Star Atlas: Week in Review Podcast

Podcast 37: Star Atlas Weekly Review

In this episode, we recap the latest news of Star Atlas from the past week.

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Podcast Transcript

[00:00:00] Hi, this is Matt with the Intergalactic Herald, just doing my Stardust Weekend Review podcast. This is podcast number 37. If you’re interested in any of the YouTube sorry Stardust creators links mentioned or articles, you can go to intergalacticherald. com and look for news recap number 86.

[00:00:19] If anyone listening would be, want to be a guest on this podcast, I’m definitely open to other community, excuse me, Star Atlas community members who would like to discuss the We can review of Star Atlas. Some point I hope to bring on some guests of other Star Atlas content creators or Star Atlas builders.

[00:00:38] So if you’re interested in that, please go to intergalacticcarol. com. Look for the contact page and just send me a note there. I do want to promote two of my other Star Atlas projects. One is a merch store that I’m hoping, excuse me, apologize. Been fighting colds seems like. Endlessly now. so Again starting merch store, you can go to intergalacticgear.

[00:01:00] com and check that out. Right now I’m just have a merch survey up in the process of developing all the back end stuff for that. Apparently there’s a… Lots of stuff to start a business, get all legal with liability protection and bank accounts and reseller agreements and all this other stuff.

[00:01:17] Not to mention outsourcing to different print on demand vendors. So doing all that kind of behind the scenes before being able to actually sell some products. So I’m definitely curious if you have anything you’d like to share on merch that you’d be interested in. So again, intergalacticgear.

[00:01:31] com. And then my other project is to create a what I’m calling a non guild guild or a coalition of Star Atlas gamers that will be able to communicate and talk to each other on a paid community. So I’m looking at a different community platform than Discord. So it costs money, but it gives a lot of cool features, I think like threaded discussions email notifications on topics you’re interested in, things like that.

[00:01:59] So if you’re interested in that, please go to intergalacticcoalition. com and fill out the interest survey there. Looking to develop kind of a initial founding group of members to start that. And then Be able to roll it out to open access for everyone. So, so moving into the content section it was, it was quite a light week of news from Star Atlas.

[00:02:20] I think that’s partly due to the break point conference and, you know, all the run up to that. Lots of content creators in the Star Atlas community did reviews of that. And then team seems to have gone kind of quiet, but again, I think it makes perfect sense. One thing. Might have been more news.

[00:02:37] There was a Atlas Brew this past week. Again Atlas Brews are the Star Atlas led community forums that exist out there. Unfortunately, apparently, no one recorded it this time. So my, saturday tradition of catching up on that, or I guess sometimes I do it on Friday and learning what’s there.

[00:02:56] So but they said it was just an oversight. And somebody posted and I think it’s true that that is sort of their main star alias, I mean main communication platform outside of Discord or Twitter. But I actually have to say that the Discord is more of what do you call it?

[00:03:14] Reactionary? I mean, I guess posting things. Again, I can’t speak to what’s in the Foundation Room, but on the other general channels. And again, it’s very difficult, at least for me, to figure out what’s going on. Tweets are good. Announcement channel in the Discord is excellent. Even minor announcements.

[00:03:29] I mean, they’re pretty good about keeping us up to date there. But since the reduction in staff definitely can’t think of the last time when there was a real… What was their, they had a Medium posting, I can’t even remember what it’s called now. Anyways, it hasn’t happened in a long time. I mean, they use Medium to post upcoming things like the announcement of Sage Labs or Golden Ticket Raffle but really there hasn’t been much else.

[00:03:54] I can’t think of the last time they actually posted on their website or kind of other social media channels outside of Twitter. They do post on Twitter, I just, or X, whatever. Sorry, personal pet peeve. Anyways, my point being is the Atlas Bruce, they talk a lot. So I but unfortunately I don’t, can’t go to those live due to the timing and my time zone and that I’m working on my business.

