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Podcast 34: Star Atlas Weekly Review

In this episode, we recap the latest news of Star Atlas from the past week.

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Podcast Transcript

[00:00:00] Hi, this is Matt with the Intergalactic Herald, just doing my Star OS week in review podcast. This is episode number 34. I may have mentioned on the last podcast, I might not be here this weekend, but personal plans have changed. And so that’s been postponed another week. So may or may not have a podcast next week.

[00:00:15] Anyways, moving on to the actual content. So if you’re interested in any of the things I mention here, please do check out the website intergalacticherald. com and sign up for the weekly news recap. The one in question for this podcast is news recap number 83. So you can find that on intergalacticherald.

[00:00:33] com. Additionally, if you’d like to be a podcast guest, either For an interview say you’re a startless builder or another content creator, or you’re a community member and you just want to talk about the week in review, love to have additional people on here. Again, it’s one of my goals but much like everything, other things take precedent, i.

[00:00:52] e. family, business sickness, but we’ll see, even though it’s already October hopefully sometime. Content, just wanted to, again remind you of my two projects I’m working on within the Star Atlas ecosystem. One is my merch store, so intergalacticgear. com. Please check that out. Right now it’s just a merch survey. Curious to find out what people are interested in. So I really appreciate anyone filling that survey out.

[00:01:16] It really helps. And then the second one is my What I’m calling a non guild, guild, or unaligned coalition. Again, they’re just words. But basically, it’s a place where startless gamers who, again, are just solo gamers, just want to play, not really interested in joining a guild, but still want to hang out, find the discord a little too disorganized, can’t keep up with things.

[00:01:38] So please go to intergalacticcoalition. com. And I have an interest survey there where you can fill out. This is a paid community. So part of, part of the cost is to offset. the price of the platform. Discord is fine, nothing wrong with it. But it’s based on chat. This one is more based upon threaded discussions and email alerts and things like that.

[00:01:59] So you can kind of come and go as it fits your timing of your life and things you’re working on, but yet not totally feel lost if you come in there. So that platform costs money. Plus also Pays a little bit of my time to help maintain it be the I guess community manager slash leader Things like that.

[00:02:17] So anyways intergalactic coalition calm So let’s get into the content of this podcast some of the things that happened this past week in star Atlas So the first one and I don’t know maybe I missed the announcement, but the never alone Quests have popped up that are related to sage labs Again, I just missed an announcement.

[00:02:39] So seems like there’s a few more there, obviously. Or interesting as, of course, I noticed them and I looked at the leaderboard, probably. Tons of people who already knew they were there and finished everything. So but there’s some Sage Labs, Sage Labs focused ones now, like scanning for SDUs and crafting and sub warping.

[00:02:56] So that’s cool that that one’s coming back. Bigger picture I haven’t heard again when this one, I guess we’re on mission two. I thought there was three or four missions. I, again, well reduction staffing and delays and getting Whatever version of Sage. Anyway, it’s fine. It’s cool. So I’m going through a couple of those Another thing to point out I really want to highlight the Metaverse Nomads this past they always have their Livestream on Sunday about Sunday morning for me But sometime and they’ve been doing a great series of team interviews last weekend.

[00:03:31] It was So I wasn’t able to listen to it. So I just recently caught up on it and they were interviewing Santee, the community director of community. Apologize. So we don’t get all everybody’s titles and names, right? But anyways, it was really great. They’ve had the chip dough, the, see, I can’t, I can’t keep all the name.

[00:03:48] Names slash titles. But anyways, the Head of game design head of economics chris. Yeah, I could maybe it’s a lot of c’s And now santi and it was really cool learning about some of the background on the how the community team’s organized what they’re working on Philosophy again. It was really great and I really want to highlight.

[00:04:07] The Content creators, that do have access to the team and can get them on for interviews because I think that’s really great to, to see that and have that. But kind of building upon that, Star OS themselves community manager, Dominic, actually started a new YouTube series that was interviewing the teams.

[00:04:24] And this one was the chief product officer, co founder, Lloyd, I think, who’s Buntius. Again, I need a what do you call it? A chart of everybody’s names and username. Anyways, again, I should know, but again, I just, it doesn’t go in the memory banks. Anyways, it was a great interview. Highly recommend. And again, it’s in my news recap.

[00:04:48] Same with the Metaverse Nomads one. But it was great. He’s semi in the Foundation room, but I haven’t heard him any on any other podcasts. Definitely not a public facing, but again, it kind of was talking about his role within the company as a co founder didn’t realize his brother’s the other co founder, I think the chief technical officer.

