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Podcast 35: Star Atlas Weekly Review

In this episode, we recap the latest news of Star Atlas from the past week.

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Podcast Transcript

[00:00:00] Hi, this is Matt with the Intergalactic Herald. This is podcast number 35. So you’re actually getting one. I was, I’m actually a few hours from now heading out of town, but I was able to find some time to record this. So I’ll do the editing and get it posted. So, may have mentioned in the last one, may not be able to do one this week, but found the time.

[00:00:18] So again, moving on, this is podcast number 35. If you’re interested in any of the links or videos that I may mention, please go to intergalacticherald. com and look for News Recap 84. That’s the past news. that I curated of different Star Atlas Star Atlas content creators and things like that. So you can again, check that out on intergalacticherald.

[00:00:40] com. A couple other kind of things. Again, if anybody’s interested and want to be a guest on the podcast, please let me know. Again, go to intergalacticherald. com, go to the contact. page and just send me a message. What I’m hoping long term is to make this sort of a round table discussion of the past week in Star Atlas news, so definitely look into that.

[00:00:59] Someday I hope to also have some guests get some of the other content creators and the Star Atlas builders on here kind of interview some of the community members. I just want to mention two of my Star Atlas projects, though I will be first to admit they are Woefully not being worked on due to many personal family business things.

[00:01:20] But I think I’m, well, we’ll see. I think my month is almost over and maybe I finally will get some time on the weekends after way too many things. So anyways, the two projects are the intergalactic gear. That’s my merch store. I hope to start building for star Atlas gear within the star Atlas builder program.

[00:01:38] So go to intergalactic gear. I have a merge survey there. A few people have submitted it. So I greatly appreciate you taking the time. Please fill that out. That gives, again, gives me some ideas on what kind of merchandise people are looking for, so I can start looking for different suppliers and different ways to get those.

[00:01:54] The other project is called the intergalactic coalition, intergalactic coalition. com. This is what I’m calling a non guild guild. So it’s a place where startlists It’s a place for Star Atlas gamers maybe solo people who aren’t really interested in joining the guild, but yet still want to hang out and talk to other Star Atlas gamers and different things like that.

[00:02:14] This will be a paid community I’ll go perfectly up front about that reason Two reasons for that. One is that the software that I’d like to use is not discord. So it’s a actually paid software for community. It’s a community platform. What’s really great about it is allows for threaded discussions and email alerts.

[00:02:32] So you can come post something. And then if other people come in it, you get an alert that an email alert that does, it does have an app. So you can still do it on a. A mobile device you want to but I’ve used this been involved in some other entrepreneur communities that use this and I find it really useful to keep up on things conversations, unlike the chat format that is discord.

[00:02:53] So that’s one and two again to the second reason why it’s paid is basically to help support me in the time it takes to do my different things. So community members there, in addition to paying for that service to talk to other Star Atlas gamers help for, you know, creating this podcast and some of my content, things like that.

[00:03:09] So, okay, moving on to content from the last week shout out again to Metaverse Nomads. They’ve been really having a great series of Star Atlas team members interviewed on their Sunday live stream. This last one was Jose, and I don’t know his… Background per se. I know there’s something to do with penguins.

[00:03:30] I think I heard, yeah, he’s from Brazil. I hope I got that right anyways. Again, I know people go by different names and I don’t know how to pronounce his I get anyways, Jose does the lore and it was really great one. And again, they’ve done this now in a couple, getting some of the backgrounds of the other Star Wars team members obviously where they’re located, how they got into the team.

[00:03:48] Cause they had a great story about just you know, offering to help out and, and, and was able to move up within the team so that again, I, I love those kind of. Stories on how employees you know, take the effort and, and, and show passion and get involved. So anyways, a great interview, but obviously since he’s helping or is writing the lore, or a lot of the lore for the Star Us game and other things.

