really ready yet, but they’re showing something and we’ll be able to do something, but you’ll have to wait to see what that something is until we release it. Okay, and was stated, even though this is one of the three things that was supposed to come out by the year.

[00:15:20] That, well, we don’t have a release date, and I think later on I’m going to talk about release dates, so I’ll skip over more of that. The last one that was mentioned, of the three, was this new showroom version, so the UE5 game. 2. 1. 9 version, even though the next one was said to be the 2. 2, this is sort of an interim, I guess.

[00:15:43] I guess this video that they also were talking about, that obviously has come out since then, is taken from that, so it kind of gives us the things, but overall they really just simply tease it, yep, there’s going to be lots of things to discover, so we’re not going to tell you what those are, but a lot of things related to the experimental and experimental.

[00:16:03] Experimental mode. And I had actually personally forgot about that. Now part of the reason I forgot about it is because if you’ve been listening to me for a while, you know I didn’t have a good enough video card to run Sage, excuse me the showroom. Especially after Ostrich. I could run it before, but then the most recent one I think it was a patch actually caused it to go away.

[00:16:20] So it’s like, well, very disappointed, but I’m not going to blame anybody for my lack of resources. Cause I mean, I didn’t have a great video card and it was old. So for my early Christmas grift, I did get a new NVIDIA. What did I get? RTX 4070 and it works. Though as a quick aside, I found out part of my problem was my windows page setting.

[00:16:41] And apparently even though I’m a good it guy, I messed up potentially years ago. Anyways. So. One way or another though, I should have a video card that’s great for multiple years. At least that’s my hope. So actually I was thinking if it thinks, I think I remember the experimental mode was in one of the versions, something you need a really big video card to handle too, or wait 20 minutes for it to load or something.

[00:17:02] So I have to make, I’m kind of more interested now in this to go and try. Plus it kind of fits with, it’s a discovery thing. I mean again, I could get bored of it really quick, but I am kind of intrigued, I’ve always been intrigued by the 3D aspect of games. Again, not that I’m not interested in the mobile app, or the browser app, or the DAO, or any of that.

[00:17:27] But again I’ve been playing 3D, traditional 3D games since before there was 3D games. A la, you know, Atari 7600, and Nintendo, and anyways. So that’s something that was actually kind of cool to see that they’re going to put more stuff in there. And, kind of. Not telling us what’s in there. So kind of cool to discover.

[00:17:45] So anyways, so that was that was really great one hour discussion. They Mentioned all the things that are coming up again in this kind of 10 day period but again half of that stuff has already occurred So you don’t need to hear from me about it moving on a couple other videos to call one was the Metaverse of nomads had his not necessarily unfortunately regularly anymore, but he does Occasionally still put out content and always great news recaps and everything.

[00:18:12] He does a great job putting everything together. Always enjoyed following him over the last two years. He mentioned, and again, I listened to this before I listened to that, but just want to give him credit for that. They have re removed in the marketplace. that the resources and skins no longer are able to be spot bought and sold via USDC.

[00:18:30] They’re all in Atlas. And the key point he brought up and other people brought up why they’ve been asking for this is that it gets it where there’s more purpose for Atlas. Now you can buy the resources only. You don’t have any USDC and that’s fine because you can always exchange Atlas for USDC at any point.

[00:18:45] So, and then another video Another content creator, Beyond the Horizon, put out another video kind of updates and things. What was really interesting is he did a kind of reaction video to the new Treyor, which I kind of alluded to earlier. So I guess this Treyor was made for the, the game, was it Game 3 Awards?

[00:19:05] Ah, I can’t remember. Again, this is one of the problems. You hear something during the week, you think about it, but you watch all the videos because you don’t have time during the week and then you’re trying to remember where you actually heard it. But he did sort of a reaction video to it. And I think, I don’t actually know where the link is it’s not on their YouTube channel, I think I found it on Twitter.

[00:19:21] So I guess if we look at the Star Atlas Twitter, uh, feed, you hopefully can find it earlier this week. But this was again, I think, the video for the Game 3 awards, and so it’s what do you call it new, new images, nothing repeated so there’s lots there. Don’t remember much of it except one that I And again, that’s the point.

[00:19:42] This is what caught my eye. There was some scene in there of an in game character looking up and a big ship goes by. And I was like, has that been fully developed or is it just the outside? But it realized that there were a couple escort ships and I think they’re the, the, the, the new, or they appear, is it the X6, R6?

