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Podcast 24: Star Atlas Weekly Review

In this episode, we recap the latest news of Star Atlas from the past week.

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Podcast Transcript

[00:00:00] Hi, this is Matt with Intergalactic Herald. Welcome to our weekly recap of Star Atlas, our Star Atlas Week in Review podcast. This is episode 24. So before I get started on some of my thoughts with the updates on the that occurred in the Star Atlas this whole week. Just want to do a couple quick announcements.

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[00:01:29] Finally, just wanted to give you an update on another project that I am trying to work on. I am now the owner of the staratlasguilds. com website, which is a great resource for information about guilds in Star Atlas. The former owner of that decided not to continue. The domain name unfortunately no longer meets with Star Atlas’s IP requirements.

[00:01:50] So slowly trying to get that moved over to the Intergalactic Herald website. So just a couple, few updates within the gotta come up with a cool intergalactic Stuff that I’m working on for Star Atlas. Anyways, let’s go ahead and get into the bulk of the information, which is the things about what happened this week in Star Atlas.

[00:02:12] First, if you have any suggestions for topics, glad to hear it. Again, I kind of just go off whatever the news of the last week, whatever kind of interests me, and then I kind of add it to a list here that I go over. So if there’s any other topics that I missed, or bigger topics, maybe not news specific, love to chat.

[00:02:29] Or we’ll have to talk about those. So looking for suggestions for that. So the first one I wanted to talk about that came out this last week was from someone on YouTube Atlas Theory great short YouTube’s that he puts out as I found out on the Atlas brew, he may have been the first person to Create any community content for Star Atlas.

[00:02:48] Anyways he put out an updated release timeline, at least according to his research again, not official from Star Atlas, but sort of what he did. And I thought this would be really great to look over because it does to me, it did give a really good indication of the large amount of releases that Star Atlas.

[00:03:04] obviously has been developing for this past year, but it looks like, again, it’s all coming together at once. Again if you’ve been in Star Atlas for a while, you kind of take, and again, what’s the inside joke? Everything’s four to six weeks away. But things do finally feel like they’ve aligned and a bulk of the development should actually start coming out.

[00:03:24] So again, according to Atlas Theory, some things that may be coming this month, though, I do note that it’s already, when I’m recording this, August 13th, so halfway through August. But, again, Who knows? Anyways the first one is the Sage Labs which again I’ll talk more about later, but that’s this start of the Sage game building upon what was done in Escape Velocity.

[00:03:48] So that’s coming. The other one is the Star Path. Now this is the Star Atlas Referral Program that’s being revamped to be one on chain and two, which much better incentives for affiliate or referral commissions. Next one is the Atlas fee payer, which actually I’ll skip over that because I think I was going to talk about that later and what occurred at the Atlas Blue Rule.

[00:04:10] Another one he has mentioned is MoonPay integration, which I do admit I’m not 100% sure what that is. I think MoonPay is one of the ways to get onboarded. Into crypto and then two kind of ongoing things are the star. I was core graphic novel act two is coming out and the continuation of the star us never alone social campaign things that may occur in the next couple months or he has listed as October, November the finally the full sage star base based, excuse me, that’ll be the full fledged sage UI for the What used to be called REC, which was Resource Allocate Extraction and Crafting.

[00:04:50] So that would be the first full UI developed for all those elements. And that should be the start of the Sage Labs along with the Golden Ticket Raffle time. So actually now I think about it, obviously you would think the star based would come after the golden tickets. Cause why would you have the raffle in Sage labs and then release the UI?

[00:05:14] So anyways again, his, was his idea. I just, just making some observations seem like star based, the full UI would come out after the raffle, but who knows? Then later in the year, moving, maybe moving into early next year Showroom 2. 1, which I think was the one that’s going to have the racing, maybe combat, can’t remember.

[00:05:33] And again, a lot of this is just, it’s coming down the pipe. And then he listed his mobile app, Krook Trainer I guess now we’re calling it the fitness app too the play, no, move, turn, play, turn. Anyways, the, the mobile, the mobile app. And then some other, releases that are out there that have kind of moved around different timing.

[00:05:55] One is the DAC platform. This would allow finally for the guilds, the, what is it, Decentralized Autonomous Corporation. So that’s a Star Allies term, guilds are the gaming term have some sort of platform they can do that. Sage Combat, which is finally adding some combat into Sage. He also has listed Showroom Progression Path, Ship Mastery.

[00:06:17] Aye. Actually, I don’t recall what that was. And then finally, Sage version 0, which at this point if you go back to the original Sage game manual, it had many different versions of it, but, again, I think that was obviously all made before the staffing reductions. Anyways, I still think this was a great and I think Atlus 3 for putting this together because again, I can’t imagine Star Ass wants to publish this because they’ve been burned so many times when they put out things.