[00:04:20] So, so there could have been some more news there. So, so just a couple of things to share with you. Kind of on the news or updates thing. One there’s some more information I’m not sure if there’s more information about the crew packs coming out but one of the things that I maybe missed on the breakpoint announcement is that the crew packs will actually be your PFP, your kind of profile picture and again, I never obviously bought a Can’t remember what they called those apes board apes or other other things like that I wasn’t that kind of into crypto when those things were really going around But hearing other people talk about them, I have to admit, I’m actually kind of getting a little more excited for it, because, again, it sounds like they’re going to be kind of like the traditional NFT things, like the, the Bored Apes, that they’re unique and stuff, you know.

[00:05:08] Automatically generated and anyways, I don’t know, I have to admit I’m kind of there and I was kind of thinking about like why that’s so interesting. One is I think it’ll make the crew, I mean, so, I think so far in Star Atlas we’ve been all focused on ships. You know, what’s a cool ship, what ship do you like, you know, things like that.

[00:05:26] But the ships have crew and I guess I was always thinking, well, I’m the crew. You know, I’m the gamer, I’ll be the one piling the ship. I assume that’s still the case because the showroom you pilot the ship but now they’re talking more about the crew as kind of individual things. And again, this is where the crew packs are, I think are coming again, I think, I think the break point announcement was really the first but again, I guess it’s another thing and maybe deep down I’m a collector.

[00:05:55] You could see my room. I got things. from vacations, my Legos that I build over the years. Decades, probably. Stuff from my kids. From when they were little kids in grade school. So, I guess I am kind of a collector. You know, and so actually this is kind of cool because they’ll be unique. And, I don’t know, I guess more and more interested in these crew packs.

[00:06:19] So, um, The other kind of new things was the golden ticket drawing. I guess we’re on completed the second one. And I think they occur on always my time. Fridays. So I, I logged in last night to look of course it didn’t win again. I don’t know if I’ve said so my strategy is just sort of like, like occasionally when I play the local lotto, lottery, Powerball, whatever, you know, it gets to a billion dollars, and I’m out and about, sure, I’ll buy a couple tickets, why not? It’s a, it’s a chance to dream for a few minutes what you would do with all that money. And I guess I’m kind of thinking of the, the golden tickets kind of the same way.

[00:06:57] So I’ve been putting in just ten tickets for each drawing, and I think I’ll continue that, because I had bought a few weeks, months ago, when, when Sage Labs came out ten tickets. So I was going to keep… 10 for each of the eight drawings, and then I was gonna keep one golden ticket just for sentimental collector reasons.

[00:07:15] Anyway, so the drawing occurred. Again, it’s apparently completely automated. I think there might have been some somebody streaming the live drawing or something. But as I was just skimming, something seemed to have changed where all the address wallet addresses, they’ve been changed to actual names. So I’m not sure how you could do that.

[00:07:35] But given that’s there like there was one guy or one person that sure seemed to want a lot. I mean, I know the first one, somebody won the top two prizes, but this person seemed to win a lot. And again, I guess if I figured out. Twitter, or Discord, maybe somebody was talking about it, maybe they would say how many tickets that person entered, but I do have to admit I’m kind of feeling over this six more drawings, what’s being offered, again, I guess it’s maybe just the lack of motivation, I, I know, again There’s no chance to win.

[00:08:10] I mean, it’s, it’s just the thing. And again, I’m not faulting anybody who’s winning. I mean, the system was set up. The rules were made. Obviously if you have more tickets in there, you have a better chance. I mean, it’s just how this stuff works. I’m again, not, not complaining, not saying it’s unfair, but you know, if you only have a few tickets or you only want to spend a few dollars you don’t have a, you know, take a risk and thing.

[00:08:33] Cause I mean, again, there’s mathematical, How probability, if you put more in, you’re giving it a better chance. But I guess it goes back to things we were talking about when initial SageLabs came out and, you know, other things about, you know, what’s in it for quote unquote, the little guy or the little fleet.

[00:08:50] And definitely The gold raffle isn’t for the small person. I mean, I’m sure if you do it, but again, you, you see patterns like again, one person winning, not just two things, but his name was, or that person’s was anyways, name was there a lot. So kind of, again, feeling over it. I’ll probably still stick with my 10 ticket thing.