[00:04:12] It was really great to hear that. Now, I want to be completely upfront, and I think I may have mentioned this one. Lore just isn’t for me. I’m not interested in the comic book, graphic novel, whatever we’re calling it. I don’t read the lore in Never Alone. I haven’t read any of the lore buttons in Sage Labs.

[00:04:29] Occasionally skim the ones that came out in the medium. So, I think what Jose is doing is great. So I don’t want to dismiss that. It’s just not something that has appealed to me. However. I’m kind of changing my tune a little after I listened to one is Passion that was very, came through very well, but also the different things.

[00:04:50] And I think what really, the reason I wasn’t into the lore was I came to start, I was looking to play a game. And, if you’ve played any PC games, maybe console, I’m not sure, but again, I’m a PC gamer there’s sometimes a story, you have something about a faction, I’m thinking of some of the RTSs I’ve played, but really, you’re playing this single player campaign.

[00:05:12] Or, it’s set in something like sorry, not Call of Duty. Oh, Call of Duty does it too. I mean, it’s not too hard. Bad guys, war, terrorists, whatever. Company of Heroes. That’s the RTS. It’s set in World War II. So it’s really easy. You know, your point is U. S. or British or Germans or something. So yes, there’s a person and they’re doing something, but it’s, it’s really the story moves the single player campaign on why you’re doing the next objective.

[00:05:39] So it’s definitely not primary. But what I was really fascinated, and again I want to maybe change my mind a little bit on lore oh, and again I’ve never played MMO, which I know they have a lot of lore and a real, a role playing game, so obviously the lore is important there. But What Jose was saying, which was kind of interesting, is that the goal of the lore is to actually impact the future game.

[00:06:03] And I guess this is the first time I really realized that, not just, hey, I want to do some mining, or I want to have my ships, or I want to sell stuff on the marketplace, that, excuse me, the factions in Star Atlas We’ll have things. And I think what was really fascinating when he mentioned that maybe in the future, the NPCs and unplayable characters will actually interact with them.

[00:06:24] And maybe I’d never heard this before, whatever, but you know, some of the, the ships I forget, which again, I’m not read the war, I don’t know, but there’s the rock ship guys, they’re sentient anyways, that you’ll actually be able to interact with them. And he mentioned there’s a possible, and again, everything is.

[00:06:40] You know, not today, but again, where they want to go. And again, I’m totally fine with them having goals. If they reach them or not, that’s, that’s beside the point. They, they have a, an idea and, and a vision where they want to go, but that we may be as game gamers inside of Star Wars, we’re interact with them and like, they can even help us out in battles.

[00:06:58] And I was like, Oh, whoa. Okay. I mean, it’s not just reading a story and yeah, I don’t know. Yeah, anyways, so that was part of what was really fascinating that maybe someday we’ll interact with the NPCs. The other thing you mentioned that I found really interesting was that Even though guilds have been promoted a lot We really need to think about the game as being factions.

[00:07:18] Or, again, factions at the top, then your guild, especially if you align a guild to a faction, and then a player. So, that kind of organization structure makes sense. I mean, a bunch of guilds get together as part of a faction. But, the, the point was the faction… Sorry. I’m still fighting colds. Apologize. We’ll, we’ll maybe have objectives and missions and things like that.

[00:07:41] And hence things that are developed by the team, which again, we’ll. Much more interact with the lore in my opinion. So again now I’m like, oh now I can kind of see where You know, not just three different races so you can have three different ships, which is a common RTS game design thing So again, I’m starting to think a little differently about this and I think again part of it Why I wasn’t interested is I just didn’t see it as a full story.

