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Star Atlas Weekly News Recap #3

Welcome to the third Star Atlas weekly recap from the Intergalactic Herald. Below is what happened with Star Atlas this past week.

STAR ATLAS #48 | Updated Roadmap & New Article

The MetaVerse Explorer uploaded a video to YouTube about the latest roadmap updates and the new Star Atlas Medium post. The Medium post was the Star Atlas Issue #5. He also showed an unofficial game called Tufa Attack.

Weekly newsletter of Aephia Industries – Issue #22

Aephia Industries, a Star Atlas guild, sent out their latest newsletter. They mentioned some new info on Project Rosegarden which is supposed to be about additional UE5 gameplay. They also updated about the distribution of POLIS.

Unreal Engine 5 is finally ready to power a new generation of games

Engadget had an article about Epic Games officially releasing Unreal Engine 5.

STAR ATLAS #49 | Repair Ship | Miami Visit

The MetaVerse Explorer uploaded a video about the two recent ships being released. He also showed four tools to monitor the prices of ships on Star Atlas. They are:

STAR ATLAS #50 | The Party Boat of The Star Atlas MetaVerse!

The MetaVerse Explorer gave his review of the Calico Medtech and Opal Bitboat.

New Ship – Calico Medtech

Star Atlas released a new ship called the Calico Medtech. It is a small ship with a price of $860 USDC. It is a rescue ship.

New Ship – Opal Bitboat

Star Atlas released a new ship called the Opal Bitboat. It is a large ship with a price of $10,080 USDC. It is a transport ship.

Star Atlas LIVE from Solana Hacker House Miami

Star Atlas posted a Twitter Spaces about their panel at the Solana Hacker House.

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