Star Atlas: Week in Review Podcast

Podcast 12: Star Atlas Weekly Review

In this episode, we recap the latest news of Star Atlas from the past week.

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Podcast Transcript

Hi, this is Matt with Intergalactic Herald, just bringing you the weekly news recap 61 for the Star for Star Atlas. you can find all the links mentioned here at Look for news recap. 61
Metaverse Nomads posted a new video where he goes over the new star Atlas Never alone campaign.
The Hologram News Network posted a video about how to claim a star Atlas memory fragment in the never alone campaign.
Metaverse Nomads posted a replay of their weekly star Atlas. livestream
Winston posted a video, which it was a full tutorial of how to go through the Star Atlas Never Alone campaign.
RahMega posted a video where he explained the rewards that are available in the Star Atlas Never Alone campaign.
Aephia published their latest weekly star Atlas newsletter, number 79
Aephia also published an article where they go through and provide a guide to the mission, one of the Never Alone Campaign
Pock The Pirate posted a video of some fan fiction and lore kind of co co coinciding with the Never Alone campaign.
Atlas Theory published his second episode of his zero To Hero series about grinding through the escape velocity.
Metaverse Explorer posted a video about him questing using the Never Alone Campaign
Beyond the Horizon 2620 posted a video of some of the latest Star Atlas News.
The hologram published an article about the departure of the former star Atlas CRO.
Star Atlas published their own newsletter, the Atlas Star issue number 18.
Again, if you’d like to find these links please go to and look for Star Atlas Weekly News recap number 61. Thank you.

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