[00:08:07] And again, I know they’re developing it but and I know these aren’t comparable at all, but we’ll just stick with sci fi. I mean, Star Wars, the first movie, didn’t have lore, right? It was a movie. And then there was a second one and the characters kind of built in. Again, think of any movie with a sequel, again, you know, that isn’t Star Wars. I mean, they just build on the characters and then there’s a the trilogy. But, that was 19, yeah, 1977, I think. Yeah, Star Wars came, anyways, whenever it came out, in the late 70s. But now, today, I mean, you could definitely say they’re Star Wars lore. I mean, apparently every character in the original Cantina now has a name, a race, and a backstory.

[00:08:50] I mean, none of that existed in the first movie. So, I was kind of thinking, oh, okay, I kind of see it. But again, I’m… Taking for granted that I have lived the entire Star Wars saga, and so it’s just part. Now, ten years from now, I may look back and say, Oh, remember Star Atlas and this? Yeah, okay, it could happen.

[00:09:08] But again, I just wanted to play a cool game, so that’s why the lore wasn’t really something there. But again, when I’m now seeing more and more the, the, the, I don’t know, synergy, but how these can relate together is that, The lore will keep engagement once the gameplay becomes routine. I mean as much as again, I’m not too Satisfied with the engagement in sage labs because I want to you know, I’ll get to in a second I figured that out too.

[00:09:38] But anyways that that the lore will keep us again if there’s missions if there’s battles that the the the NPCs help us with as individuals or again just trading with them as opposed to other people. Now I see where, you know, your alliance within your faction has some merit. Anyway, so again, it was really insightful and maybe again, just hearing somebody passionately talk about it for, I think it was two hours or over an hour and a half really kind of made me, Much more intrigued by it as opposed to just reading an article or clicking a button and or I guess the never alone is a perfect one because there’s, you know, post this picture on Twitter.

[00:10:17] Okay, that’s the action and then read this again. It has nothing to do with the posting. And I just want the points so I can build up to get the thing. So again, much more Driven, driven by the action as opposed to the lore there. So coming, you know, coming, coming to appreciate more We’ll see if I actually get into reading it.

[00:10:36] The other interesting thing was this past week is CEO Michael Wagner was interviewed on a podcast I had never heard of the people, lots of people in Discord said you got to listen to this, you gotta listen to this pod I guess it wasn’t a podcast. It was a YouTube. So I did listen to it and I do admit it was really good.

[00:10:55] And I don’t know if it was just that it was a good interview or the people interviewing him did not know a lot about the project. So they asked quite open ended and general, you know, trying to understand it questions, which, which. Naturally led the interview to be much more informative and starting from square zero or starting from square one as opposed to somebody who is familiar with it.

[00:11:16] So as I was listening to it, I just made a few notes, but again, I think it was a great interview yet again, if you check out the, my news recap it’ll the link will be there. So anyway, so just a couple things that came out. And again, so mainly the things that I had noted were again, interesting insights about Star Atlas, the game, the company, the vision.

[00:11:34] So so one first one, there was some questions about again, a lot of Projects, Web3 projects, crypto projects came out a couple years ago were really more about investment type things as opposed to gaming and Michael Widener said, yeah, their real vision was to first build a game and not just an investment as it can, and a lot of the other Web3 games that came out around the same time were much more about the investment part of it, buy RNFT, go up in price and whatever, as opposed to building a game.

[00:12:05] that just happens to use NFTs and blockchain, things like that. So again, I’ve heard this before, but it was nice to hear it again, because I think it really reinforces that we’re, we’re building that Star OS, Star OS is building a game. The community is probably involved because it’s a game though. Many people are interested because of investment opportunities and things like that.

[00:12:25] So He also as, as anybody who hangs out in the discord has probably heard the, the rumors of that Michael Wigner likes to leak things, but maybe it’s just because we’ve been focused on Saju Abduar, but he talked a little about the next version of the showroom. And again, it’s going to have racing, which I’ve heard before, but what was really interesting was the thought he mentioned again about tournaments.

