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Star Atlas Weekly News Recap #1

Welcome to the first Star Atlas weekly recap from the Intergalactic Herald. Below is what happened with Star Atlas this past week.

Ustur Executive Surveyor Report: Star Atlas Roadmap Scan #01

An official Star Atlas Medium post with updates to the ongoing development. Written as a recovered transmission between in-game characters, the post goes over updates to the Showroom module and other projects like the DAO, SCREAM and ATLAS staking. The post ends with details of the weekly project report data.

Star Atlas: The Showroom in Unreal Engine 5

An official Star Atlas Twitter post showed a short video of the Showroom. A small character runs around the Showroom and walks in a ship. The character then walks outside and looks at a massive ship.

New ship – Busan Thrill of Life

New ship available to purchase in the Star Atlas marketplace called the Busan Thrill of Life.

New ship – VZUS ballad

Another new ship to purchase called the VZUS ballad.

ONI Shadow Ops Mission Report: Star Atlas Roadmap Scan #02

Another official Star Atlas Medium article with updates on the development of Star Atlas. The post is again written as a mission log from an in-game character. The updates give details on the Marketplace, SCREAM and a couple of renderings. The post ends with the specific project updates listed.

SCORE Pitstop

A Star Atlas guild, The Club, has created a interesting tool to help with resupply in SCORE. The tools claims to allow you to update all your ships earning ATLAS in fewer steps.

STAR ATLAS #46 | 2 New Ships That People Arent Buying

The MetaVerse Explorer gives an update of Star Atlas on his YouTube channel. He goes over the latest ships being released for sale and a look at the current ship prices.

Weekly newsletter of Aephia Industries – Issue #20

Aephia Industries, a Star Atlas guild, sent our their weekly newsletter. The newsletter contains info about some announcements from Star Atlas about how they will be sharing info. The newsletter also gives info on motherships and cargo space.


The MetaVerse Explorer posted another YouTube video about the Showroom reveal. He first started with a review of the latest roadmap update. Then he gave this thoughts on the latest Showroom reveal video.

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