[00:06:42] But anyways… I think this, what it does give us is a great idea of, there is a lot of stuff in the pipeline. And I know we’ve said that year after year, but it sure feels like finally the. aspect of star atlas is looking like it’s definitely coming at a pretty good clip, assuming, of course, all this actually goes through.

[00:07:04] But again, as we learned last week and depending on how you want to take it for two different announcements, either a 12 month runway or an 18 month runway for cashflow. So either of those, I mean, a year from now is, is a lot. So just wanted to go over that. I think that was great that he put out.

[00:07:21] Next topic was the Core comic. They had actually released something, one of the announcements, I think, in the Disc, Star Atlas Discord, mentioning how there’s new things you can get if you bought the, the comic. I have to admit, and again, there’s so many different people in Star Atlas, and that’s great, and I’m not saying it’s not interesting, but in general Lore, it just isn’t something that I find fascinating.

[00:07:46] I have read comics, I collect comics, I have collected comics. I still collect one comic series for… Sentimental reasons. I don’t know. I mean, if it’s your thing, go for it. It’s great. I think the thing I was just going to bring up again is that even though the comic slash graphic novel is not something that appeals to me personally, I do think this is actually a really interesting thing that Star Atlas is doing to kind of bring all this together.

[00:08:12] There are definitely lots of people that do enjoy the lore and the background of these characters and the world, world building and things like that. So the fact that they’re giving more tangible parts, if I read the announcement correctly, there will be more physical copies, covers, or even an actual paper copy of the graphic manual.

[00:08:31] Graphic novel, excuse me. I just want to call it a comic book. But anyways, graphic novel. I think that’s great and I applaud Star Atlas for taking that and bringing some more of that into tangible things that we can do. Maybe this is partly my desire for the merch store, partly my desire and interest in 3D models.

[00:08:51] I do really like what Enigma 42 is doing with his 3D printing. That’s one of my hobbies too. So anyways, I’m, I’m mainly to say if you’re interested in comics, if you like reading about the lore there’s some more things being available through the core graphic novel. Golden Tickets.

[00:09:08] Just want to talk about it in general. I’m going to get into some more specifics when I get into the section about the latest Atlas Brew. But I can’t remember, I think… I think it was Metaverse Explorers latest YouTube mentioned how the going tickets were like a form of gambling. Yeah, let’s see, what else was I thinking about?

[00:09:25] Well, anyways we’ll go off of that one first. I do agree with him. It, it is gambling and, and raffles are gambles. Gambling lotteries are gambling. Okay. But I think it has but I do applaud and I think I heard on the Atlas Proof that this was Michael Wigner’s idea, so I’ll, I’ll give him, assuming that’s the right credit should be given I actually think it’s a really great idea, whether you like it or not, or you want to participate in it or not.

[00:09:48] It’s a great way to potentially bring new people into the Star Atlas community and play the web based game, the Sage Labs. Buying ships as NFTs. Again, some people still that’s appealing to them. I mean, I guess, bluntly, who doesn’t love to win something? I mean, raffles and lottery have been going around since ancient times.

[00:10:13] So again, I think it’s a great thing whether you want to participate or not, whether you want to spend your time just to you know, try to earn these golden tickets. It’s, it’s a clever game mechanic. I think Michael Widener’s talked a lot about game theory, so I do wonder if he’s studied a lot of that.

[00:10:27] I, I, I haven’t other than that. One game years or one movie years ago about game theory Something brilliant mine. I don’t know anyways Russell Crowe anyways so I think again in general the the golden ticket concept is a really interesting thing to maybe hopefully bring more people into it Another one that has come up in the last week was the Dow proposal or the first proposal OCG Thor has been did a Reading of it and have to admit, and I posted on his YouTube comments, I don’t know why listening to somebody else read a document was way more interesting than reading it myself because I just hadn’t spent the time I have admit.

[00:11:05] I haven’t spent time in the Dow and reading it and commenting things like that. There are many, many people in the governance channel of discord that are really into this stuff, and that’s great. And I’m glad again. Star Alice has that component for people that are interested in it. Yeah. I, I’m, I want to be a gamer.

[00:11:20] I want to play. I want to explore. I want to mine. I want to build my bases. Again, I come from a interest in RTS’s real time strategy. So all this there. Again, I’m I’m totally liking that Star Alice has all of these components, whether again, it be gaming, whether it be governance, whether it be the crypto tokens, all this stuff.