[00:12:46] And I’m like, okay, that’s makes sense. Race. Again, no different than Formula One or NASCAR. I mean, again, races, people watch, you know, things like that. But was, again, all of this was reinforced how it’s possible. It’s because of the, the multiplayer feature with the collaboration with MetaGravity, which I think is the…

[00:13:06] technology product. Again, I have to go back to previous ones to really understand, but the key integration by using the MetaGravity, whatever it is, platform technology is that, you know, five, I think, I think they’re saying up to 30, 000 people at one time. So again, there’s no way that you can have spectators watching a game in the game.

[00:13:26] I mean, there’s the whole twitch streaming and e sports, but this is, I think again, the key. Yeah. So again, it makes much more interesting in the showroom than just go in for a while, look at your ship, but again, racing. And again, I think this goes back to one of the first things I remember looking at when I was trying to buy my first ship.

[00:13:44] They had the types and all of them said racing. I kept thinking, how are these ships going to go into space? I mean, again, it’s a game. It doesn’t have to do it, but again, you can’t just wear a space suit and go out on a bike. But Yeah, again, games don’t have to be perfect. I mean, don’t have to be real life.

[00:14:01] Anyways, but all that kind of made me, like, much more excited for the next showroom because, again, a thing to do, racing, a thing to watch, tournaments, and the idea that, again, we could have tens of thousands of people, potentially, at one time. So, again, all really cool. The next thing to mention was the Wanting again, there was no announcement, no dates, but I got the scholarship feature and I’ve a couple of times mentioned about what I’m starting to understand is this idea.

[00:14:28] And up until this point, I’d kind of thought of it more as well, the term would be outsourcing. And again, in business, I’m fully on board with that. It’s one of my business plans to leverage the economies of, of people in different. Parts of the world that maybe can work on things in different hours or work at a different rate.

[00:14:47] And so again, I have no problems with outsourcing. It’s it’s business, but we says how it’s sort of been presented a few times. I’ve heard it in the gaming space was more more taking advantage, especially if again. I don’t want to click on the thing, so I’m going to hire somebody to click. And again, to each his own.

[00:15:10] I’m not trying to judge anybody. But what was interesting was the way Michael Wigner framed it. And I thought this was really cool. One was, it, it’s, it’s, makes it, setting those kind of things up makes it free to play for a new player. So, I think the example he gave is, say you have a large ship. And you want to do the scholarship.

[00:15:32] feature. Okay, cool. So, the person on the other end, the player, the new player, comes into the game going, cool, I can, I can use this big ship. Now, chances are they don’t have the money for that thing. So, it’s a way to bring people in. So, they don’t have that high barrier to entry, i. e., I have to buy a very expensive ship.

[00:15:54] And then, Michael Wigner mentioned, well, the idea would be we would split the earnings with the owner. And I’m like, oh. Well, that sounds a lot better. You know, again the owner has the ship, the new player doesn’t transaction trust, how’s the right way to say it? So it’s. It’s fully trusted because it’s blockchain, there’s no fear of things getting stolen, but you don’t have to actually trust the person.

[00:16:19] I guess that’s trustless. Yeah, anyways. So, and then something occurs, and there’s an earning, and that gets split between both parties. Now that actually seems… Fair. It doesn’t feel exploitive. It feels like, cool. And from the new player, they get to come in and do something. Now, maybe that spurs them on to take their earnings and buy a small ship and, and, and repeat the process, build up theirs.

[00:16:43] And I’m like, Oh, okay. So again, I think it was a much better presentation of the idea than some of the things I’d heard before. Now, I’m not saying that the other things won’t occur too, but again. A lot of this is how you present it. And to me, that was really interesting. The next topic was automation tools.

[00:16:59] And again, this has been very talked about in different places about, well, what is the, you know, going forward and, on this interview, he, he, Michael Weidner again said he continues to say everything is okay if it’s open source and again, that’s fine. Reiterating the positions or lack of position, but I think it’s fine.