[00:09:09] Just why not? I’m, they don’t have any other reason to keep them. So, anyways, that’s that. So again, because it was kind of a light week, I got two other kind of sections. One was just break point one week later. Just had some random thoughts now that everything’s sunk in. Again, one thing that was shown in the videos was, and I think, again, Star Atlas put all the videos up on their Twitter accounts, so as I was watching, I’m like, wait, we’ve already seen this.

[00:09:35] So, had a chance to re watch, I guess. One the shooter. I think I had mentioned initially, it’s like, okay, it’s a shooter. We have plenty of shooters. But A week later, I guess it is making more sense because if we think of Star Atlas, the entire, again, metaverse, ecosystem, whatever you want to call it, platform having a shooter type component, whether again, it’s first person or third person, it doesn’t matter.

[00:09:58] I mean, it’s shooting. iT, it does make a lot of sense. Definitely. I think there’s a history now with video games over the last couple of decades where those are games people like to play. I mean, again, Halo was probably one of the first ones that reached. Consciousness with the Xbox. I’m sure PlayStation’s had theirs.

[00:10:18] And now, I mean, it’s just another genre of games that come out every year. Call of Duty franchise, things like that. So, I think it actually does make sense. Kind of wonder if, by definition, the Unreal Engine maybe is more suited to that. Like, again, because lots of… Games are gonna run that and do, you know, first person shooters.

[00:10:37] So, I think it does make sense. Again, as I’ve said, and again, each person’s totally entitled to their own gameplay style, the things that they’re interested in. Yeah, it just doesn’t, I just, I’m not that good at it. So, it’s not something I want to do. But I guess, I mean, if, if it was easy to play and it’s part of something and Again, maybe go back to these crew packs and I have my character and if I play that helps with progression.

[00:11:01] Okay, maybe again soon they had free time but I also was starting to think that this could be a really cool thing for the guilds you got all your players in there and you could maybe have guild death matches or something again I’m, not even sure if again you can Spawn your own instance and invite people that are going to be matchmaking again.

[00:11:21] It’s all down the road. I don’t know if there’s just one environment. We’re all in there playing, or if there’s areas you can go, or if you can have your own dedicated ones again, but I, I started seeing more and more of the, the grand vision of star Atlas. And, and again, if we go back to whatever’s on the website about, you know um, grand exploration, grand politics anyways, all the big ones, you still gotta start small, and you gotta start somewhere, and, and the shooter, whatever we’ll call it, I think, again, that does make a lot of sense, on a similar vein, the racing, again, as I thought more and more about it, yeah, it makes a ton of sense, I mean, I vaguely remember playing a little Mario Kart back in the day of whatever Nintendo system that was over at someone’s house, and it’s fun, you get a couple people together, and again, I know there’s voice chat now and things like that plus there again, there, right.

[00:12:10] There seems to be the whole spectator part of the racing. So again, may not be something I think I’m going to be like, Oh, I’m a great racer or something like that. I, I know I’m not. I’m old. But anyways, again, I think it makes a lot of sense to add that as kind of one of the intro gameplay types that could exist within the showroom.

[00:12:31] So I think in the end, you gotta give Star Wars a lot of credit. They are delivering gameplay scenarios that gamers would want to do, and again, we can think of how many shooters are out there, how many different styles of racing, whether again, it’s car racing, It’s Mario Kart. I mean, whatever. Again, it’s, it’s a perfect thing.

[00:12:53] And again, both of those kind of gameplay scenarios involve community and playing together and having fun. Again, I’m gonna give them credit. So I think it kinda, maybe I was a little too, like, yeah, these are just Me Too well, actually, probably that’s not the right phrase to use anymore. These are just similar to what everybody else is doing, but there’s a reason why.

[00:13:11] Now, add that same gameplay style with the progression with the NFTs, with the other aspects that the grand strategy parts that are coming probably down the road. Yeah, you gotta get started. And on that same vein, if we go back to the mobile app, again, I think that’s a great potential for casual gamers.

