Star Atlas Weekly News Recap #94

Welcome to the Star Atlas weekly recap from the Intergalactic Herald. Below is what happened with Star Atlas this past week.

We are looking for guests to be on our podcast. The podcast is a discussion of the past week’s news about Star Atlas. If you are interested in being on the podcast, please contact us.

We are launching a Star Atlas merch store. Please check it out at Intergalactic Gear.

We are creating a “non-guild” guild. If you are interested in learning more, please go to Intergalactic Coalition.

If you would like to support our efforts, donations can be sent to intergalacticherald.sol

Metaverse Nomads #127 Star Atlas

Metaverse Nomads posted a video replay of their Star Atlas livestream.

Star Atlas Tips For Third Person Shooter

Beyond the Horizon posted a video of tips for the Star Atlas third-person shooter.

Star Atlas Gameplay & 100th Episode!

Beyond the Horizon posted a video with Star Atlas gameplay.

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