[00:17:20] And also the second thing was again that it doesn’t give an individual advantage. And again, that all makes sense. But what was nuance that he said was, if this is occurring, it probably means the game isn’t fun and they need to rebuild or redesign the game. And that was the light bulb moment. It’s like, oh yeah, if it’s so grind, grind, grinding, use the.

[00:17:43] Multi, mo, what is it? Whatever World of Warcraft is, you know, wherever that term comes from. You know, then that’s not an interesting part of the game, and so just change that up. So, or even, I think he may be able to, well that means we should just build that into the game, so that people can automate it themselves.

[00:18:01] Again, We’re in the early stages. There’s, you know, team hasn’t come out on a, here’s what it’s allowed. And here’s what not. They said they’re doing some experiments. When, when one of the teams or one of the guilds announced their project. So I think this is still just all healthy because again, I’m definitely feeling like to say automation is wrong, defeats the purpose because.

[00:18:25] It’s not how business works, we all try to automate, and it doesn’t seem realistic given that blockchain is Oh, you can interact with the blockchain independently. So, anyways, but again it was really, really great. And then the last kind of section that I thought was really interesting was He talked a little bit about the down and the interviewee interviewers were also mentioning.

[00:18:49] And I don’t know if this is the first time I ever heard it, but Michael Adener mentioned, well, it just may not have, it may not work. I’m like, Whoa, what do you, what do you mean it may not work? But again it was kind of that realization that again, this whole concept of DO. Decentralized ATOMS organization sounds great on paper, right?

[00:19:08] But it doesn’t exist in real life. I mean, everything is centralized. Whether it’s banks, governments, businesses, whatever. So, again, that blockchain democratizes everything, crypto democratizes everything. DAOs are a way to structure it where you don’t have things. But what was the real takeaway that I thought was great was that there could be voter apathy, i.

[00:19:31] e. in the DAO, you have to vote. And I was like, yeah, what happens when people don’t care? Because I gotta believe there’s like a quorum, you know, like, gotta be over 50. I don’t know, you know, there’s got to be the whole kind of structure to how this works. So if the people really aren’t interested in it, then it doesn’t really make sense.

[00:19:47] So as much as I know, there’s some people that are very pro, hey, we got to get the DAO. We got to get these. Proposals and all this other stuff,

[00:19:59] are they the majority? You know, most people maybe just want to play a game or want to play with their investment. So I still a team start out with the vision of a game governance, strategy, politics, all that stuff. That’s great. That’s, that’s awesome. I mean, the whole thing came through, but again, the realization that, you know, the Dow just doesn’t, it just isn’t.

[00:20:21] Doesn’t exist just because we want it to exist. It has to exist because the people in the Dow want it to exist. So again, back to, you know, voter apathy. I mean, if nobody’s really doing it, then it won’t exist. So again, maybe it never actually happened. So again, it was just more of insightful thing. And to close on the interview, I have to say And again, I don’t know if it was just the interviewer style, but it was an incredibly open discussion.

[00:20:47] Again, I think Michael Widener gave a great interview and a lot of information. And, and I don’t know, just again, when we listen to things, so when people say it was a really good one, I, I concur. It was really great to listen to because I think, again, the. It makes you feel like, yeah, this is a project I want to be in.

[00:21:03] So a couple of quick, small news items at the end. One was, there was a patch to Sage Labs that came out that tried, or that is addressing some of the SDU scanning things. I read it, but none of it sunk in. Cause like I mentioned in the last podcast, I’ve kind of given up on Sage Labs as far as a day to day thing.

[00:21:23] In fact, I guess it’s not even a day to day thing. I’m just not even thinking. I want to play it because it just provides nothing. Now, I went in for a few hours, did the Never Alone campaigns that are related to it, and got it done. And like, oh, okay, I’m done. So, again, I’m busy. So I think that’s the factor, too.