[00:05:08] And then of course Michael Wagner, the CEO, who’s obviously much more of the public face. But it was again, very fascinating hearing his history, his game development background where he worked. But also just some of the philosophy. And again He’s got an art background I thought I heard him say he was gonna be like a, like a, not a musician, but like a, I say opera singer, I apologize if that’s not the right, anyways, a singer, a professional singer, and it’s like, whoa, those game design and professional singers I can’t, I don’t know if it’s the, anyways, it was.

[00:05:39] It’s just cool hearing about people because you get little tidbits, but again, it was a fascinating interview and I really hope Star Atlas the team continues to interview other team members, other parts. I think again, those are all really great ways to both humanize the business, but also give some background and names and faces and experience to people as opposed to just, you know, a small little discord replies or, or anyways, I think it’s great.

[00:06:06] So the other big Content thing that came out this week is the regular brews start of the Atlas brews. And this one was I think titled Sage, feature of Sage or whatever. So most of it was Michael Wagner, CEO talking, but it was getting, there’s an interview format with the three rigor hosts asking questions.

[00:06:23] So a couple of interesting details that came out of that one. Is it? It’s quote unquote, highly likely that Sage Labs, the product we see is going to be going away. And again, this is been mentioned in passing. But again, this feels much more like, okay, now we’re we have a pattern. And but what was interesting was that the next version of Sage.

[00:06:47] I think Starbase, but again, again, I’ve said this before, there’s somebody in the Stardust team is really great with acronyms and coming up with phrases like score and scream, scream and wreck and all this stuff. But, and again, maybe it goes something back to that the Danny and the Stardust you mentioned is that again, they’re developing products and those products are going to constantly be evolving, but the products are in different Styles or formats.

[00:07:16] So again, the browser based game, which we call Sage, but it’s just, let’s call it the browser based game, just like there’ll be a mobile app, just like there’s the UE5. And again, we have words for them, but those words change or morph. Anyways, where I was going with all this is to say there’s a new interface for the browser based game.

[00:07:35] That makes perfect sense because we know that Sage Labs was never an intended Published a product they wanted to get out. It was always the 3D experience in the web browser. It sounds like, according to the Atlas Brew, that they’re trying to get it to be the same feature set as what current SageLabs is, to be whatever this next thing, and I think it’s Sage star based, and once they have the equivalent features, there’d be no reason to keep around the old interface, and that makes perfect sense plus there was previous information mentioned that the way the star bases, the actual objects being fully all the crafting things and levels and stuff like that, that, that isn’t a progression thing.

[00:08:21] So they kind of have to strip those out. And so it’s and then the team, or sorry, the players will build up the star bases as part of game loops. Again, all makes sense. So if SageLabs, the product has to go away to allow for that foundation. I thought at one point SageLabs was that foundation, but again.

[00:08:43] Give the team tons of flexibility on releasing things, changing them. Anyways, so I guess just as a quick aside It means I was thinking about doing a how to guide for Sage Labs But I seems like that would be just wasted effort. Just like why I didn’t do one for escape velocity so the other thing that came out of the Atlas brew was that definitely character progression is is in the pipeline and that makes I guess a lot of sense again.

[00:09:07] I’ve may have mentioned before I haven’t been really an mm Well, I haven’t played any MMOs like World of Warcraft, but you know, level 60 and wow, yeah, I’ve heard about that. So I see that is very important that we have profiles obviously tied to our wallets, our blockchain stuff, and then we progress forward on that.

[00:09:27] So again, that makes great sense that that’s coming. Again, it was also talked about again, the, the. Tools and automation. I think I might have mentioned a whole bunch of stuff. My thoughts on it last podcast. But again, it was there. And I think the key point that I keep hearing more frequently enough and it makes sense is that there’s nothing wrong with automation, an automation tool.

[00:09:50] It just needs to be open up to everyone. I like that philosophy, but I also think it doesn’t incentivize creation. If you open it up, and again, I have no problems with open source. I mean, I run some of my business on WordPress, which is open source. The team has released tools to build, or sorry, build tools.

[00:10:11] But again, I won’t rehash what I said last podcast, but again, if you release the tool, release the tools to build the tools. And then say you have to release it for free or open to everyone, then the incentive there where the whole game is about economic gains. So, again, we may just be in that early phase of trying to figure all this stuff out.