[00:20:05] One of those two. One’s the repair, probably X then. You’d think R6 would be a repair ship. Anyways, and I have a couple of those. So I have, before my video card started giving out, I was able to walk through mine. And that was one of the ships they had fully done all the interiors. And, again, it really shows the promise.

[00:20:22] I’m glad they’ve taken a few ships to that level. And Whatever the size of those ships were compared to this other one And they were just moving the camera ever so slightly looking with the guy looking up and I was like, okay Yeah, you yeah It reminds me. I was just started the new star trek What’s it called?

[00:20:42] Strange New World season 2. And at the beginning there’s a, there’s a montage of like a star base with all ships flying around and they obviously just wanted to do a really cool CGI of all the Star Trek stuff. Anyways, I, I, it was cool. Even if the ship wasn’t fully developed. But again, if that’s footage that maybe this showroom 2.

[00:21:02] 1. 9 will have in it. Yeah. I’m kind of, yeah, it’s cool. So we’ll see again, just very cool. Okay. So the big, big thing that happened this last week is this I’m not sure we’re calling it Sage Labs 3D or just Sage 3D. Anyways, it came out as announced on December 14th. I have to admit I was a little shocked that it came out so quickly but I’m going to give credit where credit’s due.

[00:21:26] They said it was coming out before the end of the year. It is coming out before the year. The big key is I guess this is using the same game ID that word’s been thrown around a lot, but what I vaguely understand it means is that the part of the stuff that’s on the blockchain, because again, Star Atlas is building the game logic on smart contracts on the Solana blockchain, that Access is the same place there.

[00:21:53] So this Sage 3D and the Sage Labs are all in the same place. So, if you do one thing in one and then log in to the other, we’ll call it an interface. It’s already known there. So it’s, it’s, that’s the same game ID allows that to occur. So, anyways, so that’s kind of cool. It’s not like what we were told before that we would have to like move our ships out.

[00:22:13] And, and again, maybe that’s coming down the road with the new Starbase one. Because again I’m pretty sure that was mentioned on oh You know what I need? I need a list of all the Star Atlas employees. Their titles, their Discord handles, and their real names. Because I can’t remember who’s who.

[00:22:35] It’s like twice as many names to remember. Chipto, I think. Chip? Chipto? Yeah, yeah. Game. Game design. Yeah, yeah. Anyways, I thought I mentioned on a previous interview on Metaverse Nomads that the new star base, because the goal of that one is to build the star bases, meaning the current one, Sage Labs, has to go away because it already has star bases.

[00:23:01] Anyways, sorry, totally off on that. But anyways, you can just get into it. I want to call it Metaverse, no, excuse me, Metaverse Explorer and Atlas 3 both did live streams of them playing it. I think they were both hour plus. So if you want to see more, watch their live streams. Well, of course I watched them after the fact.

[00:23:20] So they’re still recorded on their YouTube channel. So anyways definitely check that out if you’re curious. You want to see what others were doing. I’m waiting for the kind of condensed reviews. Again, just, just timing and Again, don’t wanna take this outta context, but I just don’t get into live streams.

[00:23:35] We, we single people. I, I love Metaverse Nomads. That’s a great discussion. But um, I don’t know, maybe if I was in the chat why I was live. It makes, anyway, sorry, I, it’s just not my style. I guess technically you’re listening to me talk livestream, but I don’t know. I’m just talking, so I, I don’t know.

[00:23:52] I’m used to podcasts I’m not used to, Twitch style. Maybe, you know, that’s probably what it is. I’m not into Twitch, but again, it’s not because I, no, I’m just not into Twitch. Well, I don’t have the time for, for Twitch, but I guess in a sense, that’s probably what they did was Twitch style gaming videos.

[00:24:11] You know, I maybe have to just be, I may need to retract that. I, I’m willing to try and see if I could enjoy a live stream. The promise is time, because I mean, I guess it’s like watching a live sporting game, football, for example. It’s live. There’s announcers. Maybe it’s that. No, I guess they’re announcers too.

[00:24:33] Okay. Sorry. Never mind. If you want to go watch them, they’re great to see what’s going on. Personally though, I’m going to wait to the first patch release and, and that’s only because I just don’t want to deal with the bugs. Maybe I’ll fire it up if I can find some time this weekend, but I’ve already, my weekends already seem to be completely full and I got some clients who want, Oh, nevermind.