[00:11:39] So but that proposal, I guess, is moving forward. So if, again, that’s something you’re interested in, you may want to put more time into it. The only thing in the background to me with the reduction in staff, they kind of alluded to a lot of the DAO development may be slowed down. So again, how many people are going to come into this?

[00:11:59] Community due to governance things, or how many are going to come into gaming. Again, I don’t know. Gaming seems like a pretty good bet to bring people in. So, anyways. Next topic. This is one that I, I just… I probably should do more research, I just, I guess, I don’t know, I guess I don’t care that much.

[00:12:16] But anyways, why do prices change in the marketplace? I have been recording my ship values in the marketplace for, for a long time. I guess maybe even since I started buying them. Partly just to see, you know, how things go up and down, because I know there’s lots of places you can look for aggregate pricing, what’s the Polis or Atlas tokens worth.

[00:12:37] I don’t know, maybe I just spend too much time weekly doing my… family and business budgets that I just felt like I, I guess it’s a budget. Anyways, it’s just tracking the pricing, but it’s weird to, outside of the coin itself, just to see why ship prices go up, why they go down. I know, I guess I bought a few things for whatever reason like claim stakes recently.

[00:12:58] I haven’t bought a ship in since I stopped releasing them, I guess. Anyways. I’m sure there are smarter people than I that could explain this to me. Maybe someday that would be good if I could find something. But it’s like, why are the prices changing on a daily basis? I, I know, I took economics 101 in college, but I don’t remember any of it.

[00:13:17] And there’s always that thing, it’s supply and demand. Again, I, I, I don’t know. Anyways, so, I don’t know. I just wrote it down, but I guess I have nothing really to say. I just, why do prices change? So anyway, moving on. So the big thing that happened this week in Star Atlas was the Atlas Brew and I do have to admit it’s very interesting.

[00:13:36] Beyond the Horizon posted on one of his YouTube videos this last week that the town halls are dead, long live the, the Atlas Brews. And that’s true. The last two weeks I guess if you say the last three weeks, if I remember correctly, because the third, it’s been three weeks since the announcement of staffing.

[00:13:53] Then that was Peru and Michael Wigner came to and then this most recent one, which was the head of economics and Michael Wagner showed up. So those three are, yeah, I think beyond the horizon pointed out perfectly. They’re, they’re full town halls for all intents and purposes. And the amount of quote unquote alpha I don’t know.

[00:14:16] I just don’t like that term, but anyways, The amount of things they’ve revealed, fine, alpha, is incredible. I mean, they are really not holding anything back. Kind of does make you think, what would it have been like if that amount of information had been coming out? Instead it a little drips, but over the last year, but maybe there just wasn’t anything release and now that there really is so anyways So, some of my thoughts that came out of that was Atlas Brutus.

[00:14:42] I think an hour and a half So if you want to watch it, I think it’s really good beyond the horizon On YouTube did a couple remixes. So they’re a little shorter. So those are great ways you can do it I think the hologram and starless TV both did replays so you can definitely get access to it Anyways, first one.

[00:15:01] Someone said that the SageLab is an RTS game. Finally, I was just like, okay, finally, I get it. You’re, you can now talk to gamers. It’s an RTS. Awesome. Again, maybe the graphics, the user interface in there, but this to me now fits perfectly into my mental picture of games. Star… SageLab is the economy part of an RTS.

[00:15:22] You’re going to go out, and again, I’ll just pick on Age of Empires, since it’s been around for a long time. You’re going to go out, and in Age of Empires, you get your wood, your food, your gold, and your silver. And we’re going to go do that in SageLab, going out to asteroids. And getting stuff and bringing it back and turning it into other stuff.

[00:15:40] Perfect. It’s an R t S game, and again, I almost think if they just said it was an R t S game in their marketing efforts, you might get R T S players interested and you say, Hey, it’s an R R T S game with crypto, or an NFTs. Anyways, so I think his name was Chris, I think he’s the Director of Economics, sorry if I didn’t give him the right title, but he, he just kept talking and talking, and again, I’m, I’m loving that, because he was explaining, you could just tell the passion in his voice as he was talking, and again, that’s somebody who I’m sure wakes up every day loving his job, so.

[00:16:13] More power to him. So he mentioned about a couple of different things that I just wanted to briefly or touch on one was crafting. So again, the mining, the extraction, you, you go out buying asteroids. They have certain I guess they’re calling them R9, which are like sub components. That then will be crafted into bigger things.

[00:16:33] Okay, so that part seemed pretty straightforward. Crafting is definitely a new mechanic. So again, we’re going to take and combine things into other things. And again, he was mentioning a whole bunch of things, but I think, again, they’re still waiting either to fine tune it or wait till the game comes out and we can figure it out.

