Star Atlas: Week in Review Podcast

Podcast 14: Star Atlas Weekly Review

In this episode, we recap the latest news of Star Atlas from the past week.

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Podcast Transcript

Hi, I’m Matt from the Intergalactic Herald. Welcome to our latest star Atlas Weekly news recap, number 63. if you’d like to learn more about any of the links mentioned here, please go to and look for News Recap. 63
Pock The Pirate posted a video announcing the town hall for Star Atlas
Beyond the Horizon posted a video about some escape velocity updates on and additionally to announcing the Town Hall.
Metaverse Nomads posted the livestream of the star Atlas Town Hall Number 39.
Metaverse Explorer did a recap of the Star Atlas Town Hall, town Hall mentioning things like the upcoming showroom 2.1.
The Hologram published an article on medium recapping the Star Atlas Town Hall.
Beyond the Horizon posted video of all of the videos that were shown during the Star Atlas Town Hall
Pock The Pirate posted a video going through some of the things that came up in the Star Atlas Town Hall. First video was about the new showroom. 2.1.
Metaverse Nomads posted their weekly livestream where they talked about star Atlas News, including the everything that came out during the town hall.
Aephia published their weekly Star Atlas newsletter. Number 81.
Galidator posted a video where he went through some of the things that were announced at the Town Hall
Pock The Pirate did a second video on updates from the town hall this time about sage mining and crafting
Pock The Pirate then published his third video from announcements at the town hall. This one rated to the DOA.
Metaverse Explorer posted a video of a number of Star Atlas updates.
Star Atlas posted on their YouTube channel a video they produced about the Pierce X six .
Star Atlas also published a article on Medium announcing the release of the showroom. 2.1 version
star Atlas posted a video on their YouTube channel as a trailer for the showroom release. 2.1.
Metaverse Explorer did a walkthrough of the gameplay in the new showroom 2.1, including the new experimental build.
The Club posted their look at the Star Showroom 2.1.
If you’d like to get links to any of the videos or articles mentioned here, please go to and look for News Recap 63. Thank you.

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