[00:24:54] Sorry. It’s been a long, hard week for my my business. So anyway, so it’s out. Again, I want to give credit where credit’s due came out before the year. So they met that. However, and again, I don’t mean that in a bad way, but I guess in the thread that announced Michael Wagner, the CEO mentioned that there will be bugs and quote, unquote, there are already known bugs in it.

[00:25:14] So be aware of that. So here’s my my little soapbox of the week. I know the Star Atlas team is building, quote unquote, building in public. They are also releasing lots of content. I’m sorry lots of things.

[00:25:32] But why are you releasing with bugs? And why are you releasing it with bugs a week before Christmas? And it was mentioned on the Atlas Brew, the Star Atlas team will be taking a, um, I mean, they’re closing the business for the holidays, which is fine. I’m closing my business. I’m going to still check my clients once a day.

[00:25:55] But again, once a day is not eight hour plus days. So, so, so why are you releasing it with bugs? Now I guess, no, so here’s my speculation. One is because the, game ID thing didn’t change, so if you do one command in Sage 3D and there’s a bug, you can just go back to Sage Labs and undo what you did, like, you know, I don’t know, dock to ship, and then the dock doesn’t work, well you go to the other one.

[00:26:20] So, there’s no harm, okay, cool but if you can’t play Sage 3Ds, what, why are we, why are we doing it? I don’t know. Plus there’s only a week to fix bugs before the developers take a Totally normal holiday? I just, I’m sorry, I just don’t know. I just, I just don’t understand. But, whatever it’s out. But, I had another kind of, not conspiracy, but just, you know, thing.

[00:26:52] Like it came out on time.

[00:26:56] What was different or maybe what was running from the Sage Labs raw? Well, one people were very upset with bugs. I mean, some people had their ships locked up for weeks where they couldn’t do anything with it. So are they telling us there’s bugs in it so that nobody, nobody’s upset? And are they saying, well, you can always just use the other more mature product, Sage Labs, to do 3D aspect.

[00:27:22] Okay, cool, I guess. The other interesting thing I thought was that there was a lot of issues with previous beta testers that were invited to test the Sage Labs before it released and who gets it. Well, everybody got on the same day. There was no beta testers. So, I kind of feel like they learned a few lessons from that rollout and We should just, I mean, they’re up front that there’s bugs and we didn’t do a beta test so nobody got bent out of shape that they weren’t involved.

[00:27:51] Again, maybe I’m just being nitpicky but that goes to the last thing I wanted to kind of say was I guess maybe my nitpickiness is that as much as even though a little bit on the YouTube video from the Atlas Brew to see the 3D rendering of a ship or scanning for a resource and a bunch of asteroids It’s still the fundamental same gameplay that Sage Labs has, and, um, I think someone mentioned on the Atlas Brew, well, you know, 3D is really going to help people who really need that to help visualize a game.

[00:28:26] Not disagreeing, but it’s still not a game. It’s an economic loop where you do mining and crafting, which you could do in Sage Labs. And maybe part of it is that The reason I left Sage Labs is I completed my goals and it was, or, or, yeah, goals was, was Max Hogg and game land, whatever it was. So I, so I got what I wanted and, and I don’t care if I have some copper or iron or, I don’t know what they do.

[00:28:59] They don’t go anywhere. And once the tickets are done. They’re supposedly, and I think it came up in the Atlas Brew, that there’ll be some next thing, which is fine, they didn’t want to announce that yet, that’s fine but again What is that going to be? And will that do it? And again, I guess this goes back to building in public.

[00:29:18] I mean, again, we’re seeing the internal stuff. We’re seeing literally one step. Another, there’s nothing that, well, sure doesn’t appear. There’s nothing we’re not being kind of made aware of, at least with the public products, I’m sure they’re doing development and decisions and stuff that we won’t see for six to 12 months.

[00:29:35] But again. The 3D itself isn’t gonna get more people involved. And again, it’s fine if the, I don’t even, and I don’t even think the goal, like I mentioned earlier, to get mainstream gamers into this I mean, actually, I was just realizing, if, if the star based version of Sage is about building the star bases, I thought, I remember it being said, that those are gonna be based upon the factions, so that each Not, not guilds, but again, factions are going to be building the star base in their area of space.

[00:30:08] And so people in that faction contribute. Now, maybe guilds are contributing because, and maybe that’s why we need the DAC platform first. Again, maybe this will all make sense when we look back 12 months. But for me personally, me personally, I’m still just looking for fun and engaging gameplay. And Sage Labs lost my engagement.