[00:13:34] It’s, again, designed for your phone. It’s, it’s free. You can just do whatever Metaverse Yeah, Metaverse Explorer did a kind of slow mo look at the video of the mobile app, and again, I was like, yeah, it’s not a real game, it’s not, I mean, it’s not real images, it’s just a mock up. But he was looking at the different words and things like that, and there could be play, you know, there could be level ups, there could be customizations and things like that.

[00:14:00] So again, it may be a lot more than just, this is a step tracking thing, and then that levels up your character. So again, it. We, we know mobile games and the very simplistic, and I don’t mean that in a negative way game mechanics are very popular, and again, if you just have a little bit of time and you can do it for five minutes and something happens and then eventually if you want to you can take your crew and turn it into an NFT, again, makes a lot of sense.

[00:14:30] anD then the final kind of, week later thing Sage. I have to say this one’s I’m still kind of more on the, on the fence with because even though they, they had said, I’m pretty sure this was public knowledge that, you know, they were going to abandon the current Sage labs and move to the Starbase and change game ID and things like that.

[00:14:48] They keep putting things in Sage labs, like a combat simulator, which is not real. But like, again, I thought you guys said you’re moving on the next one. So why do you keep putting things in this current one? So I think really Sage is more about what’s coming next. And again, if we go back to the break point thing, the 3d thing looked really cool.

[00:15:05] Looked like a much more I’m going to say not more complicated, but more direct. I mean, so you actually are mining something specific. And then you have a command to do that, where here you just say mine, and then, you know, off screen it’s doing the mining and things like that. So anyway, so again, I think the, the, you know, we’ll have to wait and see on Sage.

[00:15:26] But the other, other things again are, I think are becoming I’m starting to see how they fit into a larger picture. And again, I’m, If I haven’t said it before, I’ll continue to make sure I do. I still think the vision, the, the goals that Star Atlas, the team, the founders are still what really intrigues me about this entire project.

[00:15:47] Execution delays things like that. Yeah, I, again, I’m, again, you know, miss, not the mistakes were made. I mean, everybody learns. I mean, I. Recently had something in my business. I’m like, yeah. That’s, I messed up, you know. So I mean, again, I’m not faulting them at all for being human. But again, the, the, the grand scheme, the, the big overall vision, the, the, the, the lofty goals.

[00:16:13] I mean, those are still, I think, very intriguing. And again, now we’re starting to see maybe some of these smaller parts where we start working into that. So, so last section just kind of starting again, keeping going over like, Hey, what am I doing? So I have to say I’m. Really more focused now waiting for the progression where that’s the prayer profiles and mobile app something like that I guess if I’m gonna exchange my time The current sage labs where you’re out mining things again, cool Maybe someday diamonds are important or some other thing, but I don’t know what it is So it’s it’s really hard to spend the time to do an arbitrary goal Which I don’t know what’s gonna happen down the road again Like I said, I’ve enjoyed the the zealy goals where hey go You know, suburb third time.

[00:16:56] Sure, great. It takes me an hour or something and it feels good and you get a couple points and I think I’m getting very close to having whatever that milestone is necessary to get the, what are they called, memory fragment. So, but I think if again I had my ships or my crew packs or whatever or something on the mobile app and there’s a progression, again, I’m really feeling more and more that’s the, that’s the missing thing to really push over.

[00:17:19] Again, there’s nothing wrong with correcting resources and mining but Since, yeah, it’s public knowledge that the, the SageLabs is going to become Starbase. It’s going to completely change gamer ID and you have to move all your resources out. It’s just really hard to get personally much motivated in SageLabs when it’s nothing’s going to pull forward.

[00:17:41] So, I have decided to definitely purchase a better video card for my PC. So I did the research, narrowed down the thing, and I’m really hoping for the Black Friday sale to drop down the price a little. So, I can be, I’ll be patient for a few more weeks. But yeah, I think I’m ready to commit to that.