[00:10:32] But, but again, the idea was that clarifying more what tool automations are things that the team is maybe not endorsing yet, but definitely not restricting, so. Oh, and I mentioned before, again was brought up again and made very clear about there’s basically three products that the Star OS team is trying to create, and those are all based off of the blockchain.

[00:10:52] So again, you can go between all of them. So again, browser based UE5, and then the mobile app. Oh, and, and again, it was interesting mentioned, and because I’ve kind of harped on the, I need to get a new video card to play the showroom, but Not everybody’s gonna be able to buy a PC gaming computer.

[00:11:09] I just need a video card. I still got the rest of the computer, but you add all it up and, you know, these are… High barriers to entry. Hence why console gamer games and console gamers. It’s, it’s easy to just buy a console and plug it in your tv. Everybody’s got a tv. But again, the idea that the browser product is for those who can’t play the u e five, and again, I think that’s great to allow a lot of different target audiences to come in.

[00:11:31] And then the last thing was mentioned, I think, and it builded upon what was mentioned in the, the Starless interview with with chief. product officer was the idea of skin creation. And I guess I’ve heard about this. So far got a couple of the skins in mind, but what was really interesting was the the mechanics I hadn’t maybe hadn’t heard of it before but the idea was that Artists will be able to make skins so an artist can come in make a skin design it So again, the team will release a tool Skin generation tool for the ships.

[00:12:04] Artists can learn how to use that. And then to build the skin you will need to have resources. Probably not the ones we’re doing with in Sage Labs now, because thinking they… Paint or I don’t know me who knows who knows what the resources are But the idea is that then you’ll have a design you could sell the design But it requires the resources you go out and mine them and then you can have your own skin.

[00:12:28] So what was really fascinating was Again, I can’t remember which of the two Sessions that came out of was that one people could sell the skin so there’s an economic loop that people can sell things in the game, but that unlike Other games that sell skins as part of their microtransaction system, that the team is really not involved with this, but yet, obviously, resources and transaction fees and all that, I mean, they get a small cut, and again, I’m sure, oh, of course, it’s on the marketplace, so there’s all those fees that go on there, so so anyways, that was really cool, and I hadn’t really thought about it that way, but it’s like, yeah, that, that would be kind of cool, and maybe a little less I don’t know, in the normal games, when I’ve heard, oh, you buy hats, and I’m like, why would I buy a hat?

[00:13:16] I don’t know. Again, maybe I’m just not a fashion person. Anyways. So anyways, that was really cool. So the other thing that came up late, late in the week, was the foundation room was changed in the Discord. And so there were some new requirements to make it gated. So there was like I think three new requirements.

[00:13:35] One was like polis. But again, I’m always confused. Is it polis? And then it’s polis voting shares? PVP? And I don’t think that’s a one to one ratio. Anyways, it was eight 80, 000, which if it was just straight polos, that’s, that’s a, well, sorry, that’s a crazy amount of money. The other was level in Discord.

[00:13:57] And the third was I think access through the ZOE Never Alone thing. So so that was what was announced. However, and this is where I get in kind of in a little whatever. So I’m going to go off on a quick slash, so box rant, whatever. I had questions, but once, so I was always a member of the Foundation Room.

[00:14:16] I paid the, the Discord Boost, whatever it’s called, Nitro, whatever. So, I think it was five bucks. And I got my access to the Foundation Room. So now there’s new requirements. And again, I have no problems if the team wants to change access. Absolutely no problems. That is definitely in their prerogative to do that.

[00:14:35] But I can’t say any more. Because of rule changes, but the rules are gated, so I can’t tell you what the rules are.

[00:14:46] Again, this is weird. So here’s what I can say. The rules have changed after years of precedent, both how to get in and what you can do when you’re in. Again, I have no problems with the team doing this, but I can’t have to admit, it came out last, or I read it out last night, thought about this morning, now later this afternoon I’m writing, and I’m like, I don’t know why this is bugging me.

[00:15:06] But, anyways. So sorry, I’m reading my notes to make sure I don’t get in trouble. So much content. Oh, so much of the content that is communicated by the team is now quote gated, but I can’t explain what the rules are because the rules are gated. Okay, moving on. I’ve been mentioning and why I wanted to start my Intergalactic Coalition, my paid communities.

[00:15:32] I don’t know, I find Discord just to get really, really terrible to keep up and whatever. And I was really liking the Foundation Room because usually there’s less messages, a lot more specific information from the team. It was cool. And again, baritone tree, quite small, you know, five bucks a month or whatever.