[00:21:41] Yeah. Going away this weekend for a personal thing, had another personal thing, been sick. Anyways, this is the wrong time of the month to go into something that involves clicking and higher level math. So so I’m not really sure, but again, it is interesting that the SDUs kind of continue to be needing refinement.

[00:21:59] For something at the beginning seemed like a throwaway concept to help small gamers is turned into this massive thing or discussion and community thing. So we’ll see where it goes. The last of the small ones the Golden Ticket, excuse me campaign for whatever, lack of word, was finally announced that it’s coming.

[00:22:18] There’s eight drawings. I thought there was only going to be four. Maybe they expanded it. But interestingly it ties into the last, I assume it’s the last eight weeks of the year. Or maybe it gets over right at Christmas, or who knows what. But, again, the last two months of the year. So, that’s coming.

[00:22:32] Finally looked at the, the chart of what’s being given out. So it all looks cool. So, I think that’ll, again I think… terms, I think it’s a great promotional thing to get people involved. Again, you can debate whether or not it’s truly 1. 3 million. Cause again, it’s NFTs, but yeah, it doesn’t matter.

[00:22:54] It’s a great promotion. If people are interested, who doesn’t like to. Do something to try to win something, whether, again, you call it a lottery, a raffle, I think they had different terms in the announcement that it’s like a reward structure or something like that. Again, I’m not a lawyer, so I don’t care.

[00:23:12] But anyway, so that’s coming. I think it’ll be very exciting to hear. And again, obviously, or hopefully people who win, you lottos where you’re something. Bye. Bye. Bye. Lotteries where you’re required to give out your name whether you want to or not obviously anybody it’s blockchain So you don’t have to say anything.

[00:23:31] But but again, I think it’ll be interesting and one thought I had is After this because again, that’s a lot of assets I do wonder if things will be slightly different because this feels like I don’t know what to call it, but it’s Everybody has a chance, so there’s levels of playing field, doesn’t matter how much money you have.

[00:23:52] Again, you gotta get golden tickets, but right now you can buy them on the marketplace for, I think, like, 8 cents. So, I mean, you know, again, we’ll go back to the latte. Who doesn’t have 5 bucks if they wanted to do it? So, but again, when it’s over, you know, we’ll have new players showed up, we’ll have people playing around with their assets.

[00:24:11] Again. Who knows, but again, if, if, and again, if, if this is the kind of next eight weeks and then the showroom module comes out again, it doesn’t really matter, I guess the Solana break points coming up this upcoming week, I think, yes. And so the team’s going to announce a whole bunch of stuff. So I have, I would be shocked if they don’t announce a bunch of features, but also put some dates around it.

[00:24:35] Cause I think This next version of showroom is the next thing, even though I know there’s the next version of Sage labs, but I think the showroom is, is it needs to be the next thing, which again, they’ve talked about it being public access or public open, public, public beta. I don’t remember, but anyways, and against his mobile app.

[00:24:56] So it’ll be really interesting to see if the new year brings a whole bunch of stuff. So anyways, okay. Enough with that. So final little section, just again update on kind of what I’m doing, my strategy like I kind of alluded to before, I’m, I’m not playing Sage Labs. Again, it’s just not engaging.

[00:25:12] But one thing that I think, and it had been mentioned, I can’t remember if it was at the brew or maybe it was Michael Wagner’s interview. This cons, oh, and I’m sure it was actually now I remember. It was, The game designer Chip Doe’s thing talking about XP and LP loyalty points and some other stuff And I think maybe Mike Widener said but anyways, there’s a whole concept of progression and I guess I guess this goes back to the prior player profile It kind of dawned on me putting it all together that I think that’s the missing element Zealy’s kind of cool because you’re progressing to gain enough points to get these rewards.

[00:25:52] SageLab, of course, is sort of progression in the sense that you’re mining resources, but you don’t know what the resources are going to be used for. Showroom has zero progression. But if you tie all this stuff together with your player profile, i. e. your wallet, And your actions in all these potential three different places, the browser game, the UE5 game, and the mobile app, move forward, so your time has a result, not just what your strategy is in Sage Labs, or how much money you have to buy a ship, or any of that.