[00:17:59] Because, again, I guess I consider myself a PC gamer. So not being able to run the showroom right now with my 6 gigabyte video card, which, even though the number… Fits their thing. And again, they’re up front. Sorry, I was up front on the Epic Games store of how much Video RAM you need so I’m not faulting them even though and again, it’s alpha So I can’t really not fault them for an optimized game But I found out when I last bought a video card or even when I last bought my computer so it’s it’s time and it you know holidays and Christmas and yeah, I It’s my Christmas slash birthday treat to myself.

[00:18:35] So so hopefully That will be there. And if, even if I don’t get into the racing which I’m pretty sure yeah, yeah, it was in the, the vi breakpoint video that the next thing is, you know. Wow. Actually, I’m kind of thinking, I, I don’t know if they said for sure the combat would be in the next version.

[00:18:54] I thought again, they were focused on the racing, but again, they haven’t announced anything, so who knows what the goal is for the next upgrade to the showroom. But without a video card, I can’t experience it, so. And the last kind of strategy I think I’m more and more focusing in, because like I said, so the shooter, yeah, maybe, but I don’t think I’ll play it every day.

[00:19:16] Racing, maybe fun to watch, but I’m sure I’m not going to be as good. We’ll see what the next stage version is. Mobile apps, kind of interesting. I’m really thinking that it might be, once they finally make the claim stakes. actually do something. Cause it feels like of all the things in the marketplace, you know, we got the ships, we got the resources now, the claim stakes are there, they’re able to be staked, so I’m getting my R4 to go back into my faction fleet to get my Atlas.

[00:19:50] Those that game loop is very appealing to me right now because it takes absolutely no effort or time and I get stuff without having to do all the mining, transportation, and Sage Labs. I think it’ll be really interesting when this… Claim stakes move to whatever their next thing is now again I’m not sure if there’s anything coming for that But that kind of got with my me my learned long term interest, which is the the mining exploration gameplay thing where Again, if you just go with the word claim stake, I’m staking a claim again.

[00:20:25] I’m assuming this is back to like You know Quan Dyke Yukon mining gold, so I’ll take my coin stake, I’ll go find a piece of land, I’ll stake it, I guess I have to defend it, but then I can do mining, and if all I’m doing in that one game loop is that one resource, I think that’s much more appealing to me than what we’re doing right now in Sage Labs where, again, the end result is Claiming a few ships that aren’t really going to always be there.

[00:20:57] Anyways, I, I could see, again, maybe this goes back to the progression aspect that if you put a claim stake down and you start doing something assuming, well, no, and I was always like, oh, assuming you don’t get destroyed. But again, if you can put a claim stake in the no or low, what is the risk zone? I can’t remember.

[00:21:14] The three risk zones. You can’t be destroyed. Now. Can’t imagine we can’t put claim stakes in that zone, again, we don’t know, but then it’s like, Hey, cool, then it’s mine. And I don’t have that, that piece of land. That’s very appealing again, with the idea of progression and ownership and things like that.

[00:21:31] So so anyways, that’s cool. One thing though, and again, it was triggered by this combat simulator that they put in the Sage Labs. I was thinking. Lots of people seem to be interested in combat and I’ve been, you know, we got the combat of the people that was showed for the showroom. We obviously know we have ship combat because the showroom has that current thing.

[00:21:51] But as I look at the Guild channel, lots of people talk about being a pirate. And recently there’s some show about, well, there’s some show about pirates that my wife was watching, which wasn’t really about pirates. Anyways, doesn’t matter. It’s on the HBO show. But I got thinking again that Just this whole gameplay group of pirates, because I was thinking more of it as faction on faction battles, you know Yeah, you know, so there’s three factions and they have these epic gigantic battles between each faction.

[00:22:18] But, again, here are lots of people in Discord talking about, I want to be a pirate. And I was like, what do pirates do? And then I got realizing, well, Pirates loot people. Okay, yeah, that’s, that’s combat, sure. But they gotta go out and kill people, or take their cargo, destroy their ships. So who are these innocent people?