[00:15:50] But maybe the thing I was thinking of this morning, and again, I haven’t went back in the foundation room today to read anything is again, just how this affects content creators and kind of got me thinking again, even though the content I’ve created up to this point has been like my weekly curation, I’m not.

[00:16:09] Making content, just putting them all together in an email list. The how to guides, yeah, I guess that’s content, but again, I’ve stopped doing it because there’s nothing stable on the product. Again, Escape Velocity I didn’t want to do, Sage Labs is off the table now, Showroom is the same, so there’s nothing.

[00:16:29] How to all my crypto, how to get into it, buy a ship, all that, marketplace, all that’s still the same. So that’s there. But I really feel bad for the other content creators that I read their content and put it in things. So Siggy, for example, does tons of great tweets. I, I don’t know if he can keep…

[00:16:46] Publishing all that information. Raw mega does an alpha of what’s in discord. I just don’t think that can happen anymore. Metaverse no bads usually have their segment at the end about star Atlas. I don’t know if that’s all public stuff. Again, I don’t even, I’ve never thought or kept in my mind, well, where did the content come from?

[00:17:08] And then Al Afia’s newsletter from FriendCacker. I mean, sometimes I learn stuff in his newsletter I don’t think I’ve ever read anywhere else. So, going forward, it seems like the only thing that could be, and again, so maybe we’re off the Foundation Room thing, again, because I, I don’t technically have a problem with Gated.

[00:17:27] Stuff again, I’m trying to create a community that’s not gated, but it has a price point. So I can’t, I don’t want to be hypocritical. I can do whatever they want, but I guess. Okay. So this is the sub box part. No problem having the foundation room with the new requirements for entrance.

[00:17:49] That’s fine. Here’s where maybe I have the problem, is going forward, all that can be shared are from official Star Atlas. Maybe, sorry, going forward I guess I’m wondering about content creation. Cause I like enjoy reading it myself, and I guess with this podcast, I’m a content creator. So, in Star Atlas, so I should just say, you know, no big deal.

[00:18:10] I mean, that’s who I am. I had fun doing this and I’m going to do more of it. So going forward that all that can be shared are from the official Star Atlas channels, like the Atlas Brew, which are great. Once a week, lots of content is provided there. Anything in discord announcements, but I’ll admit I’m not going to read general chat and the economics and governance is just too much stuff.

[00:18:32] And a few. Tweets, or exes, or whatever we’re calling the thing now. But with the staffing reduction, it sure feels like you know, a lot of outreach PR, marketing, whatever you want to call it, I mean, I don’t think there’s been a post on Instagram Facebook’s gone again, a little better on the YouTube channel with this first interview, but prior to that, hardly anything.

[00:18:53] Everything was in Discord. So, I think, I guess, My thought is that Stardust team really needs to step up with their public communications. Again, this interview seems good, but if the foundation room content is different, because I can’t say how different it is again well anyways, I guess to me, this is just a missed opportunity.

[00:19:16] I think content creators have been Putting a lot of time, their time, my time, into helping to promote through multiple channels, whether it’s Twitter, YouTube podcast medium yeah, I guess that’s where I see most of the content and it’s basically free PR, it’s free marketing. And the team now has taken the main source of a lot of that.

[00:19:38] Again, when a content creator can get an interview with a team member, that’s awesome. Again, they also usually share a lot. That’s great. But there’s only so many content creators that have that access and can get access to have people on his interviews.

[00:19:55] So again, I think it’s a missed opportunity. I, I, I really think Personally, part of me just doesn’t like change. Sorry, I’ve been enjoying what we’ve had and it’s been for years. And so again, who knows? We’ll see. But and again, maybe this is just reactionary, but I’ve actually caught myself when writing up my little talking points and stuff and had to put a big little thing.

[00:20:14] Don’t share anything from the foundation room. I’m thinking I need to just not read it, and I kind of enjoyed reading it, but I don’t have enough brain power with everything else going on in my life to remember where I heard something or, or did it. So if another content creator says something, well, that’s their problem.

[00:20:33] So anyways, so box over. Moving on kind of the last big topic I wanted to hit on because a few of the other content creators have been talking about it for the last couple weeks, is this whole concept of small players. And again, I’m not sure what we’re defining as small players, but we have this other term that gets used quite frequently, the whales.

