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Star Atlas Weekly News Recap #10

Welcome to the Star Atlas weekly recap from the Intergalactic Herald. Below is what happened with Star Atlas this past week.

The Atlas Star ✧ Issue #7

Star Atlas posts an update on their website about SCREAM.

Introducing COPA — a Festival of Guilds

Star Atlas announces the first ever meeting of the the Star Atlas guilds on their Discord server.

How to Join a Star Atlas Guild or Create Your Own

Star Atlas post about joining or creating a Star Atlas guild.

Mierese Dance in the Blizzard: Star Atlas Roadmap Scan #07

Star Atlas posts on Medium more of the ongoing story of Lieutenant Wenn and a roadmap update.

See a Pre-Alpha video sneak peek of the Showroom WIP

Star Atlas tweeted a “work in progress” video of the Showroom.

Weekly Star Atlas newsletter – by Aephia Industries – Issue #29

Aephia Industries published their weekly Star Atlas newsletter.

Star Atlas Launches Initiative to Establish Web3 Security Framework

Press release about Star Atlas signing a security partner for ongoing audits and analysis.

Exploring the Star Atlas Metaverse

CoinDesk does a review of Star Atlas.


The Hologram talks about the Council of Peace Assembly.

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