[00:30:33] I Guess it was fun for a little bit, but then it became too much a grind, which again, I know it’s crafting, it’s, it’s questing, it’s, it’s, it’s grinding. They call it grinding for, I mean, it is, but I was thinking about over winter break, like, Oh, cool. I’ll have a lot of time to play something to star us and I’m like, well, it’s not labs and yeah, maybe hopefully the, the showroom 2.

[00:30:54] 1. 9 comes out though. I forgot it was mentioned, well, might not come out this year now. So now they’ve already put a caveat on that one. Sorry, I’m not trying to pick on him as far as dates, but given that the meme of 425 is now ingrained In fact, I found it. I don’t know where I saw that. I guess could have found a shroom.

[00:31:12] Never mind. So for me personal gameplay, I’m looking for something that It’s fun, um, can do a little bit, still accomplish a goal something like that Beyond the Horizon has been grinding in Sage Labs and got his Mamba X and did a quick video on it. Posted and went, great, awesome, major goal, awesome.

[00:31:33] I, that, that was just way outside my level of time and, and, and interest to do it. But anyways, the way to wrap this little soapbox or rant or ramble, I guess I don’t rant. These are ramblings. I’m liking SCORE more and more. I go in every morning. I get my resources from my claim stakes. I, fill up all my ships every day.

[00:31:55] Then on Friday, I go in and claim all the resources from the ships and my inventory grows and I’m getting R4 and I’m getting Atlas. And now Atlas is worth a little more. So there’s an actual dollar value that, I mean, it gets nothing more than a couple, what is it? I think maybe 10 bucks, but Hey, it’s 10 this week that I earned.

[00:32:17] It’s passive income, cool. And I have to admit, Zilli, Zilli is even more interesting. Hey, I’ll get the quote unquote cute new pet if I do all the quests and get the, what is it, 7500 points. There’s steps, there’s a goal, there’s, there’s a known outcome. And, and I guess that’s the problem with Sage.

[00:32:41] Sage, in general, there’s no path, there’s no outcome. Yeah, Golden Tickets, notwithstanding, and maybe because of Golden Tickets, I’m sorry, I need to wrap up. Golden Tickets just, in the end, won, drawing and lost complete interest. And I know I’m not putting a lot in, but when you see same names winning four or five times every week.

[00:33:05] And you can see the total volume in there does feel like lotto or powerball or whatever. And it’s fun, but after the one time you don’t lose, you don’t. Well, I shouldn’t say you don’t. I don’t feel like ever playing for another six months, even though I don’t put a lot of money in it. When I do buy a few tickets, it’s just, just a chance to dream.

[00:33:26] But I didn’t get that same kind of euphoria rush from the golden tickets after a while. But again, it’s almost over missed opportunity. It goes back to that marketing question. I mean, that would have been an awesome marketing campaign to onboard people. But again, I’m still going to, so I’ll leave on a pause now.

[00:33:44] Anyway, so I’m liking Score, I’m liking Zilli. Even though they’re monotonous and, and, um, yeah. I don’t know. I guess you put them all together and started like that. Again, I’ll reserve judgment until I maybe play around a little with the experimental mode and in the showroom now that I got my build cart, but of course I needed to buy, geez, five 550, 600 with tax, video card to go on a computer, which I already had to have parts.

[00:34:12] I mean, again, that’s not, not where a lot of people can spend, so I, I know I’m fortunate to have resources to do that. Anyways, okay, done that’s my rambling for the week. Thank you. Obviously I got a little off, but yeah. Meh, who knows? Hopefully you enjoy it. Anyways, to wrap this up thanks for listening.

[00:34:29] Again, just want to mention if you’re want to get the links to any of the different content creators mentioned, please go to intergalactichero. com. Look for news recap number 91. iF you don’t see the newsletter sign up or you don’t get the website pop up, please do Put your email in, then you get it come to you every week Sunday, 5 p.

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[00:35:59] We’re middle of December, so a couple more weeks and we’ll flip the calendars and go to another new year. I’m pretty sure I’m approaching my two year anniversary whenever I bought my first ship. Man, I wonder if there’s a way to figure that out. That’d be kind of cool. I know I bought it right before Christmas, so it feels like some time of the year.

[00:36:15] But anyways, yeah, so two years of actively, well, I guess if you own a ship, you’re actively involved. And I guess I was watching YouTube, YouTubers, sorry, content creators after that, trying to keep up though. Maybe it took a couple of months before I started doing that. Anyways, thanks for listening. I hope you have a great week ahead.

[00:36:33] And again, this is Matt with Intergalactic Herald.

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