[00:20:52] And I’m not a whale, and most of the content creators don’t seem like whales. So, I guess I was starting to realize more and more how things do seem to be quite slant toward big ships. Hence money, hence whales. Now again, I have no problems with that. The game has to do it. Yeah, pretty sure it was mentioned again that this is a crowdfunded game.

[00:21:16] Yeah, that was in, I think, Danny’s interview. They weren’t developing the game in secret for seven years, obviously not secret, but just not public, hence they would already had funding. They, they released the thing and then got funding that way, so I’ll kickstarter crowdfunding. Don’t make sense.

[00:21:34] You got to sell big stuff. It also does hand toward the guilds because whales want to, well, I don’t know if whales want to be in them, but again, you’re combining resources. So the guilds have more opportunities. And I’m sure it was mentioned in one of the two Atlas brew or Danny’s interview that

[00:21:51] The game’s not done. This isn’t the final product. And again, like I mentioned, hey, you don’t need a video card, you can play the browser game. And obviously if there’s a mobile app, that’s got a much lower barrier to entry, as past things have said. I mean, you won’t even have to set up a wallet or buy anything.

[00:22:06] Walk around and level up and eventually you could turn it into an NFT. So again, I think there’s the grand vision for multiple playstyles is all there. And so this may just be reaction to today. And even I just started listening to one of Metaverse Explorers one, and he was mentioning how he wasn’t really into Sage Labs, which I have stated too.

[00:22:27] I’m just not there. But anyways, so anyways, going back to this idea of the small player, and I realized, I think, for comparison’s sakes, to me, let’s compare it to the average console gamer. Because again, Maybe someday Star House is on a console, who knows, but traditionally PC gaming and console gamings have been, you know, the two sides, or two different groups, but no one has a problem paying 60 bucks to enjoy a console game.

[00:22:54] Yeah, there’s tons of extra expec extra expectations. Of course, you have to have a console, etc. It doesn’t matter, but let’s just throw the 60 power 60 price point out. With 60 bucks, yeah. Even today, even at retail, I don’t know what they call it, origination prices, you know, you can still buy, you know, one or two ships obviously you can buy some resources but can you do much with it?

[00:23:15] And I know Atlas Theory and Beyond the Horizon were gonna do a Zero to Hero, small ships, I’m not really sure where that’s gone Forward, but it’s a great concept. So, you know, maybe the stuff that’s out right now just doesn’t fit that 60 gamer where they can do a lot. Maybe they can, maybe they can’t, I don’t know.

[00:23:35] Still be able to get my teenage son back into it, but partly because I’m not into it. So I had some things I could share, but I can’t cause they were in the foundation. So moving on, sorry, sorry. Yeah, I guess it bugs me. I just definitely hope that the game will grow, even though it really seems hard that there’s a larger money barrier that’s out there.

[00:24:02] Again, we may be just in really early. I think Danny mentioned in his interview that the he was he was mentioning how you don’t even need a wallet. And I was like, what? Of course you need a wallet. And then I remembered, no, in the showroom They had to make it where you could build your own wallet, which everybody says this is terrible, but remember, you need a wallet to play the game.

[00:24:28] You don’t necessarily need to care about that wallet unless you’re interested in everything. And I think, again, this came up on the fitness app, too. You can do something, but it won’t actually be an NFT until you make it. And so, again, I’m giving the team a ton of credit for… This barrier to entry problem, we just haven’t seen it yet because again, the people that are in there are the ones that bought the original ships and the posters and all that stuff.

[00:24:49] And they were crypto first. But again, to me, anyways, a crypto first attitude. We’ll never make this game go mainstream. Crypto won’t go mainstream because of that. And again, I don’t want to get a big philosophical debate. That’s just my opinion. Everything we need we already have. I don’t need centralized banking.

[00:25:07] I have a bank. Anyways, again, that’s not the point. Sorry. There does seem to be things like the fitness app, like the browser game and then again, like the UE showroom. We’ll have a wallet built for you. So again, I think there is ways to, to get over that. There is also obviously small ship prices.

[00:25:25] You still buy a ship for that kind of 60 price point. A lot of talk of what you’ll do in the showroom is about racing. So again, you don’t need a ton of ships. So I was starting to realize more and more, I mean, maybe Sage Labs and. I think my point here on that was Bruce said, yeah, that’s the RTS version, which again, I mentioned before, I liked the RTS style that going forward that things will work out in the end.