[00:26:29] If, if, if a combination of everything allows you to progress forward. I think that’s the missing element. I really think, until we see that it’s really going to be hard, individually, myself, to get very excited about things, other than, you know, the one offs, Zealy, Never Alone campaign here, drawing in the golden tickets yeah, anyway, so I’ll be actually interested to see if they kind of wrap that up into some sort of cohesive, but also promotional Nature marketing nature to new players because that does really feel like the thing that we’re missing.

[00:27:06] So And then the final thing I put all my ships back in score Because it’s easy and I was gaining Atlas So I’m just I don’t really read much of the other parts of the Stardust discord But I skim them why I mark them all red and I thought I remember somebody saying oh, yeah Anybody in score doesn’t make sense.

[00:27:26] You should be mining. It’s so much better And I was like, first of all, I was like, huh, because my name to me is Sage Labs. And I didn’t feel like I was making something there. But again, I’m not into the what is it? The arbitrage and the spreadsheets and all this other stuff. So again, I, I could be completely wrong.

[00:27:44] Maybe it is better, but the thing that I’m stating is score is better for me. Cause I don’t think people are factoring in time. Cause. What time I took in Sage Labs, and I said this in our podcast, I could have done so much. Else with it again, I could have went to bed, I could watch TV, I could have worked on my business, I could have worked on my side business, I could have made more content for Star Atlas.

[00:28:11] All those things to me are much more valuable than some more hydrogen or carbon or iron ore or something like that. Because my time is not worth. So anyways, I don’t know if it’s true, but I just throwing that out as kind of a thing that I was like, yeah, I should look into it. And then I’m like, no, I don’t have time.

[00:28:30] So I’m keeping everything in score with my faction claims on my ships. And so my four hours are being built, my Atlas is accumulating and still just trying to figure out when I’m going to get the max hog, cause the prices of the STUs keep fluctuating so much. So anyways, that’s it. So just to wrap up again, if you would be, or if you’re interested in chatting with me on this podcast, love to have any podcast guests, please go to intergalacticcarol. com and look for the contact page. If you want to follow links to anything I mentioned here, like the Michael Wagner interview, please sign up while you’re on the website to to the weekly news recap.

[00:29:06] And then you’ll get all those links sent to you on, on, yeah, I guess I’ll say it. I sent him. Yeah. Everything goes out Sunday, 5 PM Pacific time. Both this podcast and the news and again, if you’re interested in getting involved in a couple of my other service projects, again, trying to develop a merch store at intergalacticgear.

[00:29:24] com, please go there, fill out the merch survey, love any feedback you’d give. And if you’re not really interested in the guild experience, not that there’s anything wrong with guilds. Again, I’m trying to get to create a paid community for starless gamers, particularly people that are just going to be solo gamers, just come in and out.

[00:29:41] But want to still stay up, have a chance to chat where they don’t have to sit around in discord and try to figure out conversations. Please go to Intergalactic Coalition and fill out the interest survey. My goal is to try to get maybe like a founding group put together that it’s a price point that.

[00:29:56] Covers the software, I don’t know, say for a year and then that’s the commitment I’ll give to the community to set it up and run it for that period of time. But again, I’m still don’t have any time to think about that. So anyways, that’s it. Thanks for listening again to my Star Atlas Week in Review podcast.

[00:30:13] Hope you guys all have a great week ahead. Looking forward to the Breakpoint keynote. Hopefully we’ll have a way to get that. Because again, it’s in the Netherlands, so I’m definitely pretty sure I’m not going to be awake when it’s live. But hopefully there’ll be a repeat. Otherwise, again, just have a great week ahead.

[00:30:29] This is Matt with the Intergalactic Herald.

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