[00:16:50] So, I think this is, again, this is now quote unquote gameplay. You go do something, you make a decision. and you get an outcome. That, that’s a game. Excellent. There’s a new aspect called the Survey Data Units, SDUs. Again, this game’s all about acronyms. But so is IT, if I’m truly honest. IT, which I was in before I was in marketing, was all about, you know, DNS, DHCP Oh, there’s so many acronyms.

[00:17:20] I’ve already forgotten. But anyways, so something about these data survey units are, and again, I have to almost re listen to it, but I didn’t really care because again, they’re still kind of fine tuning everything. But anyways, sounds like you go out to these sectors on the map and you have a, I don’t think he said 25% chance, depending on when the last time that sector That place was scanned to get one of these.

[00:17:42] And then these things do something. And that’s again, I’m not 100% sure now in hindsight, but I’m sure it will come up. But anyways, it’s a new object, whatever you want to call it. So that was, that was a big takeaway. The other thing that hadn’t been talked about, because again, it’s not part of the original REC er, er, Oh man, I forgot what REC is.

[00:18:02] Extraction, crafting, I don’t know, I already forgot. Anyways, the names keep changing. Anyways, this whole concept of redemption. And apparently it was an interesting mechanic, they said that if if SageLab was just about crafting things, there was nothing you could do with them yet. Because a lot of the things you can craft other than the 4R’s, the food, ammo, toolkits, and fuel don’t have any place to go.

[00:18:29] And he mentioned a few different things like Radiation things, or, I don’t know, a whole bunch of things. Or, I shouldn’t say a whole bunch, half a dozen things. Anyways, again, we’re going to be able to redeem these into something. And so it’s like, oh, okay, so that’s a way that we can kind of stockpile stuff for future parts of either Sage or the UE game.

[00:18:51] So again, that was the first time I’d kind of heard that thing. So Again, the, the full loop. And again, we’ll, I’m sure, get more of this as, as time goes on. But anyway, so there’s something about redemption as part of the, what do they call them, the economy game loops. One of the things they talked about were golden tickets.

[00:19:09] So I’ll go in a little more depth there. One that was interesting is, again, this is part of the redemption part of the economic game loop. And Again, somehow they related to the survey data units. Again, this was the first time I heard all of this and actually, I was watering the grass, so I don’t, I wasn’t taking notes.

[00:19:29] But anyways what was interesting that Chris, the director of economics, was talking about is one was the number that could be crafted in a given time frame. Oh man, I forgot now what he said. Anyways, again, if you’re really interested in the details, listen to the Atlas Group. But anyways, he mentioned that, you know, based upon the number of active people, either in score or something, this is the number of maybe golden tickets that could be produced in a given time frame.

[00:19:59] The other thing he mentioned that was really interesting is the amount of time it would take to get a golden ticket, and it seemed to be hours, not days, but not minutes, not seconds. Which again, seems right. So anyways, so again, there was a More and more information about this is coming out. And that’s again, I guess the interesting part of all of this so whether you’re interested in it and how how they can play this given the incentive of the Hundreds of thousands of dollars of Star Atlas assets that will be going up each week in the raffle This could create a lot of excitement both for current Star Atlas players and again the potential of bringing more in, which again goes back to the new referral program or the changes to the referral plan of the StarPath.

[00:20:45] I think I saw on Discord, somebody asked, is there going to be a marketing push for the referral program StarPath? And I think it was Michael Wagner who posted, yeah, us, meaning the community. Which again, grassroots, word of mouth referral is an awesome marketing tactic. And again, given the reduction in staff, maybe that’s all.

[00:21:05] They can do too. And I wouldn’t be surprised if some of this has to do with the Never Alone Zealy campaign too. So again, going tickets is an incentive to get into the raffle, PlayStar Sage Labs. Again, this all feels like something that can gain a lot of momentum and if not, at least reward the existing.

[00:21:28] employer base that stuck around this long with an opportunity to get more stuff. The last thing that came out, and I think it was just briefly near the end of the Atlas Brew, but again, they’re, I think, if anything, kind of reinforcing concepts that were started out in the, the company announcement meeting and then now week after week on the Atlas Brews, was again this Atlas fee thing oh and that was the other thing, part of what they said, SageLab, is many things will cost Atlas.

[00:21:53] And again, not the economist type, but apparently a way to use up Atlas is a good thing. If I’m not mistaken, I think they said that all these Atlas things won’t go into the… Treasury for the DAO. So now they’ve taken away the selling of the R4s on the marketplace as a way for the DAO’s treasury to get more Atlas.