[00:25:51] So, you know, game’s not done yet. We’ll see where things go. But I, I do hope, I guess I’m getting to the point where that’s, that’s the next step. I’m more interested. I’m not really like another. Expansion of Sage, it sure may be, but anyways, and again, maybe this is just part of and again, Metaverse Explorer mentioned it too, and I think a couple of the other content creators, just not the style of games that we individually are interested in, but again, remember, the game’s got a very broad possibility, hence a lot of different game styles, and again, if we’re really developing a Metaverse, again, an artist can make ship skins.

[00:26:30] Okay, I mean, that artist would care less about crafting and things like, anyways, so I just, again, constantly want to keep thinking about the small player. Cause I guess I kind of consider myself that, or I guess what’s a medium player and what’s a whale. I mean, again, just all these different, sorry, maybe my marketing hat, trying to figure out what the target audience is.

[00:26:53] And of course there could be many targeted audiences. Okay. Anyways, I’m off of that. So. Last point to just kind of wrap up this podcast, just wanted to again, kind of have my, my strategy, what I’m working on, what I’m doing in Star Atlas. And I didn’t actually play Sage Labs this week and I didn’t miss it.

[00:27:09] It was too distracting for me personally with all the things going on in my life. I was also a little sick. But I did start the Zewey quest and I have to admit. Even though I complained about SCORE, I complained a little bit about ZELE in my mind, the fixed purpose, the goal, like, scan subwarp 50 times, 10 S S D Us, craft a thousand things, It was perfect.

[00:27:35] It was enough. There was a goal. It was self contained. I can figure out what to do when. Yeah, I, I enjoy that part. So, you know, we’ll do that. Still waiting to figure out what I’m going to do on my two crafting goals. The, what is it, the MaxHog and the, the LAN tier zero. SDU prices seems to have stabilized a little bit.

[00:27:57] But just like Pathfinder mentioned on his podcast, don’t forget to check the Marketplace because the amount of time and effort and resources you would spend. Because again, there’s lots of Atlas transactions. Thing you’re trying to craft and SageLabs may be actually cheaper, and I think he calculated, which everyone he was looking at, that yeah, it was cheaper just to buy it outright than to do anything.

[00:28:20] Again, it’s not a fault of the game. It’s just more of a, huh, that’s weird. So still waiting to decide what to do on that, and I don’t have a plan yet. Like, when it hits this price, I’ll buy the STUs and then craft the thing. Yeah, I don’t know. We’ll see. I mean, there’s still, I feel like we’re kind of to wrap this up, I kind of feel like we’re in kind of a A slow period, there was all the pressure to get SageLabs out, took longer the uproar about the playtesting comes out, all the bugs, and those have been now resolved, people are playing, we have better discussions about automation, and what’s next, and I’m looking at the calendar, and U.

[00:29:05] S. holidays are coming up the team is Oh, I guess the big one. And again, maybe that’s why it’s quiet. There is the big break point Solana conference coming up and I think it was asked At the Atlas brew that yeah, obviously they’re going to release stuff because they get I mean, they’re going to talk about a lot of stuff because they get a keynote speech.

[00:29:23] And so you, you don’t just say, yeah, we’re doing things. You say what we’re going to do. So that might be again, why we’re in a really quiet point waiting for, for that event to occur. And then we’ll see if again anything’s slated for release before holidays and things like that. Because I think historically that.

[00:29:42] team has taken a pretty decent break around the winter holidays. So anyways, that’s it. That’s me. That’s what was on my mind for the last week. So again if you’re interested in being a guest and chatting with me or venting with me or just talking about the Week in Review, again, please go to intergalacticherald.

[00:29:59] com, look for the contact page submit something there. While you’re there, please sign up for my weekly news recap of all the Star Atlas news. All the other Curie and all the other startless content creators and what they’ve been putting out. So you can sign up for that and get it delivered to your mailbox once a week.

[00:30:15] And then again, if you’re interested in the two projects I’m working on, I’d love to get some feedback from people. So again, if you’re looking hopefully someday to maybe purchase some startledge merchandise, I have intergalacticgear. com. Please fill out my merch survey. And if you’re interested in a different kind of guild experience community hangout with Again, maybe solo Stardust gamers, maybe people with small fleets and talk strategy and stuff and come and go and not feel like you’re lost out in conversations.

[00:30:43] Please go to intergalactic coalition dot com and fill out the interest survey. And that’s a wrap for me. Thanks for listening and have a great week ahead.

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