[00:22:37] And again, I was going back to history. Sorry, going off on a pirate tangent and pirates attacked like, like in the Caribbean, they were attacking the Spanish or the English or maybe it was the English attacking the Spanish. I don’t know. I don’t know my pirate history that well, but they were attacking governments.

[00:22:53] They were attacking nation states, not my little claim out there. And I guess you could go back to again, terrible analogy. But the US history of Native Americans versus settlers, Well, again, not to get into whatever, but I mean the settlers were taking over their lands. So it wasn’t really piracy, but anyways, the raw and bad stereotype of white settlers in the United States being attacked by Native Americans.

[00:23:20] Okay, anyways, again, it’s not pirates, but again, I was just thinking, well, there’s not nation states, because, again, to me, pirates are attacking nation states, not individual merchants. But there weren’t any individual merchants back in those days, I don’t think. Anyways, again, no more pirate history. Bad analogy with the U.

[00:23:34] S. West anyways, just a random thing who, who the pirates attacking. But anyways that’s a weird way to end it, but only because I was thinking again about setting up my claim stakes and I don’t want anybody to attack me. But again, just don’t go to where you can be attacked. So anyways, that wraps that up.

[00:23:53] Sorry again wandering, meandering rambling there, but, that was a week in Star Atlas. So again, if you’re interested in rambling on with me, please go to intergalacticherald. com. Go to the contact page and fill it out and see if we can coordinate a time where we could ramble together. While you’re there, please look for the news recap and you can sign up for that and get an email every week of everything that I found curated off of other Star Atlas content creators.

[00:24:21] Oh, I guess when you’re on the website, I am starting to build. Pun intended. Out the Star Atlas Builder section there was a list in the breakpoint, and it had been a goal of mine to kind of keep building different resources on the website, so I was able to take over previous work for the Star OS Guild database, move it to my website to keep that going.

[00:24:41] That’d be really cool if we had a list of builders out there. I think I already have a list of YouTubers and a couple other ones there. So check out the builders list there. If you are a builder and you’re listening to this, I’d love to highlight you on there. Again, it’s not exclusive. It’s gonna put everybody on there.

[00:24:55] Just need permission to use your logo and graphics. And if you could send me a description, I’d be happy to put it up there. Again, and then my two build projects, one, again, my merch store uh, intergalacticgear. com. Please fill out the merch survey. Check my email today and had someone fill that out.

[00:25:12] So greatly appreciate that. All the feedback is really helpful to kind of again, my goal for the merch store is to be community driven. What do you want? Got some ideas of how we can even be community developed, you know, with designs and things like that. So really want this to be, you know, not just walk into.

[00:25:29] Department store. I might be dating myself. Walk into your local place if you buy clothes and you just have to go through the racks to pick what you want. No, I want to hopefully create stuff that people actually want to purchase. So trying to set up the merch store to be very flexible in, in you know, user suggestions, user, maybe not user generated content per se, but hey, who knows?

[00:25:47] You know, I guess in the build program, we’re just using assets from star Atlas. So yeah, I guess now I think about that. It’s. Somebody comes up with an idea, and the idea is just an idea, but the, you know, icons or whatever, the part of Star Atlas, it’s like, cool, yeah, let’s build that. So, anyways just a lot of cool stuff, ideas to come up.

[00:26:08] And then the last thing is my non guild guild intergalacticcoalition. com check that out if you’re interested in again helping form a community of just basically Star Atlas gamers, not really looking to get into a guild or the different things that just tame out. Maybe someday we have an online presence as a Star Atlas DAC, but again, getting ahead of ourselves.

[00:26:30] So we… Don’t have DAX yet. So just a place to hang out so that you don’t have to wade through all the chat messages in Discord. Please fill out an interest survey. Once get enough people interested, we’ll launch it with kind of a founder group or something like that. So that’s it. Even though there was not much here, still filled up strangely the round 30 minutes.

[00:26:49] So have a great week. Again, this is Matt with the Intergalactic Herald.

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