[00:22:15] So again, these do all seem like positive signs. Anyways, the key thing about this Atlas fee, payer, Atlas payer fee, is that when we do a transaction, currently right now, there’s a small Solana fee that gets added on. Which again, pennies, but I guess, ever, Eventually everything builds up. But within at least Star, Star, Sage Labs, sounds like that when we do transactions there we’ll just be paying an Atlas and then there are still transactions on the Solana blockchain, but Star Atlas is paying those on our behalf.

[00:22:55] So again, I’m not really sure, cause seems like They’re still paying, but again, I’ll wait to see how it all filters out. However, I think the one good thing taking away from all this is that In game activity will be paid in Atlas. Now, how does that all work out in the end? Let’s forget about that for a second.

[00:23:15] You’re playing a game, and you’re paying in Atlas. Cool, done. Now, somewhere Sol is. But again, you don’t have to keep any Sol in your wallet to play a game. And I think that’s the mental jump that makes a lot of sense. Atlas is the in game currency. Actions in Star Atlas Cost Atlas. That all, logically, is a good mental picture.

[00:23:38] So, so again, if you want to get all the details listen to the replays of that Atlas Brew. Again, there is a lot of information there to start getting you thinking about how to play Sage Labs. I’ll admit, my… Personal take is, let’s see when it comes out. Not that it won’t come out, but again, how each thing works, what parts of the game I’m interested in.

[00:24:01] I have to admit for timing and it kind of alluded to, I think they alluded to this at the end, each action, whether it’s a crafting or redemption, is timed. So it sounds like you can click something, start it, and then go away from your computer. It doesn’t have to be kept running. So unlike, say, velocity where the timing was seconds, this could be minutes or hours.

[00:24:25] And so long as it’s something I could click, it works in the background, and I can go about my day awesome. So then I’ll have to make the decision, well, how much time in a given day do I want to… Kick off things. I’ve kind of come into a habit now with score where I just do it once a day regardless if things run out and that feels pretty good.

[00:24:47] But if it’s once every hour I have to check something in Sage Labs to do it. Again, I want to play a game, but I can’t play that kind of game. I got, I got other things to do, whether business or family or whatever. But again, to each his own. Some people can grind away for hours on end. That’s, that’s fine.

[00:25:06] There’s many different styles. And like they say, depending on what you want to do, you can just buy something on the marketplace. For your money instead of putting your time. And again, I think these are perfectly valid gaming mechanics. So yeah, so that was the big, the biggie. Yep. So that’s all I had on my list.

[00:25:23] So just to kind of end this up again if you’re interested in. Well, actually, I first should say, if you’re interested in this podcast, please share it with others. Someone’s done that and I really appreciate that. But if you’re interested in getting all the videos and articles that I read to keep up once a week they’re in the Intergalactic Herald News Recap Newsletter.

[00:25:42] So please just drop your email in there and you’ll get that sent to you. So you’ll have all the information that I found. There. Also try to post those in the Star Atlas discord, the content creator channel. So intergalacticherald. com for the news recap. Again, always looking for people who want to join me on this podcast and talk about the week in review of Star Atlas.

[00:26:02] Again, my two Star Atlas projects, Intergalactic Gear. Intergalacticgear. com. Please fill out the merch survey. Hopefully I’ll be able to start working on that at some point. As soon as I get the Star Atlas Guild’s website migrated over to the Intergalactic Herald. Got to prioritize. And then lastly again, looking to start a non guild guild called the Intergalactic Coalition.

[00:26:24] Intergalacticcoalition. com. I have an interest survey there. You can read more about it. Basically A place to hang out that isn’t Discord a different community platform that allows for threaded discussions and email alerts and just want to hang out and, and talk with other people at Star Atlas.

[00:26:39] Don’t really care about guild structure, factions, who’s at war with whom, you’re just really interested in the game. Like I am, and you want to hang out with other people that are really interested in the game, but don’t want to get fully involved in the guild system, hence the non guild guild, but maybe someday in the guild, in the Star Atlas larger system, we do have a DAC that I don’t know, mutual defense treaty or something, I don’t know, and again, I’m not into, what do they call it theory crafting about how we might do things in the future.

[00:27:12] I only want to know what we can do in the game that exists that we have access to. But anyways, so intergalacticcarol. com, intergalacticgear. com, intergalacticcoalition. com. Again, you might see a pattern there. So hope you enjoyed this. If you found, oh I guess I should say this too, if you found this on one of the podcast platforms I’ll, I hear it’s really good if you submit a review or like that those help with promotions.

[00:27:35] Anyways see you again next week. Again, this is Matt with Intergalactic Herald.

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